Oct 31, 2019

Konbit Sante provides relief during Haiti crisis

The political and economic crisis in Haiti has made it extremely hard to transport supplies, making the care of patients at healthcare facilities difficult. A severe fuel shortage combined with recurring power outages and roadblocks set up by protesters have resulted in an increase in preventable deaths, especially among newborn infants.

Earlier this month, a shipping container with more than $100,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies was delivered to Cap-Haitien and distributed to Konbit Sante’s partners. The contents were the results of direct donations or were purchased with the financial support provided to us with the help of donors like yourself.

Here is what the head nurse of pediatrics and neonatology at Haitian Baptist Convention Hospital in Cap-Haitien said regarding the receipt of oxygen concentrators, which were used to help treat infants with respiratory problems, including the one shown in the photo below:

"I would like to say ‘thank you’ to those that donated the oxygen concentrators. These are very important for us in Haiti, because right now, we are in the middle of a crisis. With the blocked roads, we've had problems getting oxygen transported. So for the past three weeks, we have been using them to support the babies that have respiratory problems... they are really, really useful and important. They help us to achieve good results for those babies with respiratory crises. On behalf of the staff of the hospital, the administration, and the pediatric staff, we say to the donors, ‘thank you, thank you, a lot!’"

The O2 concentrators represent just a few of the items that arrived on the container. Please help us continue this important work by donating today. Thank you.



Aug 2, 2019

Political crisis making dire situation even worse

Summertime brings extremely high temperatures to Haiti, and that can lead to dire consequences to the nations’ most vulnerable residents. For months, political scandals and a severe decrease in the fuel supply has resulted in highly erratic power supplies throughout the nation. Healthcare facilities such as Justinien University Hospital (JUH) in Cap-Haitien are not immune. Konbit Sante is purchasing oxygen containers, along with essential medicines, that can be filled and kept in stock at all times so that when the power fails, there will be back-up oxygen available at JUH.

We need additional funding to continue this important work at JUH, which is the largest public hospital in Cap-Haitien and the second-largest in the nation of Haiti. More than 1 million people seek care at this facility, which includes the largest pediatric service in the region. However, essential medicines and emergency oxygen containers are not always available when needed due to lack of financial resources and an undependable supply chain. Even in emergency situations, patients' family members are expected to ask friends and family to contribute money and scour local pharmacies for supplies, losing valuable time. These are preventable deaths—if the medicines and supplies are available, the survival rate is much greater.

By ensuring that essential medicines and supplies are in stock at all times, we can help reduce the number of preventable newborn deaths. We estimate that preventing ruptures of essential medicines and supplies will cost about $15,000 annually.


May 14, 2019

Supplies Help Fill Gap in Haiti Infrastructure

Since protests demanding the ouster of Haitian President Jovenel Moise began in July 2018, Haiti has been in crisis mode. Electricity blackouts are a daily occurrence, fuel needed to transport supplies is in short supply, and the already high food insecurity level has reach the point of desparation. For our partner healthcare facilities in Greater Cap-Haitien, a regular stream of essential supplies is critical in ensuring that there is not a lapse in care for the tens of thousands of residents in their communities.

Konbit Sante purchases essential supplies and medicines for its partner facilities at lowest possible cost, and endeavors to fill three shipping containers per year. These containers contain everything from hospital beds and examination tables to emergency medical supplies and birthing kits to expectant mothers. We only provide supplies that are requested and needed by our partners to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Konbit Sante has sent 18 containers of medical supplies and equipment to our partners over the past 17 years. Each one amounts to a more than 15 to 1 return on the shipping investment in terms of the value on the ground. Since we have a full-time presence in Cap-Haitien, we work together with our partners to strengthen their inventory and distribution systems to make sure these supplies reach the patients in need as intended. We also support the salary of a stock manager at Justinian University Hospital (the second-largest hospital in Haiti), who tracks supplies to ensure that new supplies are ordered before a stock-out occurs.


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