Jan 14, 2020

Helping Venezuelan Refugees Build A New Life

Venezuelan Refugees Crossing River into Colombia
Venezuelan Refugees Crossing River into Colombia

Dear Donors,

We have some great news! We are beginning construction on our new facility in Colombia at the beginning for the new year.

5,000 Venezuelans Migrate to Colombia Everyday

As you may know, there is a problem on the border of Colombia and Venezuela  caused by the mass exodus of Venezuelan refugees seeking a better life. 

It is estimated that already 1.3 million Venezuelans are currently living in Colombia with an additional 5,000 crossing the border daily. The reason for this migration is because of uncontrolled inflation, violence, and political corruption in Venezuela.

We Go Where Help Is Needed Most

South American Initiative (SAI) is the only U.S. based 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization -- besides the Red Cross -- that provides large scale humanitarian aid for Venezuela. 

That’s why SAI is creating a facility in Colombia for the purpose of helping Venezuelan refugees escape their country and start again with a new life in Colombia. We need your help to make this become reality.

SAI Builds Refugee Transition Facility

Our goal is to provide the essentials for starting a new life in a new country. SAI knows these displaced Venezuelan migrants are starving for food and many need medical care, but more importantly, they need an opportunity to build a new life.

Just recently, SAI has partnered with Cripto Conserje, who specializes in crypto currency. Cripto Conserje donated the land for the SAI facility in Colombia. 

Promoting Financial Literacy

Cripto Conserje will utilize the SAI Refugee Transition Facility to conduct educational classes teaching basic financial literacy and how to make transactions using cryptocurrency. This makes sense because many Venezuelans do not have access to banking, credit, or the ability to purchase food, services, and merchandise.

This facility will help provide food, shelter, and medical care for new arrivals. It will also require those receiving assistance beyond a few days to earn their keep by performing assigned jobs at the center. 

Starting a New Life in a New Country

The Colombian government recognizes that mismanaged immigration can quickly become a drain on local economies, and that an injection of skilled workers can be an asset to help boost the economy. The Colombian governmnent welcomes our new Refugee Transition Centre because they know it will not only benefit Venezuelans, but also the local Colombian communities.

Providing Food & Medicine

To help resolve this crisis, SAI is providing desperately needed food, clean drinking water, shelter, medicine, and essential medical care to help displaced families, children, and individuals who find their only option is to leave Venezuela. 

South American Initiative’s Cucuta, Colombia Facility.

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The facility sits on 1,000 square meters within walking distance of the Venezuelan/Colombian border. Refugees visiting the facility will be offered food, essential medical care, and an opportunity to learn employable skills so they can become contributing members of the local Colombian community.

Medical Clinic to Provide First-Aid to Refugees

It will also have a clinic to provide minor but essential medical care for those in need of immediate first-aid. Visitors will also be given a nourishing meal to welcome them to their new homeland, courtesy of South American Initiative. 

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The back of the building has two windows and one door to accommodate staff and volunteers working at the center.

SAI brings hope and light to replace despair and darkness with fresh ideas, education, wholesome food, and medical supplies to South America’s most needy and most vulnerable people.

Saving lives in Colombia with Sights Set on All of South America

SAI’s new facility will be a central location for Venezuelan refugees to receive humanitarian aid as well as education to help them get jobs and adjust to living in their new country. 

Teaching Framing & Agriculture

The SAI Refugee Transition Center sits on over 10,000 square feet of land with an additional acre of farmland.

This additional farmland will be used to teach Venezuelans how to cultivate, plant, and grow their own food. Learning local farming techniques will help them become more independent and self-sufficient in their local Colombian communities.

All This for Just $60,000

SAI's executive team and volunteers have experience working with local Latin American governments. That's why we are able to buy land at affordable prices and build vital facilities quickly at speeds outsiders could never accomplish. Thanks to the land donation by Cripto Conserje, SAI is breaking ground on this new facility in January 2020.

We invite you to Join us in delivering humanitarian aid to those in their deepest time of need. Your donations not only save lives, but they also give great opportunities for those willing to work to build a good life for themselves and their families. 

Measurable & Accountable Success

SAI is marching forward, each and every day, for each and every refugee seeking a new life and opportunities to become independent citizens of Colombia.

SAI is succeeding in ways that are real, measurable, and accountable. With on-going donor and corporate support, we continue to help save lives in South America and provide opportunities for Venezuelans to have a brighter future. Please help us make this dream become reality!

Venezuelan Refugees Crossing Bridge into Colombia
Venezuelan Refugees Crossing Bridge into Colombia
SAI Volunteers Feed Venezuelan Refugees
SAI Volunteers Feed Venezuelan Refugees
Venezuelan Child Gets Lunch From SAI Volunteers
Venezuelan Child Gets Lunch From SAI Volunteers
SAI Refugee Center At Colombian Border
SAI Refugee Center At Colombian Border
SAI Refugee Center At Colombian Border
SAI Refugee Center At Colombian Border
Dec 23, 2019

Together we can make a huge difference

Venezuela Neurosurgery: FINAL Project Update

Valencia, Venezuela - This report features summative details about the South American Initiative project that provided Neurosurgery for drug-resistant epileptic children in Venezuela.

For Children Suffering Daily Epileptic Seizures

In 2019 SAI launched a campaign to provide desperately need neurosurgery to children suffering from severe epileptic seizures every day. 

The project included an implant device known as the Vagus Nerve Stimulator that sends mild electrical stimulation to the brain when it detects the neurological symptoms of an impending epileptic seizure. 

SAI provided the surgical facility, paid for anesthesia, and the costs for the surgeons, nurses, and additional medical supplies.

Two Children Received Life-Changing Surgeries

Two life-changing neurosurgeries were successfully performed. The first was for one young girl and the second for a young boy. These two children are now living normal lives without constant and unpredictable episodes of grand mal seizures - also known as generalized tonic-clonic seizures

Their parents expressed tremendous gratitude and joy that their children were selected for the surgery. Both families have written letters describing how their kid's lives have drastically changed for the better now that they can live without the constant fear of epileptic seizures. The little girl was having 7-10 seizures a day. Now she has none.

Families Amazed with Generosity of SAI

Neither family could afford to pay for the necessary tests just to see if their children were viable candidates for the neurosurgery. When they discovered their children had been approved for the surgery, they were amazed at the generosity of SAI for providing such an expensive surgery at no cost to them.

The 2019 project was made possible through generous support from SAI donors.

You Can Help Us Do Even More in 2020

If you would like to know more about how SAI is helping desperate people in Venezuela, please take a look at the amazing projects SAI is leading to help orphan children, hospital patients, and abandoned animals in Venezuela.

With your support, we can continue to save the lives of the most vulnerable and innocent during this time of political and economic crisis in Venezuela. Click on the link below to see more details about our general hospital campaign: Let’s Give A Helping Hand to Venezuela.

Nov 26, 2019

SAI Creates Safe Haven For Abandoned Dogs

Rescued pets in 'Dog Paradise' thanks to SAI
Rescued pets in 'Dog Paradise' thanks to SAI

Silent Victims of Venezuela Crisis

Caracas, Venezuela - When people can not afford to feed themselves and their children, the first major decision they are faced with is, “How are we going to feed our dog?” The answer to that question is easy: “Our kids and family come first.”

How Pets are Abandoned

Rather than watch their pets starve, they choose to abandon them in the streets. They simply drive 5-10 km from home, and then open the car door, let the pet out, and then quickly drive away. This is the typical way dogs are abandoned in Venezuela.

South American Initiative & GlobalGiving to the Rescue

The best humanitarian action for these abandoned stray pets is to rescue them from the streets, nurse them back to health, give them vaccinations, regular feedings, lots of love, and attention. 

SAI Abandoned Pet Protocol

After all that is achieved, the next best move for each dog is to be adopted by a vetted, loving, responsible family. Thanks to our generous donors, this is the exact protocol SAI follows when rescuing abandoned dogs in Venezuela.

SAI takes it one step further by spaying or neutering the dogs when they are healthy enough to handle the surgery. With over 3 million stray dogs roaming the streets of Venezuela, it is important that we spray or neuter all of the animals.

Besides food, these rescue animals are given rabies, distemper & parvo vaccinations, as well as a deworming treatment, and a fast-acting oral flea treatment.

At SAI we do all this for our rescued dogs. It gives each dog an opportunity to be adopted by a loving, caring family.

We Need Your Help to Continue to Rescue Abandoned Pets

For the past few months we have provided food and medical supplies to the following:

  • SEPTEMBER: 162 abandoned pets have received care (6 of the dogs were adopted).
  • OCTOBER:168 abandoned pets have received care

Note: This is a correction from the GlobalGiving report from August 27, 2019: The correct numbers for each month are as follows for abandoned pets that received care.: May: 120;  June:174; July: 174; August: 172.

We started this GlobalGiving project with a goal of $20,000. So far, we have received just under 5% of our goal.

New Animal Shelter For 200 More Dogs

SAI is building a new animal shelter that will be able to accommodate up to 200 more dogs at one facility. This facility will include a spacious yard for the dogs to run and play. It will include clean drinking water, a medical examination and surgery room, individual places for each dog to sleep, and a consistent supply of pet meds, toys, and nutritious food.

Help Us Rescue More Dogs!

If you love animals like we love these dogs, please help us rescue more abandoned animals with your donations. It can be a little as $8 or as much a $500; whatever amount you are able to give.

With your support, we will continue to take care of these abandoned animals and find responsible families to adopt them. 

Please continue to help us rescue abandoned dogs by donating today! Thank you!

This report reflects the generous donations from GlobalGiving, A&G Animal Assistance Fund, and SAI donors.


Rescued dogs enjoy free-time with SAI Volunteers
Rescued dogs enjoy free-time with SAI Volunteers
Abandoned dogs feel safe and loved with SAI Team
Abandoned dogs feel safe and loved with SAI Team
Recently rescued starving dogs get food and love
Recently rescued starving dogs get food and love
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