Jun 9, 2020

Digital Event Now Planned with COVID-19

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In these shifting times of sweeping social change and overriding health concerns it is important to contemplate creative alternatives to gathering together in large numbers which certainly also apply to this Conference.

Let me begin by expressing my sincere thanks to all of you who took an earnest interest in helping and supporting this Conference both in 2018 and again last year.

By way of brief review, this Conference was conceived and planned for November of 2019 however despite every effort being put forth regrettably the event necessitated cancellation within a week of it convening due to a shortfall of required funding and last minute event de-committs from a couple of major event underwriters. These funds were needed specifically to cover the expenses of lodging and meals for the 50 plus students, distinguished educators,and top level keynote speakers who were scheduled to attend the event.

With both great disappointment and also sincere encouragement expressed from the committed scheduled event attendees I had thought of attempting to convert the Conference to a televideo version so it still could take place last year however the runway to organize it was just too short. The hope was to try it again this year however all plans needed to be placed on hold, like so many other Conferences and large public gatherings, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the current travel restrictions.

So, the plan now is to look forward to re-scheduling this Évian III Student Educational Leadership Conference Conference for this November as a quality major televideo produced event. Although it will be difficult to replicate the same “vibe and feel” of hosting this as an on-location event at the historic Hotel Royal original 1938 Conference site I feel confident the magnitude and impact for these international students can still be achieved. 

As evidenced by the horrifying recent events in the US which have continued to expose the ugly underbelly of systemic racism and AntiSemitism, fighting the issues of intolerance and inequality in the world today could never provide more fertile ground for constructive and meaningful dialogue on these topics. This was the spirit and intent of conducting last year’s event and for continuing this effort in a different format to educate the leaders of tomorrow.

Please know my commitment to making this highly beneficial Conference a reality this year, albeit in an alternative format, is still very strong! With the hope of not letting this vision and all the effort invested by so many “die on the vine” contributions of any size will be greatly appreciated. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions and Thank you

Wishing everyone health, strength and tolerance for a better world!

Hugh Baver

Director of Évian III Student Educational Leadership Conference 

Feb 28, 2020

"The Pitch" Quarterly Progress Report Project #38634

Melvin "Bodega" Castillo
Melvin "Bodega" Castillo

Dear Friends and Project Supporters,

It is with high optimism and great enthusiasm that I submit this first GlobalGiving project report for “The Pitch” since I have taken over active management of the facility within the past month. 

Due credit needs to go to “The Pitch” Founder Russ Wieser whose original vision back in 2017 created the foundation of this program and whose indefatigable efforts sustained it until a recent career move necessitated his moving out of the country. 

“The Pitch” facility is located on a sliver of land beyond the right field outfield wall at the municipal field in the historic city of Sosua on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This ballfield is the proud home of the 2019 Little League Dominican championship team. 

When I asked their coach what he attributed his team’s success to his response was “getting the extra batting practice at “The Pitch”. This proof point is a major one in the fact that the total number of youth baseball teams in this country who eat sleep and breath baseball and compete for this coveted honor is vast. 

So many young boys here have aspirations of making it to the professional level but do not have even the most basic of suitable equipment to play. Addressing this need another vital aspect of this program involves my sourcing inventories of used baseball equipment from Boston and other Northeastern communities and having it shipped down to the Dominican Republic. I then collect it up from the Dominican customs division and present them to the many underprivileged youth players here.

We also welcome women softball players to come and practice to hone their hitting skills as the pitching machine can also accommodate softballs. 

The monthly operating expenses of this facility are very low yet the overall benefit to the local community is tremendous as this keeps the young players here, aged 7-17, off the street and away from other negative influences. 

Part of the future plans here are to expand the capabilities of this training center by purchasing a radar gun to also measure the skills of the pitching prospects who come to this field which would truly make this a comprehensive training facility. As a former professional level player I will personally lend my expertise to train and supervise their development as both promising ball players and well rounded men. 

For so little per month, your contribution, in any increment, will go so far towards the realization of these goals.

Please consider “helping me help them” to make this facility a role model for others throughout this country.

Thank you,

Hugh Baver, Program Director 

603-502-7711 Email: edb1260@gmail.com

With Red Sox Operational Director Javier Hernandez
With Red Sox Operational Director Javier Hernandez
In honor of MLB great and Pitch Tony Fernandez
In honor of MLB great and Pitch Tony Fernandez
Some of the used baseball equipment
Some of the used baseball equipment
Fully outfitted youth in the Batting cage
Fully outfitted youth in the Batting cage
Mural on local community wall
Mural on local community wall


Feb 18, 2020

Evian III Student Leadership Q1 Project Report

2018 "Revisiting Evian" Conference Group Photo
2018 "Revisiting Evian" Conference Group Photo

Greetings Friends and Project Supporters,

Although we are now in the dead of winter before we know it the summer months will be fast be upon us!

This is my first 2020 project report on the progress I’ve been making towards rescheduling the Évian III Student Educational Leadership Conference event for this upcoming summer which in 2019 regrettably necessitated cancellation based upon insufficient funding.

Let me begin by thanking ALL of you for being the core of support I have received over the past 2 years for this initiative. Without your critical financial assistance neither of the successful 2018 “Revisiting Evian” events would have taken place.

Together we made history reconvening the 80th Anniversary of a pivotal, yet little known, pre WWII Conference which was a major precipitating factor to the Holocaust. And on November 9th we dedicated a WWII Commemorative bronze Plaque in the original Hotel Royal chamber in Évian France where the Conference was convened back in 1938.

The Conference was so “little known” in fact that back in late 2016 when I first visited the Hotel Royal in Evian, none of the on-site staff had any knowledge that the Conference even took place there. Thanks to the assistance of one man, the Hotel guest manager who was working on site that day who took a personal interest in my passion, he gave me the opportunity to demonstrate via the front concierge computer of the Conference’s existence. Without his giving me the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to provide historical evidence the conception and execution of the 2018 events would never have occurred. Over the course of the past 3 years this gentleman has risen in the ranks of Danone Corporation and now is the #2 man managing the complete Évian Resort facility, which is wonderful and key to the continuing success of this program. He and I are very close friends.

To better understand the genesis of why I chose to conduct this follow on event, it was based on one of the 2018 “80th Anniversary” Conference keynote speakers who when asked to bring, in addition to their set presentations, substantive suggestions on ways to enhance the program in future years suggested making the next event attendees be centered around students to “educate the next generation” of world leaders.

To the high credit of the globally distinguished designated key note speakers who willingly accepted my invitation to present last year, all of them did so refusing to accept a customary honorarium or financial compensation of any kind to attend and contribute to this program.

Here’s videotaped messages from 3 of the international diplomats, Ambassadors from France, the EU, and the Dominican Republic, who were unable to personally attend however still felt compelled to convey their thoughts and express their wholehearted support for the intents and strong merits of this program.

European Commission Katharina Von Schnurbein

US Ambassador to France Jamie McCourt

US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic Robin Bernstein

Despite having the entire event completely organized and ready to go (including the total dollar amount raised showing) and receiving the endorsement and financial sponsorship from 34 separate Corporate and individual sponsorships, I still fell far short of the funding required to proceed with the program.

Please consider helping me, in any increment, make this urgently relevant Conference a reality. Seeing the continuing global spate of anti-Semitic incidents and overall acts of intolerance, this year 2020 really is an ideal time to convene this conference.

If you are not in a position to offer your financial support please take a moment to pass this appeal along to others who would find merit in its mission and objectives.

Acting as further validation of this initiative, now stemming across 3 years, I recently received the GlobalGiving “Staff Favorite” award selected among hundreds of qualified and fully vetted projects.

With Gratitude and Sincerely,

Elihu Baver
Director of Évian “Vision 2020” Student Educational Leadership Conference

Emceeing 80th Anniversary 2018 Conference
Emceeing 80th Anniversary 2018 Conference
Receiving Evian Gold Key to the City from Mayor
Receiving Evian Gold Key to the City from Mayor


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