May 14, 2021

Summer camps with Winter surprises

Since Covide regulations have eased up, we were on our way to start organizing our summer camps or at least to offer some outdoor, social activities for those kids who were spending way too much time indoors, taking part in online education, separated from their friends.
The weather has also eased up from the chilly winter and green grass welcomed the kids on the yard of the After School Club in Csíkszentdomokos. We organized two consecutive camps during their short school break to offer them the benefits of our work: learning English, social and life skills through fun activities.
We've got the help of our active and goodhearted volunteers from the Netherlands, Hungary, and Luxembourg. They planned and facilitated all the programs with the kids under our coordination.
During the first camp, we had more drawing activities regarding the younger children. A big difference between the first and the second camp was the weather. Unfortunately, on the second week, the weather was cold and rainy so we could not play too many games outside, even though children like it in general. Some outdoor games we could play with the older or with the younger flow were the dodge ball, aerobics, ball to ten, the fishermen’s net, human memory game, and Simon says.
The first week The angry green snakes won, then among the 11 years old, The yellow angry tigers ended up in first place. It seems like being angry makes you a winner hahaha. We gave away gifts to all of the children, they could choose between small notebooks and little animal figured blackboards. They enjoyed their presents and left with fun memories and a sense of many little achievements.
“I enjoyed the camp really much, I liked all of the games because I like the English language and I’ve learned more interesting things here than in school.” This is one of the many positive feedback that the children, who participated in the camps, provided. The volunteers put great effort into coming up with enjoyable activities while also keeping in mind to teach them new English words.
Both camps were very successful and we've even set up a small workgroup with the kids and their relatives to renovate the playground of the After School Club and plant new flowers and vegetables. 
It feels good to continue our work after a long period full of restrictions and curfews.
We are very grateful for our donors who made it possible to us to cover our expenses so we were able to facilitate our camps and to contribute to the renovation.
Now our hopes are high and we are looking forward to a very active summer full of laughter and cheering.
Feb 8, 2021

Back to work in After School Clubs

Step by step all starts to get back on track, but it was a windy road to get to it. In October we faced another lockdown in Romania, where schools closed totally and the usual school teaching was done online. During these weeks the activities of all organizations where children could physically meet and learn were seized. Fortunately it didn't last long and we could start working on our After School Program. Soon after the school closure the number of infections started to stagnate and the government was more open to allow small gatherings; this made it possible for us to work with a smaller number of kids and volunteers and organize After School Club activities. 4 foreing volunteers were able to work with 6 to 10 kids during weekdays in the surrounding villages of our town. These activities involved pupils between 6 and 15 years old, most of them from the local Roma communities. The activities involved helping the kids to do their English homework, playing games that enhance their English vocabulary and verbal skills and also programs that influenced their social skills.

Special activities included short camp-like days of longer competitive team games during the bank holidays when kids had no school; focusing on festive handcraft sessions during Halloween, Saint Nicholas day and Christmas; creating and sharing presents; Snowman building and competitive snowball fights on snowy days and translating, teaching, rehearsing of Christmas carols. 

For the activities, volunteers were transported by the Care2Travel car into villages in the 30 km radius of Miercurea Ciuc. Our programs from all villages involved altogether 35 kids and the activities of volunteers were always supervised by one of our staff members.

It was great to see how the kids became slowly more open and communicative after their constant meeting with our volunteers. The activities are very beneficial for these children not just on an English learning level but it also makes them understand that without being able to use the language they won't be able to communicate and no matter how poor their English is, it is still worth trying to use it because this is how learning happens.

With the approaching of the long awaited second semester, when kids can go back to school normally, we are expecting that we can expand our activities into more After School Clubs and by the government easing its restrictions we can include more kids too. We are extremely grateful to our donors who made it possible for us to organize such activities in these very hard times, when not just face to face teaching, but also social interaction for kids is crucial.

Jan 15, 2021

Camps of 2020

Delne camp
Delne camp

Dear Care2Travel Supporter,

We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and staying healthy!

After months and months of quarantine and restrictions, Care2Travel was able to organize 6 camps at the end of the summer vacation. These camps were all open-air and with a maximum of 20 kids, so most of the time we organized 2 consecutive camps in the same location. The demand from the communities for these camps is still huge and the need of the children for group activities didn't decrease with the pandemic. 

From Bànkfalva to Delne and Domokos. From age 6 to age 15. We got the chance to meet a lot of different kids in different stages of life and different towns. They were all unique and special in their own way and I hope we taught them more than just English. We taught them teamwork by separating the big group of kids into smaller teams, then letting them choose a team name and making a group flag. We gave them responsibilities by letting them take the flag home and insuring they bring it back to the camp the next day.

Most days we started with a fun warm-up that ended with a fitness challenge. After that, we had an English writing quiz which had words that they learned from the previous day. The quizzes were scored in a way that was fair towards all kids, so spelling mistakes didn’t count, the word just had to be recognizable. We also taught them fair play by making sure each team had an equal chance of winning at the end of the week.

That being said we also taught them kindness by giving all the kids prizes at the end of the week. We hope they know how much they taught us, for example, they have taught us to value time and live in the now, that saying it and doing it are two different things. They have taught us acceptance of others and have reminded us that we can dream and achieve our goals. 


Thank you again for all your support and best wishes!

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