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Jun 13, 2018

3rd Report | Quality Education to Brazilian Children - Educacao Ja (Education Now)

Educação Já (Education Now) has already taken body and strength!


A plural and supra party initiative, led by Todos Para la Educação, which brings together specialists, movements and institutions committed to contributing to the coming governments to implement a set of urgent measures that are capable of promoting a quality leap in Brazilian Basic Education.

This strategic plan to effect structural changes in Brazilian Basic Education is being developed, with a plural and supra party group of specialists in Education, and will be presented to the general public very soon.


Educação Já is based on three pillars:

Technical: it includes the elaboration of a plan for Public Basic Education, with the objective that the next rulers have at their disposal detailed diagnoses and proposals based on evidences and successful experiences at the international and national level.

The plan presents a long-term vision, guidelines for the national and state agenda, and agenda of the first 100 days, for the federal government. This technical agenda will be released in August.

Articulation: actions so that all candidates know in advance and prioritize these measures, if elected. This work is done in direct contact with the candidates and placing Education as a priority in various groups and sectors - not just another topic on the social investment agenda.

Communication: aims to position Education as a de facto priority for society, fostering the demand for concrete improvements.

The proposal presents 12 medium-long-term guidelines and 7 urgent measures, which should be a priority in the next federal administration.


2019 is a great opportunity to embark on structuring changes in the Country - among them, to positively transform the Education scenario. The critical period for which Brazil passes, opens the way for a re-discussion of national priorities and provides the opportunity to advance in an agenda of reforms and transformative measures in which educational policies need to be inserted. This becomes even more important with the approaching elections, as the commencement of new mandates usually brings significant opportunities for the implementation of structuring changes.

Until we actually prioritize Education, crises will continue to recur - our many crises in the economy, health and safety show that there is a missing element that complements the country's priority package.


Even if education is not capable of solving all our problems, without it we will not be able to move forward - education is a key element to boost the country to the height of the protagonism that should have. It is the most powerful tool to promote opportunities to citizens. The gains are collective and individual.

Today the scenario of Education in Brazil is critical. We are experiencing a crisis of learning - there is a serious scenario of stagnation of Basic Education in Brazil. We are not making progress in expanding access at the necessary speed - we still have about 440,000 4 and 5 year olds and 1.2 million youngsters aged 15 to 17 out of school (PnadC 2017). universalized access by 2016. By 2015 (Pnad / Todos Pela Educação – All For Education), only 58.5% of young people finished high school until the age of 19. In public schools, only half of the children are literate at the end of the 3rd year of primary school (ANA 2016), and at the end of secondary school, only 22% of students know the basics of Portuguese and only 4% of mathematics (Saeb / Todos Pela Educação - All For Education).




Be you too for Education.

Thank you!

Team Todos Pela Educação

Mar 21, 2018

2nd Report Quality Education to Brazilian Children

"Brazil is facing a learning crisis" and "there are still many concerns about the quality of education and the relevance of the skills that students are acquiring", warns the World Bank's work for Brazil (Skills and Jobs: An Agenda for Youth).

With impressive basic education network’s numbers (184,100 schools of basic education, 80% of which public, a total of 48.6 million enrollments, in which 82% are at public education, and 2.2 million teachers), the latest School Sense (2017) showed that Brazil still have 2.5 million children and youngsters not enrolled in schools.

According to the National Literacy Assessment (ANA), released by the Ministry of Education (MEC) in October 2017, more than half of the students in the 3rd year of elementary school have insufficient level in reading and mathematics tests. And even worse, according to MEC, the rate of students with insufficient reading is 54.73% (insufficient level indicates that students cannot identify the purpose of a text and locate explicit information). In writing, 34% of the students are at the worst level, not being able to write the words alphabetically and producing illegible texts.

We need to mobilize! We need Education Now!


Engaged leaders and influencers, begin to promote and raise the awareness of their networks about the importance of quality Basic Education in Brazilian. At least 8 events, over the course of this year, will put education on the agenda. And more importantly, the events will be, in addition to presentations and discussions’ platforms, a recognition way of good practices.

In this election’s year, we should be all together for one objective: to make quality basic education a priority on the political agenda. It is strategic that education become the plan and priority of governments


Our efforts are centered on the engagement of politicians and candidates in the cause, in a non-partisan way as Todos have always done.

Among our works are:

• Broadening the debate on Education: we intensified the communication’s actions from January 2018.

• Make quality materials on Education: including editorial projects for the entire year.

• Propose improvement in the management and financing of Education: in conjunction with experts, funding proposals in order to give more to States, Municipalities and Schools that have less.

• Bring together people in favor of educational transformation: we bring together a group of experts and technicians to discuss and propose measures that guide education policy.

• Focus on the teaching profession: Construction of the  Teacher Profession’s agenda, including specialists, teachers, managers and other civil society organizations, to think about the attractiveness of the teaching career, working conditions and initial and continuing training of our future and current teachers .


If it depends on Todos Pela Educação, 2018 will be a great year for the Brazilian Basic Education.

Let's go, together?


Be, you too, part of Todos Pela Educação (All for Education)

Thank you!

Team Todos Pela Educacao

Dec 22, 2017

1st Report Quality Education to Brazilian Children

"We need to talk to you. The Country’s Education is an urgent theme and needs your participation!"

After a year full of good achievements and focus on the engagement of leaderships around Education, we ended 2017 with a robust plan of incidence for 2018. The last months were of preparation, structuring and articulation for what will be the Education “great agenda of incidences and narratives” for the next year.


Todos Pela Educação have been working with, and involving more, leaders and influencers of the political agenda in favor of Quality Education. Countless meetings in order to explain next year’s agenda, and engage leaders and influencers, have already been held - all of them with very positive feedback.

We cannot lose the window of opportunity that opens in 2018! It will be an election year, and consequently a strategic year to raise the Educational debate to the spotlight. Nevertheless, in order to push forward this great movement for Education, we face a enormous challenges: from gathering more supporters for the cause to increasing fund raising.

All (Todos) united by one goal: to make Quality Education a priority on the political agenda - to put Quality Education in the central position of the next state and national governments’ plans.


Our efforts, in a non-partisan way, as Todos Pela Educação have always done, are centered on the engagement of politicians and candidates in the Quality Education cause. Among our work are:

  • Talk more and better about Education: broadening of communication actions.
  • Make quality materials on Education: including editorial projects.
  • Propose improvements in the management and financing of Education: in conjunction with experts and technicians.
  • Bring together people in favor of Educational transformation: a group of experts to build "minimum agendas" and propose guiding measures for Educational policy.
  • Focus on teacher’s standards: Construction of the Teaching Profession Initiative’s agenda, including specialists, teachers, managers and other civil society organizations to think about the attractiveness of the teaching career, working conditions and initial and continuing training of our future and current teachers.

If it depends on us, 2018 will be a great year for the Brazilian Basic Education!
Join us, and help us, with this important work! Let’s be Todos Pela Educação (All for Education).

Thank you!

Todos Pela Educação Team

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