Feb 26, 2019

Preparing the Ground for a Meaningful Learning

The Challanges

  • Achieving Trust
  • Developing a learning plan
  • Setting up a classroom and other logistics


Where we are now

Our team goes to several classes, on a weekly basis so that children can get familiar with us and thus become more trustful and open towards us. These visits made it possible to clarify the needs of these disadvantaged children and to get to know them as individuals. Children have different personalities, some of them try to attract attention by being loud and naughty, some are afraid to talk and hold back their potential. It is our objective to consider their different personalities and have activities where they can express themselves in meaningful ways and  which bring out their best selves.

The Care2Travel team also visited several organisations from the region that deal with the same or very similar issues, to learn useful practices and see how these are implemented. We also discussed with many teachers to find one that is truly devoted to the cause and we were able to find one with a lor of experience in this field. With her help and the information we gathered, we are developing the learning plan for the Rroma children. Their activities will be mostly based on games and learning through doing  with the aim to develop their learning to learn competence and prepare them for life.

We spoke to the director of the Xántus János school (the school where these children learn) to find a suitable classroom and luckily we found one that is available and perfect for the purpose. This classroom will be designated for the project activities and will be arranged in a way that children can have access to the materials they need and put them back to their place,  thus developing responsibility. The classroom will be decorated with their drawings, paintings and crafts, so that they feel appreciated for the work they have achieved.

Many of the necessary materials are already bought (such as pencils, paint, brushes, notebooks etc.) and most of the logistics only need to be put together to create a working system for these activities.

                Despite the active preparation, we are still facing unexpected obstacles (like administrative or financial issues)  but we are work towards solving them. Thankfully we get the best support from our donors, here on GlobalGiving, our partners and the school. We plan to end the preparation and begin the activities in the course of this year.


Thank you for reading our report, we will return with future results on the project in the next one.

Take care! :)

Feb 21, 2019

Fun for Children - A 2018 Summary

 Each year Care2Travel organizes Summer Camps for children ages 5 to 14.

Seeing the need to improve camp programs for the disadvantaged offered by the city and fill the void in childrens lives, we started collaboration local and international charities, to organise summer camps at Csaracso, a 15 minute drive from our office. These disadvantaged youth are often from economically deprived and or abusive environments and or from large families unable to give the individual attention needed.

Within a structured, nurturing, and caring environment, children attend one of the four to five day overnight camps where learning 80 new English words is the goal. Programs are fun and interactive, e.g., baloon shaving, olympic competitions in limbo dancing and ball games, with learning new games and skills occurring in a team focused environment.

Along with the help of donors, international volunteers are also a big help when it comes to organizing these camps. Thanks to the support we had in 2018, we were able to organize a total of 15 camps, four to five days long each. This means more than 460 children involved in learning teamwork and developing personally through many different games. Additionally, Care2 Travel, as partner, helped organizing two more camps, hosting a total of 56 people.

When children arrive they split into 4 teams and design and make their team flags, which helps build esprit de corps. In addition to team building, where competition, sportsmanship and fair play are learned, exposure to multi-cultural adult role models enable children to improve their life and social skills. Days begin at and end with shower and lights out at 10:00 P.M. Children needing calming may be read to as they attempt to fall asleep. The camps end with a party, including a little awards ceremony and lots of hugs, and numerous memories to take back home.


To show our gratitude for our donors, we will be more than happy to send out flags made by the children.

If you are interested you can e-mail us at: office@care2travel.org

Nov 19, 2018

Hanna, the Local Volunteer

Care2Travel’s history of organizing Summer Camps began in 2011. This was the first year we inducted a chain of activities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, created a small community and helped them learn english in a fun way. In 2013 we met a very precious future volunteer to our organization: Hanna. At the time she was only 13 years old and was present as a participant from the government’s Child Protection System, and already very ambitious and eager to learn.

She states: ‘The first time I met the Care2Travel team I hoped they can help me, as I was in a difficult phase of my life. Fortunately I got a lot of support from them and volunteering helped me a lot in developing my personality. Now we have a really good relation.’

Fast forward 4 years and she was already volunteering with Care2Travel. Her first task as a local volunteer was to help the organizers with young children from the Child Protection System in the Summer Camps. During the next years Hanna grew to be an active member of our volunteer community and developed along with Care2Travel. She now speaks fluently english and loves to converse with international volunteers.

Hanna’s experiences as a participant helped her have a better view when teaching children and a lot of mutual help went on between her and the organization during the years. We learned a lot from her by getting insight into a participant’s point of view and she learned a lot from us.

She received the title of Volunteer of the Month in the August of 2017, having 94 hours of volunteer work done.

 ‘I am very grateful for Care2Travel, as they help me create lasting, happy experiences. My english developed a lot and I plan to further develop it and help them as much as possible. Sharing my life experiences and culture with international volunteers made me a better person’ Hanna says.

 Today Hanna is in her 11th grade of High School, studying social science. She plans on moving to England, attending an university and later on finding a job there.

Hanna and international volunteers after the Camp
Hanna and international volunteers after the Camp
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