Oct 1, 2021

Volunteer testimonial

Dear Donors, 

For this report we asked teaching volunteer, Sandra, to give us a testimonial about her time at the Xantus Janos school and the after schools where she worked. She kindly agreed and we thank her for her kind words. 

September 30, 2021

I am completing my  experience here in Romania as a volunteer from USA. I am leaving knowing that the work Care 2 Travel is doing is making a profound difference in the lives of the children they are so devoted to serving. The reception by Administrators and teachers at the work sites speaks to the community support the organization has garnered. 
When arriving at the different schools and after school programs the children were eager to play and interact and practice English. They consciously chose to practice English and participate in the learning activities we brought. 
Their eyes lit up and you could see sparks of curiosity and motivation, even when I had no knowledge of Hungarian. 
The Care 2 Travel team build experiences that foster global friendships and purpose. The work being done is phenomenal and transformational for the students, community, and volunteers. 
I highly recommend this program to others and walk away knowing that I made a difference and am better as a person for having had the opportunity to experience it.
Sandra Slavin
Retired healthcare Administrator
ESL teacher
Sep 10, 2021

Summer of '21

Dear Donors,

Summer is over in Csíkszereda, school is starting on Monday and as usually, also the first frosty mornings arrived. I cannot say we were glad to welcome them, there are still tens of tomatoes still green in our little community garden behind the volunteer accommodation. But rest assured we have a nice and busy summer period behind us with lots of sunshine and laughter. We can look back happy because, despite the pandemia still lingering around, we could reach out to around 400 local children during the vacation and keep them entertained with non-formal playful activities in English. 

In the first weeks of this summer, we were busy with setting up a little playground in the backyard, we bought a swing and slide set, a climbing wall, and a climbing rope. Big thanks to our volunteers, Linda and Simon, for helping Peter with this huge task. Now the families who take care of the raised beds of the community can bring their children with them to play. They were not the only children benefiting from the playground. We were able to organize 11 English camps in the backyard this summer! Until now we could organize camps only in the surrounding village schools, but we had the request from the local parents of Csíkszereda for a long time to do camps in the city. By arranging the yard to accommodate 20-30 children, we were finally able to answer this request. We can say that it was a huge success, 20-18 children participated in each camp and the feedback was all positive. 

Parallel to the camps in the backyard, we also organized 5 separate camps in 3 surrounding villages, with 20-25 kids participating in each. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our donors and our volunteers who made this amazing summer possible! Here's to the next one! 

Jun 4, 2021

After school sessions in villages

As the Covid 19 restrictions allowed it we were back working in the after schools in the surrounding villages, where the majority of the children are ethnic Roma with a very difficult disadvantaged background. With the help of our long term volunteers, Bori from Hungary, Boris and Teun from the Netherlands, and Maily from Luxembourg, we visit these kids every week to learn English and play with them. These visits in Kápolnás, Csatószeg and Domokos are the highlight of our weeks and looking at the children's faces when we arrive, we can see that they also enjoy these "English days" as they call it. 

Due to the pandemic the authorities prolonged the Easter vacation to four weeks, so we were happy to organise two consecutive camps for the children of Domokos. We were teaching English in a fun way, enhancing their social and life skills. The volunteers planned and facilitated all the activities of the camps under our coordination. 

With the younger children of the first week we did more drawing and crafting activites. Unfortunately the weather was very bad on the second week, so most of the activities were held indoors. On the first week The angry green snakes won, second week The yellow angry tigers took the first place. Looks like being angry makes you a winner... We gave away gifts to all participants, they could choose between small notebooks and little animal figured blackboards. They enjoyed their presents and left with fun memories and a sense of many little achievements.

“I enjoyed the camp really much, I liked all of the games because I like the English language and I’ve learned more interesting things here than in school.” This is one of the many positive feedback that the children, who participated in the camps, provided. The volunteers put great effort into coming up with enjoyable activities while also keeping in mind to teach them new English words.

Both camps were very successful and we even set up a small work-group with the kids and their relatives to renovate the playground and plant new flowers and vegetables. 

We are very grateful for our donors who made it possible to cover our expenses so we were able to facilitate our camps, and contribute to the playground renovation.

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