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Apr 3, 2019

Audrey: Noble and Strong

In order to see children thrive we need to empower their parents, in the longterm, the parents are the best ones to help their children.

Audrey is the breadwinner for her family of 8. Her husband is unemployed and she has six children, the youngest is under the age of 2. If Audrey is not strong enough to work and care for the family they would not eat, and it is likely the children would drop out of school.

Every day, Audrey carries water on her head from an outside tap to her home to use for cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, washing clothes by hand and drinking. Audrey cooks food for her family over a briquette of charcoal which takes time and effort.

Daily, Audrey walks to and from her job of being a domestic worker where she is physically busy the whole day. Audrey does not have enough money to purchase adequate food for her family, especially food which includes a balanced diet.

Nucleo has greatly helped Audrey. Being HIV positive, she has a compromised immune system. With her current state in life, she is not consuming enough calories to equal the amount she burns each day.

Nucleo has saved Audrey's life. In July of 2018, Audrey had a CD4 count of 340. Today, she has a CD4 count of 693. Since beginning to take Nucleo powder in a glass of water every day, her CD4 count has more than doubled. Additionally, Audrey has started using nut powder with her meals and cooking her nshima (corn meal staple) in water which came from her cooked vegetables. 

Audrey has a difficult life. Nucleo is helping her to be strong in it and care for her children.

Feb 14, 2019

Year end function.

AIDSLink Nepal organised a Christmas function in one of the remote districts they work in. It was attended by 20 Children, 16 women and 6 men. It was for the families who are a part of the “keep a child in school” and HIV support group programmes that AIDSLink runs.

It was great to see the children and families enjoying themselves and performing music and dance items. The team gave a Christmas gift to every person and everyone ate together. They shared with them about how to care for their health and life style. Self-care (and care for the family) is something that the team emphasizes with everyone they work with.

One of the ladies who attended reflected:

“It was a great opportunity to participate in the year end function that AIDSLink Nepal organised. Many times, when they organise such functions, I am busy with my work and other things. But this time when I got the invitation I was very happy, I really wanted to attend to support my children and meet new people.

“My children were very happy and excited to hear that I was joining them. From the programme I’ve learnt that we need to make sure that we get some refreshment time with our families and friends.

"I also got an opportunity to make new friends and we got to know each other and were able share our stories. Even though life is busy it is important to go out and get to know people. This was an unforgettable event in my life.”

Those who attend such events are often isolated, it is hard for us to convey just how much they mean to them. Meeting other people in similar situations and who are living with HIV is a lifeline. Thank-you for being a part of making such events possible.

Jan 3, 2019

Helping children be healthy

AIDSLink Zambia have been busy with different Christmas programmes in Subilo House. However, one of the ongoing projects are the childrens’ clubs. These are conducted by three staff members and four volunteers.  

The children come from vulnerable families, and as we build good relationships with them, so we get to also help the family. They know and trust us because of the work we are doing and are increasingly able to be open up and share the challenges they are facing in the area of HIV and AIDS. Most of the children who are coming to Subilo House are living in the Makwati community where HIV and AIDS are very high. 

We hope to see the rate of new infections reduced among these children as they come to our centre. We have started to give the children and some of the adults Nucleo as we believe and trust that this will help their immune system and that they can grow strong physically and mentally, and enjoy better health. 

We are grateful that we can impact lives of the children and the adults that visit us at the center. 

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