Aug 13, 2019

Structuring the Camps

Trying to create amazing and at the same time educative experiences for children in four days is a hard but a truly repaying job. It is wonderful to see all these children leaving the camps at least a little bit wiser, more eager to learn English, all with a big smile. It’s said that this gives a person such a strong emotion, that is never fading even if seen the millionth time.

It all starts by gathering local volunteers, who will work as translators. Then we figure out which international volunteers will be here at that time.

On each Monday, the week of the camp, we meet with all of them. The whole team sits around a table and the planning begins, everyone coming up with their own ideas of games to play. After the program for the upcoming day or two is made, the collection of the materials begins.

Piles of toys, pencils, paper, footballs and funny costumes are gathered from the storeroom, waiting in the office to be put into a car and taken to the new camp location.

The next morning volunteers are taken by car to the camp, an hour before children start to arrive, to go through the plan for the day once more. When children slowly start to arrive we check to see if everyone is present. They are then divided into groups each with different name and different mentors.

With games and a point system we encourage a healthy competitiveness and at the same time teamwork. Most of the games are focused on learning English words. At the end of the day we choose with the children the new words they remember. The next day always starts with reviewing them individually, here the team with the highest total score getting the most points.

On Friday the winner team is announced based on the points and the prizes are handed, everyone getting something. As the costume party was just before announcing the winners, prior to going home there is a bunch of people, in leopard, Superman, princess, cowboy costumes, hugging each other, being grateful for the time spent together.

Itreally is a great and irreplaceable experience for everyone, be it child, volunteer or our staff members. Soon school starts and our camps end but, just like the volunteers that are already planning to return, we can’t wait for the next summer to come.

May 28, 2019

Creating the Basis for the Future

In the future, with the money gained from Global Giving, Care2Travel hopes to create an after-school program for disadvantaged Roma youth. Unfortunately, the funds raised are not yet quite adequate to move forward with the full project. Currently, Care2Travel is in the primary stages of planning this after-school program but cannot move further without additional donations. With funding where it currently stands, Care2Travel is creating a week-long summer camp for Roma children to learn valuable skills that will lead to further success in their futures.

The summer camp will be in the final week of June, running from 8:30 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. Monday will be dedicated to planning and coordinating by volunteers and Care2Travel coordinators, then Tuesday through Friday will be full of activities for the Roma children. Care2Travel expects about fifty children, who will be constantly supervised by ten foreign volunteers, five local volunteers, and two coordinators. The schedule will consist of both competitive and educational activities, all with the intention of building crucial skills and values. These include teamwork, manners, responsibility, kindness, empathy, and English language skills. The children will have the opportunity to compete for prizes related primarily to school, like pencils and journals. As food insecurity is a prevalent issue in the Roma community, lunch will be provided all days of the camp.

This day camp will further assist Care2Travel in reaching out and assisting the underprivileged Roma community. It will establish trust between the organization and the Roma children, making it easier to implement the after-school program in the future as relationships will have already been built. This will also allow the Roma children to be further involved in Care2Travel in the future, which will help better their English and solidify the skills and values introduced in the day camp.

May 14, 2019

Preparing for the summer camps

Global Giving Report May


Care2Travels project - Provide Summer camps for 500 youths in Transylvania is progressing well.

We have confirmed fourteen different camps will be run over the summer in ten different locations, two of which are brand new to the project. We are expecting an average of 40 children to attend each week long camp. The camps will be supported by approximately six international volunteers and five local volunteers to ensure high quality experiences.


The camps are being advertised in schools across the community and the organisation is reaching out to teachers to help all children access this great opportunity. Parental consent forms will be distributed with the help of these teachers and we are hoping many children will take advantage of the camps.


The daily running of the camps is being organised. We have completed a draft timetable, with activities running from 9:30 to 14:00 with half hour lunch break from 12:00. New games and activities are being designed for this years camps, ensuring new and returning children are engaged in all activities. Our resources are being reviewed and new resources will be purchased, and we are researching the best options for transportation.


Finally the local volunteers will undergo a series of training and team-building activities. There will be meetings aimed to prepare volunteers for the work involved with the camp, to train volunteers in the skills and knowledge required to run high quality group activities for children, and to determine which camps the volunteers will attend. There will also be team-building activities with the local volunteers to establish a sense of camaraderie and build relationships between old and new members.


We thank you for your support and are looking forward to the commencement of the camps.


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