Jul 30, 2018

Progress report for HAART Kenya shelter

As HAART Kenya, we are truly grateful for your unceasing support which has been helping us in assisting child victims of human trafficking by providing them shelter and the needed care and support to help them in the recuperating process.

Since shelter’s inception, we have managed to offer rehabilitation services which are trauma informed and victim-centered and to this end, we are glad that that the impact continues to be positive.  Our focus in the past 3 months was rescue, rehabilitation, family tracing, family support, economic empowerment and reintegration of the girls at the shelter.

Throughout this reporting period, shelter has been full to capacity. We had to expand our capacity in order to accommodate all the survivors. The numbers are expected to increase this coming month as schools will be closing and some of our girls enrolled in different schools will be reporting back to the shelter.

Skills training at the shelter remains a center staged activity. The girls were able to make elegant floor mats using yarns, beautiful skirts and bags using African Ankara fabric and gorgeous wall decorations.

 Highlights of the period;

  • One girl who was expectant had a successful delivery although with a difficult labor. She was received from hospital with joy and celebrations for the new member at the shelter and for the new mother.
  • One girl was successfully reintegrated with her child. She received economic empowerment and will join a vocational training institution for tailoring.
  • One girl who is very passionate about blogging finished one blog and is working on another. The blogs will be uploaded on HAART’S website when she reports back to the shelter from school.


Our goals for the coming months are to:

  • Rescue
  • Continue with the skills training and offering survivors psycho-social support, legal support, medical support and educational support
  • Conduct home tracing
  • Successfully reintegrate the girls.
  • Ensure all the girls at the shelter have medical insurance cards.
  • Empower the victim's family economically before reintegration.

We look forward to more of your support to keep touching and changing lives of child victims of human trafficking to help us realize our goal of eradicating human trafficking.

May 2, 2018

Focus on healing and health

A girl in the shelter share her passions.
A girl in the shelter share her passions.

In a special way, receive our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support throughout the period that helped us impact positively in the lives of child victims of human trafficking.

It is with great privilege and honor that we as HAART Kenya once again draft an update on the progress of the project focusing on the intervention services that we offered to the clients which are purely trauma informed and victim-centered informed by the survivors’ experiences.

The center of interest in the past 4 months has been family tracing, family empowerment and reintegration of 4 girls back to their families and communities. We also referred two cases from Tanzania and Ethiopia to one of our partners for repatriation and the process is underway. We managed to successfully conduct home tracing for two victims at the shelter and the three families are receiving support as the victims are still receiving the different intervention services from the shelter to help them in the healing process.

In the course of this period, we were able to sign a contract with an insurance company that offers emergency ambulance services for the shelter that increase the safety and health for the girls. We received a van for the shelter, skills training tables, computers and tailoring machines from different partners. The victims also attended their therapy sessions as scheduled with our in-house therapist. Our legal team tirelessly followed up on the cases at the court to ensure that the victims get justice.

The shelter population was full to capacity during the month of April as the girls who are in boarding school reported back to the shelter for holidays. The holiday was full of activities including: Picnic for the victims, cultural week, talent shows, farming sessions, vocational training (computer, dressmaking, crocheting and mat making lessons). The victims also had lessons on life skills to equip them with culinary skills, baking skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, study skills and techniques, knowledge in pregnancy, childbirth and childcare (for expectant victim and two who are mothers), knowledge in growth and development, HIV/AIDS, STIs, moral values, and knowledge in puberty and menstrual hygiene.

The events that stood out during the period were as follows;

  • One of our girls who performed well in her primary school exams managed to join secondary school and performed very well in her end term exam. She is really excited about her child who will be joining preparatory school.
  • One other girl was also enrolled in school after she responded well to the intervention services we offered her at the shelter and she managed to be the first in her class which is impressive considering what she has gone through.
  • One victim has shown significant improvement and she is set for reintegration soon. She will be joining vocational training institution in her home area for dressmaking as that is something she is passionate about.
  • Great progress in the life skills activities.

Our focal point for the coming months are to:

  • Conduct family tracings.
  • Successfully reintegrate victims who show significant improvement.
  • Ensure all the girls at the shelter are covered by the National Health Insurance Fund.
  • Empower the victim's family economically before reintegration.
  • Continue with skills training
  • Continue with psycho-social support
  • Develop interorganizational relationships with other organizations in the region to encourage sharing of knowledge and awareness of human trafficking.

With your support, we will surely hit our target of positively impacting on the lives of child victims of human trafficking. We look forward to more of your support and collaboration to realize our organization’s objective. Thanks once again for your support so far.


Feb 2, 2018

The year that was October-Dec2017

Dear Donors,

Happy New Year

Thank you for you for your continued support as we at HAART Kenya continue providing a safe haven for child victims of human trafficking.

Last year, we were able to reintegrate some of the girls at the shelter. Our main focus during those last 3 months was family tracing and reintegration of the cases in the shelter. We reintegrated a lot of cases and even managed to reintegrate cases in Uganda and Ethiopia with the assistance of our partners. We were also able to secure health insurance for the girls. This will benefit them even after reintegration when they are with their familes.

During the holidays the shelter was full to capacity as most of the girls had come back from school for the holidays. Around Christmas, the girls were excited to decorate the house and the tree.

One of the highlights for the last three months was, one of girls from the shelter managed to complete her primary level exams and passed with very well. She was very overjoyed as she could now move on with her life and take care of her son who she used to take with her to school.As the staff, we were very excited and happy for her as she set an example for the other girls that life indeed has a way of getting better.

This month, most of the girls returned to school for the beggining of first term. 

Our goals for the coming months are to:

  • Conduct family tracings.
  • Successfully reintegrate the girls.
  • Ensure all the girls at the shelter have the medical insurance cards.
  • Empower the victim's family economically before reintegration.

We look forward to more of your support and collaborate to achive our goals in assisting  victims of human trafficking and the eradication of human traffcikng all together.

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