Aug 31, 2018

The end of the tunnel not yet seen

Since the fury of the waves unleashed on the riverside houses along the beach of Saint-Louis causing the displacement of hundreds of families in shelters of fortunes outside the city.
the situation of the affected populations is getting worse and that of the children who are most affected in this disaster.
At present, we are in winter and the rains came overwhelmed their situation. Torrential rains have torn apart several tents that serve as their dwelling place and the entire inhabited area is flooded in an indescribable way.

At this moment, the Hope Youth Association is helpless in the face of this catastrophe that overwhelms the children who are the most affected and the most invisible. because we raised only $ 70 for this well thought out project that can save hundreds of children.

We are once again appealing to the entire Global giving community to support these children in the grip of sadness and despair.

In this report we have attached a touching video filmed by an online newspaper in the city of Saint-Louis, showing the desolation and despair of the affected populations who feel betrayed by the government that made them many unrealized promises. this video is in Wolof (local tongue) and for those who do not understand Wolof then the images of the video are very explicit.


Aug 27, 2018

Girls' education: we are all concerned!!!

"Women and girls are Africa’s greatest untapped resource, and it is they, not diamonds or oil and minerals, that will be the foundation for solid, sustainable and equitable progress. Health and development experts, economists, non-governmental organisations, UN agencies and even banks agree that expanding the freedoms, the education and opportunities for women holds the key to kick-starting inclusive economic growth. This is true the world over, and particularly true for Africa." These strong words from former Mozambique President Joaquim Chissano further strengthen our position to support and work for the vulnerable girls' education in Saint-Louis of Senegal to go and stay in school.

Despite the insufficient resources collected through GlobalGiving our association continues to mobilize all its volunteers for a good socio-educational monitoring of girls to improve their school performance.

Thus we organize reinforcement classes for girls, a frequency of two sessions per week with the support of volunteers who come on humanitarian missions in our association.

Volunteers who come on humanitarian missions are placed in African host families where they have a well-equipped room and their contribution helps to fill the gap between the resources of our association and the expression of needs. for girls' school supplies at school.

This report is an opportunity for us to sensitize the entire globalgiving community to support the education of vulnerable girls through donations or humanitarian missions in Saint-Louis, Senegal.

Our support for girls' education is paying off as one of the vulnerable girls: Néné Gackou, whose case we mentioned in previous reports, finishes top of her class this school year  with an exceptional average of 17/20 . Congratulations to Nene.

Nene's school report card is attached to the report as proof of its exceptional performance. This means that vulnerability is not an end in itself if goodwill donors make sacrifices, give a helping hand, a boost to make better the future of an innocent and vulnerable girl who was dedicated to failure.

Like Nene the other girls have all worked well and have good grades at school.

We so strongly believe that the suffering of Africa will end when the suffering of these girls, who will become tomorrow these energetic women who will contribute in a sustainable way to the development of Africa, will end.
We will conclude this report with the words of the famous African angelic singer Kidjo, a perfect illustration of the position of girls' education: "“Everyone wins when children — and especially girls – have access to education. An educated girl is likely to increase her personal earning potential and prepare herself for a productive and fulfilling life, as well as reduce poverty in the whole community. Investing in girls’ education also helps delay early marriage and parenthood. Our booming economies in Africa need more female engineers, teachers and doctors to prosper and sustain growth.” Angelique Kidjo

Jun 1, 2018

A situation increasingly alarming

temporary tents where are displaced the victims
temporary tents where are displaced the victims

Since the last disaster of the advancing sea at Saint-Louis in Senegal, hundreds of people have been displaced in temporary tents at the end of the city of Saint-Louis.

The staffs of Association Jeunesse Espoir have visited the victims in the tents to cheer them up but also to make them aware of the opportunity for help and support that we want to do for them through this project posted on GlobalGiving.

Thus we proceeded to the census of 347 children of victims aged 0 to 12 years living in tents and whose needs in education, nutrition, diapers,  hygienic kits is desperately lacking.

Unfortunately, Association Jeunesse Espoir has not yet been able to take action to relieve and solve these problems of these children affected and with  uncertain future due to the fact that the project has  raised only $ 70 with three donors.

Association Jeunesse Espoir is very grateful to the donors who have helped to support these children who have been affected by the devastating advance of the sea, and encourages and invites the Fantastic Globalgiving community to support these children for their right to a decent childhood and for their hope. for a better tomorrow.

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