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Aug 27, 2019

We Evolve As People From Our Care Of Animals

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged

according to the way they treat their animals.” 

- Mahatma Gandhi

As the world becomes more stressful and agitated with a constant call for progress and globalization, animals have problems finding where they belong, and how they can survive when their environments are destroyed or allocated for commercial development. Unfortunately, many species face extinction as a result of human carelessness.

Our humanity is traditionally at its best when conditions are at their worst. The plight of our animal population presents a great opportunity for many people to grow, improve, and become more compassionate by supporting animals that need our help to survive.

At SAI we are passionate about helping animals and people. That’s why our foundation is dedicated to helping those during their deepest time of need.Right now the zoo animals of Venezuela are in great danger as food shortages make it difficult to find and pay for sustainable nutrition for the nation’s zoo populations. 

Your donations provide life-sustaining care for a large number of animals: monkeys, sloths, birds, fish, and reptiles.

Thanks to our faithful donors in the last two months, we have been able to donate  bananas, papayas, plantains, fish food, mangos, sunflower seeds, melons, eggs, and rats as their main source of nutrition. These donations keep these animals alive and healthy during this nationwide crisis in Venezuela.

We want to sincerely thank A&G Animal Assistance Fund and GlobalGiving individual donors for their continuous and generous support to save the lives of these animals. Thank you for allowing us to work together in the midst of the economic crisis in Venezuela and provide care for these magnificent creatures.

This information is reflective of the GlobalGiving and SAI campaign Endangered Animal Rescue Fund- Venezuela.

Aug 16, 2019

Helping The New Generation in Venezuela

Thanks to all the faithful donors of South American Initiative, the orphanages SAI assists receive continuous support. SAI provides daily food, clothing, shoes, and hygienic supplies to orphaned children of Venezuela because the government is failing to provide the essentials needed for a healthy life.

The staff and volunteers sincerely appreciate the support from you, our donors, who make it possible for us to provide food and supplies to sustain desperate orphanages during the current economic crisis in Venezuela.


Fighting Malnutrition in Orphanages

Over the past three months, SAI and GlobalGiving Donors have provided the following:

MAY: 5,264 meals were provided to the orphans.

JUNE: 4,981 meals were provided to the orphans.

JULY: 5,750 meals were provided to the orphans.

The total number of meals distributed equals: 15,995 meals. Your contributions to South American Initiative have expanded the amount of nutritious meals provided to orphans whose parents cannot afford to feed and shelter them. 

SAI volunteers and staff give comfort and care to these underprivileged kids by teaching them teamwork and a sense of appreciation for the food they receive from the generosity SAI and GlobalGiving donors. For these Venezuelan orphans everyday is special when they get to help with the food delivery! They know these delicious and nutritious treats will soon be prepared for them to eat!

These donations from SAI and GlobalGiving Donors make sure orphanages get consistent food deliveries. The food goes from the farm, to the SAI truck, to the volunteers hands, to the orphanage kitchens, to the children’s mouths. This is the beauty and the graceful collaboration SAI and donors of GlobalGiving deliver every day to the most needy children in Venezuela.

The information throughout this report is reflective of the GlobalGiving and SAI campaign: Fighting Malnutrition in Orphanages.


Jun 7, 2019

Take One Minute to Support a Refugee Family

It’s no secret that almost four million Venezuelans have fled the country in search of a better future for themselves and their children. However, many Venezuelans who are attempting  to leave the country are blocked at the Venezuelan/Colombian border.

Due to the blockade of humanitarian aid, SAI has had to mobilize towards the borders with Colombia to assist the Venezuelans who are stranded. We have managed to get food and supplies for many adults and children who have not eaten for days.

We are working to improve the quality of life of every Venezuelan stranded on the border. For this reason, we thank all our donors for providing desperately needed support to help refugee families in Venezuela.

Thank you to all donors of GlobalGiving and SAI for supporting our cause. The information is reflective of the GlobalGiving and SAI campaign Venezuelan Refugee Fund.



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