Aug 18, 2020

Successful distribution of food and hygiene kits

Among these populations, there is a fringe of the most vulnerable made up of children in perpetual connection with the street and commonly known as "talibé children". During this pandemic, the government urged people to stay at home, especially children. Thus, talibé children who found their daily food in the street, had to be supported with food and hygiene kits to help them cope with the pandemic.

This is the reason why Association Jeunesse Espoir posted a project with a view to associating the fantastic community of GlobalGiving which fully funded the first phase of the project which served as food and hygiene kits for 200 children from the street.

The association has extended the amount of the project which was $ 5,000 at the start to $ 10,000 because the demand was strong and we decided to do a second phase of support for these children by targeting another group of 200 children from the street to support during this covid-19 pandemic.
During the distributions each daara (place where these children are confined) received a bag of rice, a bottle of oil, a bag of paste, a box of soap and a box of packets of sugar.

During the distribution, to respect the barrier gestures against covid-19 and to avoid gatherings, the association has invited the heads of the daaras who take care of these children to come separately to the headquarters of the association to receive the donations intended to street children.

So we encourage the fantastic GlobalGiving community to continue supporting this initiative so that as many street children as possible are supported during this difficult period. We thank all the donors who kindly contributed to make this humanitarian aid operation possible. special mention to Al-Rashid who made a large donation which completed the first phase of the project. we encourage them all to support us more for better care for street children in Saint-Louis, Senegal.

Jul 27, 2020

Girls' education in these times of covid-19

In these unprecedented times of a global pandemic due to Covid-19, humanitarian organizations around the world are suffering greatly and the deployment of their activities is a difficult obstacle course.

But our organization, thanks to these partners and the fantastic community of GlobalGiving, spares no effort to continue activities in favor of girls from vulnerable families whose education is threatened.
Since the start of the global pandemic and the bans on gatherings including the temporary closure of schools, lessons have been continued online between teachers, parents of students and girls. Lessons and exercises are sent regularly to the parents of the pupils so that these latter supervise the girls for learning the lessons and carrying out the exercises given.

Only the majority of the parents of the girls we supervise do not have a smartphone capable of downloading the applications necessary for the broadcasting and reception of these lessons.
So our organization had a very important role to play in this situation. The staff of the organization came into direct contact with the girls' teachers to have lessons and exercises sent. Once sent, we download and print them before giving them to the parents of the girls by offering weekly support to help the girls understand the lessons given and do their exercises correctly.

Now that the Senegalese authorities have decided to reopen the schools, despite the presence of the virus which continues to circulate and evolve dangerously in all regions of Senegal, the organization intends to support young girls and beyond, other students sharing the same school, providing them with protective masks and awareness sessions on behaviors to adopt in the classroom, in the schoolyard, on the street and among their families to protect themselves and others from the virus of covid-19.

We cannot end this report without thanking all of our fantastic donors who trust us and who believe in what we do for children and young people in vulnerable situations and we encourage all the GlobalGiving community to support girls' education, mostly in these difficult times of Covid-19.

We end this report with this good news: the blind father of one of our beneficiaries came to our headquarters with his daughter to congratulate us and thank us for the support we bring to his daughter and brought us at the same time the excellent grades of her daughter in school who received the honor roll.

Jun 8, 2020

Shy start of youth green agricultural incubator

According to a United Nations expert on the youth issue, agriculture remains the best opportunity for youth for a secure future out of poverty. This is all the more true in this period of global pandemic due to the covid-19 where the economy of the countries of the whole world is completely slowed down, a fortiori that of the African countries.

It is for this reason that Association Jeunesse Espoir de Saint-Louis du Sénégal initiated this agricultural incubator project to both train young people living in vulnerable families and who are out of school in the agricultural trades respecting practices that protect the environment on the one hand, and on the other hand put a financing mechanism within the agricultural incubator which can ensure the economic integration post-incubation of these young vulnerable people.

For the moment, despite the fact that the project has received only one donation of $ 25 out of a shortfall of $ 25,000 from a fantastic donor named Dieyna Knox who believes in our cause to support these young people through agriculture, the association started the bases of the agricultural incubator thanks to its partnership with the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis which gives the association a cultivable area of two hectares to allow the recruitment of 25 young people for a start in order to start training young people in agricultural activities.

This remains a fantastic challenge despite the fact that the means are far from being met; but the motivation of young people, eager to train and give themselves the means to succeed in their lives, encouraged the association to find the basic means to start the agricultural incubator within the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis from Senegal to give these young people the chance to keep the flame of hope for a better future alive.

It is with this in mind that we take advantage of this opportunity offered to us by this first report for globalgiving and donors to launch an appeal to the fantastic community of GlobalGiving to support this project, on which 250 young people from vulnerable families and in a situation of dropout from school to have the opportunity to train and integrate into the agriculture sector through the establishment of this incubator.

As can be seen in the photos in illustration of the volunteers from a European University, more precisely in Belgium, came to support the project by helping to ensure the social follow-up of the first 25 young people enrolled for this project.
We count on the support of the entire GlobalGiving community to help these young people realize their dream of agricultural entrepreneurs.

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