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Nov 25, 2019

SAI Venezuela Field Team Update: Orphanage Program

Orphan boys enjoy nutritious lunch courtesy of SAI
Orphan boys enjoy nutritious lunch courtesy of SAI

Who Feeds Orphans When The Parents Have Gone?

Valencia, Venezuela - South American Initiative has a team of volunteers and staff - in the country - that see first hand how the current political and economic crisis affects the most vulnerable victims: abandoned children.

SAI Feeds the Children When the Parents are Gone

With help from generous GlobalGiving donors like you, SAI feeds the children when the parents are gone. Our mission is to help people in their deepest time of need and the people who need help the most right now are young children in orphanages.

In the past three months - with help from GlobalGiving donors - SAI has provided the following:

  • AUGUST: 5,421 meals provided to orphan children
  • SEPTEMBER: 5,720 meals provided to orphans children
  • OCTOBER: 5,922 meals provided to orphans children

SAI Delivers Food & Medicine to Four Orphanages

South American Initiative currently supports four different orphanages in Venezuela. We provide bi-weekly fresh food deliveries and medicines for these abandoned children. 

When we make our deliveries the children’s eyes light up because they know there will be no shortage of food today thanks to SAI donors and volunteers.

These Abandoned Kids are Starting to Flourish

Take a look at the photos of the orphan children in this report. As you can see, they look happy, healthy, clean, and well cared for. This is possible because people like you have been gracious in sharing and giving their time and money to provide for these abandoned kids. Without your help, many would perish while others might become easy prey for predators trafficking children as sex slaves.

Stomach problems from drinking contaminated water

Our medical team has advised us that 60% of children under the age of five have gastrointestinal problems from drinking contaminated water. To solve this problem SAI is working to provide clean drinking water by installing commercial-grade water filtration systems at each of our orphanages.

Help Us Buy a Water Filtration System To Supply Clean Drinking Water

These water filtration systems are expensive, but they can solve many medical problems and save more money than they cost in doctor visits and medications. This water filtration system cost just under $2,200. After that, the only expense is replacing the water filters. 

Help Us Complete This Project!

We started this project with a goal to raise $20,000. Right now we are at $5,348. We are just over 25% of the way there and need an additional $14,652 to complete our goal. As a GlobalGiving donor, we ask that you continue to help these orphan children. Your donations make living in Venezuela as an orphan a little brighter! Donate today! Thank You! 

This project reflects generous donations made from GlobalGiving and SAI donors.

Everyone is happy on SAI food delivery days
Everyone is happy on SAI food delivery days
Children get excited when SAI delivers needed food
Children get excited when SAI delivers needed food
Look how happy these children are to receive food
Look how happy these children are to receive food
Children rejoice when SAI food delivery arrives
Children rejoice when SAI food delivery arrives
Nov 25, 2019

Together building a better tomorrow

SAI Volunteer provides joy to children in hospital
SAI Volunteer provides joy to children in hospital

GlobalGiving Project Update: Hospitals November 2019

(Venezuela | Let's Give a Helping Hand to Venezuela

SAI Provided 8,225 Nutritious Meals for Hospital Patients in October!

Thanks to GlobalGiving donors,October was a breakthrough month for South American Initiative’s project to help Venezuelan hospital patients. With our new kitchen facilities we have increased our food production capabilities. SAI prepared and delivered a whopping 8,225 meals to patients in local public hospitals.

Upgraded Kitchens Expand Meal Distribution

During the past month, we have focused on providing more meals to individuals in Venezuelan public hospitals.

Several days a week SAI staff and volunteers make and distribute fresh meals and desperately needed medicine. Our volunteers now make over a thousand arepas and other nutritious meals in our kitchens and then deliver them directly to patients in public hospitals.

SAI Volunteers: Guardian Angels for the Sick

Everyone is always excited to see our volunteers because they know we bring healthy food that may be their only nutritious meal of the day. When our volunteers arrive, patients say they are like guardian angels delivering food, medicine, and caring for those who cannot take care of themselves.

We provide help where there is no help; compassion where there is no hope, food where there is no food, and medicine where there is no medicine.

Help Us Finish The Year Strong For the Holidays

Christmas in the hospital is not very exciting.  SAI volunteers dress up in Santa costumes when they deliver meals to hospitals. We also do our best to add something special for holiday meals.

With your help, our SAI volunteers and staff can make 2019 a Christmas to remember for these hospital patients. Our goal is to give each patient a small gift.  On Christmas, we deliver holiday treats like:

  • Hallacas - chicken or beef wrapped in plantain leaves; 
  • Pan de Jamon - bread filled with raisins and ham; and 
  • Dulce de Colchinito - a slow-cooked brown sugar and green papaya dessert.

As a GlobalGiving donor, we ask that you continue to help these abandoned hospital patients. Your generosity makes it possible for sick patients to heal faster so they can rejoin their families and loved ones at home. Your donations make a huge emotional difference and truly do save lives! Thank You! 

Donate Today!

SAI Volunteers deliver meals to hospital patients
SAI Volunteers deliver meals to hospital patients
Dialysis patients get nutritious meals in hospital
Dialysis patients get nutritious meals in hospital
SAI volunteers deliver arapas to hospital patients
SAI volunteers deliver arapas to hospital patients
Sep 20, 2019

SAI Provides Hospital Patients Life-Saving Meals

Hard To Believe, But TRUE!

It is impossible to believe that Venezuelans cannot get medications such as aspirin, insulin, and antibiotics. For each person who suffers from an illness, life becomes filled with anxiety and stress simply because it is difficult to get the medications they need or the fact that they are outrageously expensive. The other issue is the limited amount of doctors due to the fact that a large number of doctors have left the country.

Food and Medical Supplies

SAI is distributing balanced, protein-rich meals and medical supplies to hospitals. These meals are prepared under strict hospital regulations and are made specifically for the needs of each patient. In addition, much needed medical supplies are being distributed to improve patient care. We are providing antibiotics, anesthesia, aspirin and other basic medications.

7,223 Nutritious Meals

In the past three months of June, July and August, SAI and GlobalGiving donors have provided 7,223 nutritious meals to those who cannot feed themselves. With your donations SAI is able to continue to provide desperately needed humanitarian aid to Venezuelans in this dire time of need. 

Your Donations Create A Better Reality

Your generous contributions create a better reality for Venezuelans by dramatically increasing the number of nutritious meals, medication and medical supplies available for those people struggling to survive during the current health and economic crisis.

SAI’s Growth Signals Hope Is On The Way!

SAI is currently working on opening a medical clinic in Valencia, Venezuela.  We will provide doctors, treatment, medication and professional medical care at our facility.  We look forward to being able to provide much needed high quality medical care to the people of Venezuela.

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