Dec 27, 2020

Comfort in Time of Need

Family receiving food
Family receiving food

Hello Greetings Partners,

Greetings from Kassanda Children’s Aid and I hope that this report finds you all in good health to all our beloved partners. I guess the almighty God has kept you well in this erratic situation of Covi19, and I take this opportunity to send a comforting message to our partners who have lost their beloved ones  but I encourage you to be strengthened in God because He is over all.


In the Month of October 2020, 15 candidates went back to school, they were, Primary Seven, Senior Four, Senior Six and all graduates in their last year of 2020. Kassanda Children’s Aid had only one student in Senior Four. She started school successfully and she reported back at home on 15/12/2020 for a short holida. We shall know whether all children will start school in January soon but due to elections this year we are unsure.

Our feeding program managed to distribute to some families though many have been looking for more help. We continue to get referrals from others partners in the District.  I have one which I would like to share with you our partners see it below  

The probation and welfare of Kassanda District referred us a family of five children and their mother for help. According to their family's statement, said that the father of the children chased them away from home because he wanted to marry another wife, when they resisted, he threatened to kill them and on several occasion he had been beating them to level of almost killing them. When the situation worsened, they decided to run away without anything. A Good Samaritan picked them from a shade of a tree. She stayed with them for four days and later took them to the district, the district referred them to Kassanda Children’s Aid  for food, medical, shelter, protection and education support four of the children are chronically ill.

As an organization, we managed to give them food and medication though they are still desperate for help on their needs. With those few remarks I would like to thank you our partners who have managed to start with us since we started this struggle of helping the vulnerable Children I say that nothing we can give you only to lift you to the almighty God to give you all your desires in your lives. I wish you all bright, healthy and happy new year of 2021! 

Ready for school
Ready for school
Aug 20, 2020

A Big Thanks for a Successful Food Distribution



In this COVID 19 Pandemic many OVC households   have suffered  so much this  was because some of the people who were supporting these families were locked in the lockdown and their businesses were locked up this lead these families to starve  and lack some or all basic needs of the family ,the government did not give any supported to these vulnerability families, therefore Kassanda children’s Aid after realizing that there is a need to help made an appeal to friends who intervened quickly to save lives of the most desperate.


We identified two categories of people who were in need of food but we only give food to one category.

i)                    Critical 

ii)                   Moderate.

Those who were in critical category include

-          Child house hold headed families.

-          These who caregivers are very old and chronically ill.

-          Those under starvation and poverty stricken house hold it’s a chance for them to get food.

-          Those who HIV positive and have minimal access to safe water and health services etc.
KCA gave food to these category of people.


-          To save lives

-          To restore /give hope to the vulnerable people.


1.       Maize (Posh)

2.       Soap

The family with large number of OVC’s was given 15kgs of maize flour and those with less number were given 10kgs followed with 2 bars of soap.


-          The exercise was successfully done.

-          There was a smile of happiness from the OVC’s and their caregivers.

-          People’s hope was restored

-          O.V.C house hold members got what they were not expecting.


-          High expectation of clients from us such as sugar, salt, rice , cooking oil. Etc.

-          Some OVC’s and their caregivers were chronically ill and they cried for our help i.e there was an old lady who had a
swollen stomach which needs emergency medical care and she is caring for three young children.
-          Seeking permission from the authorities to allow us distribute the food.

-          Fear of the pandemic COVID 19.

-          Many OVC families were left due to insufficient food.

-          A total of 60 benefited, broken down into 25 Males and 35 Females.


We appeal to everyone with good heart throughout the world to support by giving in something in order to save the lives of people who are very near to die of hunger in Kassanda and Uganda in particular.



Dec 26, 2019

Moving forward in 2020

Women preparing food
Women preparing food

Greetings Dear Partners,

First,let me say Merry Christmas to you all our dear partners, and I pray you pass through all the Christmas season safe when you are alive in Jesus name,  at Kassanda Children’s Aid we are having a very busy time s we are organizing the Children’s Party remember every year the birthday of the founder is celebrated with children on 25, hear we invite some few selected children on addition to the children who stay with the Founder (Pastor Ssenyonga Vincent) and they enjoy together, sorry that the notice for this report it was a very short time and yet we were so busy organizing this important day for the children, special thanks goes to our Fundraising Administrator Lisa Dengel who did a very important role so this party can be organized,  and not only that she went ahead to contribute with funds, Mrs. Patricia Woosley , Mis  Virginia Louderback-Godel , Mrs Susan Louderback  Seaboalt , Mrs  Esther, Chamberlin, though we are still stuck to receive the money she sent by world remit wallet,  Georgina Taylor and Mr Dean Siminoff  I say thanks very much, on this contribution some few children we managed to get them clothes,  the rest to buy food and a goat. 

Among all seasons this has been a very hard season at the children’s Center because twenty children got sick and were treated and they got healed Glory be to God, special thanks goes to Mrs, Stacy, and the Charity Director they stood with Kassanda Children’s Aid in this season by helping to pay the medical bills and to cater to buy food as it’s a holiday period many children are now at the Children’s Home, right now we are having three children who are seriously sick.

On the building of the children’s home in this season Kassanda Children’s Aid got a disbursement totaling to $271  in Uganda shilling it was 970,000/=  from Global Giving with all our heart we thank our monthly donor who gives every month and we are in high demand for such donors,  

The Great news on the building of the Children’s Home KCA founder and KCA fundraising Administrator reached to an agreement to add all funds which were collected from global giving to buy three acres of land with five roomed house near the land of Stephen Baker Farm this was supported by one of our donor Mrs. Patricia and she contributed 1000$ this whole land and house costs 22,0000,000/= due to the importance of this land and house,  KCA Founder managed to secure a loan of 8,000,000/= to add on the money they had to make a total payment of 22,000,000/= we believe this land will be productive towards KCA work and it will help to sustain KCA  by doing projects on it. So we decided to stay having this fundraising open so that we can get funds to finish up the loan we got and the funds to make finishing on the house and we shift in that house with kids.

House on new land
House on new land
Kids with goat
Kids with goat
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