Nov 14, 2019

Evian III Student Conference Q4 Update

Emceeing July 2018 80th Anniversary Event
Emceeing July 2018 80th Anniversary Event

Dear Friends and Évian III Conference Supporters,

Regrettably, this Q4 project report comes with disappointing news that insufficient event funding mandated my canceling last weekend’s Évian III Student Educational Leadership Conference at the Hotel Royal.

After conducting 3 successful program events in Evian and Geneva Switzerland in 2018; the 80th Anniversary  Commemoration of the original 1938 Conference, United Nations press conference in Geneva, and the November 9th Kristallnacht Historic Plaque Dedication Ceremony, reaching this decision was a very difficult one. 

Holding out until the last possible moment, my team and I made a strong appeal/push, particularly in the past 3 weeks yet, in the final analysis, the shortfall of required sponsorships was simply too significant to overcome.

Despite this temporary setback and the many months of 2019 comprehensive Évian III planning, including all the outstanding individuals and organizations I had the privilege of meeting and working with, this was far from a wasted exercise! 

Remaining optimistic and focusing on the positive, my plan is to reschedule the Évian III Conference or “EC Vision 20/20” for July 11-14 of 2020. 

Recounting the many positive developments from our work this year: 

  • Securing Elan Carr, US State Department Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combatting AntiSemitism and top US diplomat as our headline keynote speaker 
  • Established dedicated educational curriculum development partnerships with: Facing History And Ourselves Brookline, MA, Reimagining Migration Boston MA and Yahad in UNUM Yahad-in-UNUM Paris France
  • Committed participation of 30 dynamic international college student leaders, hailing from 5 continents and 25 countries, representing 18 diverse Human Rights and Jewish student organizations including 6 from the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations 
  • 35 reservations were made for the November 10th Opening Night Ceremony by influential religious, business, civic and governmental dignitaries from Paris, Évian, and Geneva 

Words cannot adequately describe the incredible encouragement and inspiration I received from the many Skype conversations I engaged with in with these highly intelligent and aware international college students. Convincing them of the virtues of the objectives of this Évian III event and garnering their participation was easy to do, as they truly “got it“! 

Here’s a sampling of some of their wonderfully supportive comments: 

  • “This Conference is essential in the context of today’s events” 
  •  “A super program and I found it incredible that such important speakers were aware and supportive of this Conference”
  •  “Most unique historic and programmatic angle on the Holocaust I’ve ever seen” 
  •  “This conference is a great and much-needed initiative especially in current times” 
  •  “I hope you will continue your meaningful work and that the conference can be realized again
  • in 2020”
  •  “Heartbreaking that you had to cancel especially after all the effort you put into it”
  •  “Their memory is now our responsibility” (my personal favorite from the Russian student representative) 

Even in the face of this past weekend’s disappointing event cancellation it is due to these insightful conversations with college students which bring me great hope for the future. The overwhelmingly positive reception from many leading international organizations also reminded me why I am so strongly committed to this cause. 

This is why I am more driven than ever to see a summer 2020 rescheduled event take place. 

Further speaking to the urgent relevancy of convening this Conference and the tremendous amount of work yet to do are the many troubling news reports pointing to the growing rise of anti-Semitic incidents and associated hate crimes around the world. 

Here are links to some of these troubling 2019 Reports:

ADL 2019 Report 

NBC / USNews Report

USA Today White Supremacist Report

Speaking to the high merits of attention and international support this initiative has created, here are 3 of the pre-recorded videos which were scheduled to be played this past weekend at the Opening Night Ceremony: 

Katharina Von Schnurbein European Commission 

Jamie McCourt US Ambassador to France

Robin Bernstein US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic 

Using the historic backdrop of the original 1938 Évian Conference at the Hotel Royal and attended by bright young energetic students, “EC Vision 20/20” will bring “history to the present and history into action” with a critical focus on addressing the continuing contemporary challenges of immigration, refugees, and global anti-Semitism which still resonate today. 

The good news is that all of the keynote speakers, distinguished educators, and students have already agreed to participate in the summer rescheduled dates of this Conference. All we need is the funding as the entire program event and template for a strongly impactful event has already been conceived, in place, and ready to go! 

Please help me make a real difference to Educate the Next Generation of World Leaders by sponsoring one of the international students and supporting the continuation of this important “Revisiting Évian” educational initiative. 

If you are no longer in a financial position to make a contribution yourself, yet still support this project, I ask you to please refer this to other individuals or social activist organizations within your personal and professional networks who are in a position to do so. Your financial support or direct referral of this project in any $ dollar amount helps tremendously. 

View photos and video lectures from last year’s 2018 event: Revisiting Évian 2018 Photos & Videos

To learn more or become actively involved in this project please don’t hesitate to call my mobile phone and leave a brief message if I don’t pick up or email me directly. 

Thank you & Sincerely,


Elihu Baver

Director of Évian III Student Educational Leadership Conference 

Board Chairman of


SKYPE ID: hugh.baver


Presented Evian Gold Key to the City by Mayor
Presented Evian Gold Key to the City by Mayor
Hotel Royal Guest Welcome Ceremony on Veranda
Hotel Royal Guest Welcome Ceremony on Veranda
Distinguished July 2018 Revisiting Evian Attendees
Distinguished July 2018 Revisiting Evian Attendees


Aug 27, 2019

Summer 2019 Project Report

Happy Kids with new Shoes
Happy Kids with new Shoes

The Pitch/ Maquina de Bateo Sosua Dominican Republic

We have had a great summer season with plenty of kids using the facilities at the batting cage

Currently we are providing about 600 free sessions to the kids each month. I am also pleased to announce that the local league that we are able to work with the most has won the Dominican Little Championship. This has never happened for this area before so we are very pleased with this years result, We can not accept all of the credit because it is after all the kids and the league who trains and works on their skills daily but we believe that having access to the batting cage for daily batting practice with consistant pitching in the zone has remarkedly improved their game  Having decent shoes and gloves donated by The Pitch helps as well. 

Since April 2019 we have given away about 40 pairs of athletic shoes, mostly baseball cleats and about 30 leather baseball gloves, as well as assorted other equipment articles. We are pleased to say that we have made significant progress in our equipment collection progress and have a major donation of equipment processing thru customs and immigration control in Santo Domingo. We are working hard to establish a league/to Liga addoption program where Little League organizations in the United States and Canada can Addopt or Sponsor a Little Liga organization within the Dominican Republic. Our direct contacts will assist with the logistics and then distribute the equipment to a Liga in need.  With out direct intervention we can assure that the equipment is distributed directly to the children in need, and we are able to avoid the equipment being resold on the street for profit.  This current shipment contains about 40 Bats, Helmets, Shoes, Gloves.  If your interested in participating in this program please use the contact us within the Global Giving site and we will return the email or you gan email us direct at 

Our equipment donations are up this year but our cash donations, the life sustaining element of or organization has severly diminished. The Dominican Republic has received a lot of negative press this year due to some incidents at mostly All Inclusive resorts and this has trickled down into our program donations. Lower tourism numbers decrease our visability and the kids suffer the most. Our Cash donations year to date are down 85%  as compared to last year during the same time period.  The lack of cash donations has severly slowed down our growth and has prohibited us from putting together or mobile unit so that we can take The Pitch Batting cages out into the community to assist the majority kids that do not have access to our stationary facility 

We have recently updated the donation portal to include a couple of really easy monthly single donation options as well as our recurring options which will let us actually plan for our future by allowing some donations to repeat monthly.   

Equipment Donations
Equipment Donations
Direct to the kids Donations
Direct to the kids Donations
Bats for the practice
Bats for the practice
Aug 14, 2019

Final Evian III Project Report & Update

Warm Summer Greetings to All My Friends & Project Supporters!

In this quarterly project update I will provide the latest status on the continuing progress I have made towards solidifying all the logistics and arrangements necessary for next month’s Évian III Student Educational Leadership Conference. Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this report.

Serving as a brief review and to provide both historical and current context, last summer’s “Revisiting Evian” event theme of “Remembering the Past & Plotting a Course for the Future” at the Hotel Royal commemorated, to the exact dates, the 80th Anniversary of the 1938 Evian Conference. The Conference was convened prior to the 1945 formation of the United Nations, after the conclusion of WWII, and was the first ever global attempt to settle an international refugee challenge via Diplomacy.

Last summer, there at the original conference site and within the same chamber, we brought together Human Rights Experts, Leading French & WWII Historians, Academicians, Authors, Government Officials, and International Jewish Leaders. Collectively, we re-examined the magnitude of the “9 days of indifference” which triggered the needless loss of millions of innocent lives, when the opportunity was clearly there to save them.

What has been accomplished in the past 90 Days:

• With the expert educational curriculum development guidance of two prominent Boston USA based leading global non-profit organizations; “Facing History And Ourselves” and “Reimagining Migration”, I have solidified an outstanding team of distinguished international educators, who sharing a common committed vision, are dedicated to recognizing the lasting significance of this Conference and its immense current and future educational potential.

• The formation of a talented and well-connected European task force who has cultivated new resources & relationships within the Geneva area; forging strategic & collaborative partnerships with institutions of higher learning and European Corporate leaders who drive social impact.

• Enlisted international student organizations and actual students who will act as the “student diplomats” for this program. This includes the confirmation of the representative from the Dominican Republic, an artulate and energetic college graduate with a degree in International relations. At the 1938 Evian Conference, the Dominican Republic was the only country willing to open their doors providing safe haven to displaced European Jewish refugees.

Why is supporting this event so important?

Witnessing similar levels of complacency of the 1930’s re-surfacing again today, we are again presented with the contemporary challenges of “Building Bridges not Walls”; where understanding that every human being, regardless of their socioeconomic background, race, sex, or religion, has equal value.

If you’ve become weary of people “demonizing” immigrants & recognize this is an issue of International Solidarity where through better understanding the connections between the Past, Present, and Future creates an ideal opportunity to educate the next generation of World Leaders & inspire political action.

Re-assessing the failed framework of this historic 1938 Conference and doing so again on-site in Evian, with the perfect backdrop at the Hotel Royal, students and individuals can apply the lessons learned there and use it as an educational tool; re-examining how as a World Community, we can can learn from our past misjudgments and guide us to do the right thing NOW.

What is the Conference Format & Agenda?

Last summer, we dedicated a WWII Commemorative Bronze plaque and situated it in the same meeting chamber where the original 1938 Conference was held. This year, with your help, young “student diplomats” representing the same 32 original countries are being invited back to learn the complete genesis of the 1938 Evian Conference and apply its’ relevance to today’s world.

Designed to engage students in developing a deeper understanding into current global issues, a Model United Nations teaching methodology will be employed. Broken into smaller committees and assigned to represent their respective countries, these specially designated young adults will learn about diplomacy and international relations via the use of critical thinking, debating, writing, public speaking, and teamwork skills to present educational simulations and participate in a “Mock 1938 Evian Conference”.

The plan is to be placing gold-sealed graduation certificates into the hands of these international “student diplomats” where they will return home as subject matter experts and goodwill Ambassadors; continuing to fight intolerance and injustice in their respective countries.

The long-term goal of this project is for the “Revisiting Evian” Conference series theme to become a yearly internationally recognized event, growing in magnitude, influence, and impact.

What does your contribution go towards?

• Funds required to reserve lodging and accommodations at the Hotel Royal for the distinguished Conference educators and international “student diplomats”, also reservation of the on-site large assembly hall for the Opening Night Ceremonies.  
• The design, printing, and distribution of the Évian III Official Event Program and gold-sealed certificates of educational participation, completion, and “graduation” of the specialized training which will be presented to the students at the concluding evening ceremonies.
• Financing key meetings & travel to continue coordinating events; conducting lectures in the US and abroad helping to inform the public about the lasting significance of this historic Conference
• Working with institutions of higher learning in the US and in Europe to establish academic programs, develop educational curriculum, study abroad, student exchange, service learning, & scholarship program opportunities.
• Help to raise continuing awareness and create a deeper consciousness of social responsibility within political, governmental, and global organizations such as the UN in NYC & Geneva

As the Director of a small organization, run exclusively by volunteers, and doing so with very little infrastructure, administrative layers or overhead, your tax-deductible donations go directly towards these programs.

For your Financial Peace of Mind:

This Evian III project has been fully vetted as an approved GlobalGiving project partner for 2017, 2018, & now 2019. Having recently earned the coveted GuideStar “Gold Star” rating for Non-Profits, is also a long-standing partner of Benevity; the global leader in corporate social responsibility and employee engagement software, volunteering and community investment.

For transactional safety, both the fraud detection/protection and SSL encrypted security software technologies employed for the E-Commerce payment gateway are the latest updated versions.

My Personal Appeal to You:

As we are in the “home stretch” to the Conference, now a mere month away, I’m at a key inflection point in this overall project, having raised only a portion of the overall funds required. With time being of the essence your contributions are urgently needed and especially appreciated.

Ideally coinciding with a current GlobalGiving Fundraising promotion, from the moment you receive this message today until 11:59PM EDT, Friday, August 16th, ALL on-line donations of up to $50 will be matched at 50% by GlobalGiving, effectively enhancing the impact of your contribution.

Having founded this NPO 5 years ago, never would I have imagined the timing of world events coinciding so well with the intention and objectives of this year’s Évian III Conference; that due to a favorable (or unfavorable in this case) combination of circumstances would place all of us in such a positive position to make a real difference.

Without your encouragement and financial support last year’s successful 80th Anniversary Commemorative event would not have transpired. Thank you! We all sense a purpose placed upon our hearts for deeply rooted causes and this, is mine, with the hope of collectively creating a lasting statement, not merely by our words but by our actions.

Please join me in helping to make this year’s event a reality by continuing to financially support this worthwhile program.

Should you have ANY questions, PLEASE contact me, via phone call, Skype, or email

With Deep Appreciation & Warm Regards,

Elihu “Hugh” Baver
Director of “Evian III Student Educational Leadership Conference
Board Chairman of
SKYPE ID: hugh.baver

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