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Supporting vulnerable persons and survivors of human trafficking by providing income-generating opportunities, social reintegration, and programs for self-empowerment. We believe in: - Income generation so that vulnerable women can gain economic independence. - Educational and social programs for intellectual empowerment. - Using business sensibilities to achieve humanitarian goals.
Mar 9, 2017

Soccer/Football Boys and Girls

  Last year we formed our first soccer team, or football if you prefer, at the Lotus Kids Club.  It was a boys team as many boys were interested in playing and we only had the time and funds to support one team.  Another NGO in town organized tournaments between different NGOs.  We didn’t have uniforms as the other teams did for the first couple games.  The players asked if we could also get some for them.  We searched and found a generous business in town who provided uniforms for them.  This seemed to inspire them and they started winning games. 

  We had a good coach who volunteered his time and he worked the kids hard at practices but was respectful to them and made sure they had fun too.  It was our first year joining the tourney so we weren’t expecting great success but hoped the kids could learn good sportsmanship and have fun.  As it turned out, perhaps thanks to the uniforms and the good coaching, these players walked away with the championship trophy.  All would not have been possible without the help given by a caring business and the time and effort given by the volunteer coach.  What can make a difference is giving in any way one can.

  This year, as we have always hoped, we formed a girls team.  We thought it would be a challenge to get enough girl players, we were wrong.  We had enough girls to form 2 teams. Thrilling!  And these girls really wanted to play.  Practices were scheduled to be held at a time they were in school.  They lobbied to rearrange the practice schedule and convinced the coaches to do so.

  We have not secured uniforms yet but an NGO has provided coaches for us.  Games haven't begun yet so we have time still to get outfits for players.  The girls have been practicing equally as hard as the boys and having fun.  They have been rewarded for their hard work already.  From all the NGOs participating four of the LKC girls were chosen to be part of a team representing Siem Reap in a tournament in the capital city of Phnom Penh.  Girls will be participating from the various provinces in Cambodia.  Who knows perhaps for these girls this is the first step to being on the women’s national team.  Proud and happy for all the players participating.  Thanks to all who help LKC to thrive and grow, we could not do it without you. 

  One last note about soccer.  Our PS/K kids play once a month thanks to the generosity of the soccer pitch owners. LKC 1 vs LKC 2.  I think LKC 1 has the most wins.  Future stars in the making! 

Mar 1, 2017

Moving Forward

Julie's design book

Recently, we welcomed a new trainee to become a part of Senhoa’s female-powered artisan team; Julie* joined us in January and has been progressing very well in the jewelry skills training program.


Julie’s family is originally from Battambang province in northwest Cambodia, from a small and poor village. When she was young, her family agreed to go to Thailand a seek work, though a network of human traffickers who promised them the opportunity to make more money working in a factory there. Julie was young and stayed at home while her parents and most of her siblings worked long hours in a factory for the equivalent of less than $10 per day. They could not earn enough to cover their basic living expenses and were constantly living in fear of being caught by the Thai police, so they eventually returned to Cambodia and moved to Siem Reap.


Here in Siem Reap, Julie began working at a Karaoke bar – a line of work in Southeast Asia which often puts women at risk of sexual exploitation, in an environment with alcohol, drugs, and men who can get aggressive with the women. She began dating someone she met at the karaoke bar and would often stay out late drinking with him, until one day they were in a motorbike accident and Julie suffered a mild head trauma. She eventually recovered in the hospital, however she experienced some memory loss from this incident and her family took care of her while she recovered. Following this incident, both Julie wanted to begin working in a safer environment; this is when another non-profit organization in Siem Reap referred her to the Senhoa program as an opportunity for income generation and women’s empowerment through life skills training courses.


Julie has now been part of the Senhoa jewelry skills program for two months, and will graduate to become a full-time Senhoa artisan at the end of March. She is a quick learner and loves socializing with the other members of the team. As she continues to improve her skill level, she looks forward to making more advanced pieces and being able to help support her family members even further. We are glad to have Julie as the newest member of the “Senhoa family!”

 *Name has been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.  

One of Julie
One of Julie's amazing creations

Jan 18, 2017

Let's Get Real: Quotes

at the monthly Parents
at the monthly Parents' Meeting

I have been writing reports for years from my viewpoint. I think it’s overdue for you to hear from the beneficiaries of our work at the Lotus Kids' Club. What follows is recent quotes taken by and translated by the LKC staff. The quotes are from the children and parents. Following that is quotes taken by independent evaluators of our programs from the families we serve. 

Q: What do you like best about being at LKC? (for kids)

A: "I like playing."
   "Eating food. Soy milk is my favorite."
   "Arts and crafts is my best thing at school."
   "LKC gave me shoes."
   "Learning English is my love."
   "Reading books at LKC and soccer are my best."

Q: What have you learned? (for kids)

A: "I have learned the Khmer alphabets."
   "I have learned coloring and cutting."
   "Singing songs and dancing at school with teacher."
   "I learned to listen to teacher."
   "I know how to wash my hands."
   "I have learned English and Apsara dancing."
   "I learned how to self control."
   "I learned and played with a lot of toys."

Q: What has been most helpful from your involvement with LKC? (for kids and parents)

A: "My parents send me to school every day."
   "LKC teacher help me and help my family."
   "LKC have toys for me to play with."
   "LKC gave my mom rice every month."
   "LKC helped my children's education. Without LKC, I couldn't send them to school."
   "LKC helped my children with hygiene and study supplies."
   "My children have good food at LKC, and I am happy for them."
   "LKC helped take care of my children when I am gone earning money."
   "LKC helped loan me money for creating my small business."

Q: What are your feelings about LKC? Why? (for kids and parents)

A: "I am feeling happy and grateful with LKC."
   "My children are having a good education. I feel happy for them."
   "They have yummy food and good health. I am happy seeing them at LKC."

Q: What has been the biggest impact on your family from your involvement with LKC? (FYI we provide monthly parenting workshops that cover a host of topics, including budgeting, hygiene, domestic violence, etc.)

A: "Helped my family deducing some costs."
    "Helped orient me about hygiene."
    "My family not very often fighting as we did before."
    "My husband helps with house work, cooking rice and food." 

Q: How has your involvement from LKC helped your children? (for parents)

A: "My children can write and read Khmer.”
   "My child helps with housework sometimes."
   "They listen and are better with their hygiene than before."
   "They have good health.”

Q: What would be the impact on your family if there was no LKC? (for parents)

A: "It would be difficult for us. I don't think we can still send our child to school."
   "It is very difficult for us. We don't have any support to send them to school."

Q: What do you need LKC to do more of? Do you have any suggestions? (for kids and parents)

A: "More toys and play supplies."
   "We want the best soccer coach."
   "Help my child until they are in University."
   "I want an English and computer teacher."
   "I want a bigger soccer field at LKC."


"I think [the LKC program] is helping to build solidarity and mutual respect between Khmer and Vietnamese children… there is no tolerance of racism, which is good." - Vietnamese mother of boy aged 7


"My daughter is now friends with a [Vietnamese] girl, and she is studying in the public school with her… this makes me happy." - Khmer father of girl aged 7


"My child has improved her Khmer speaking because she is learning from the Khmer children." - Vietnamese mother of girl aged 7


"The children are learning to help each other – there is no discrimination." - Khmer mother of girls aged 5 and 9


"I have seen my boy playing together with a Vietnamese boy in a brotherly way, which I think is very good." - Khmer mother of boy aged 7


"Our children are learning to live together and play together, and that is a really good thing, and now my daughter can speak Khmer." - Vietnamese mother of girl aged 8


Just under one-third of parents also talked about their children being more 'obedient’ and respectful towards them as parents, as a result of being involved in the program. Some parents talked about their child’s attitude having become more positive.


 "My child is happy and wants to go to school all day. She is eager to learn and now feels more affection for her brothers and sisters. She is now smarter, more industrious and more knowledgeable." - Khmer female parent


Some parents talked about the "good teachers" in the Pre-School Program, who were responsible for giving their children a "good education." Some parents discussed their pride in their children's progress and achievements.


"My daughter’s education results are good – I am proud. She has received good advice from her teacher and I know this has helped." - Khmer mother of girl aged 4


Many parents talked proudly about their child’s study results and how much they felt they improved. 


"I am very proud of my daughter - she can sing in Khmer now and speaks better in our own language, too. And she knows how to play with Khmer children." - Vietnamese mother of girl aged 8


"I am so happy that my son is learning at school. He loves to study, and I am very proud of his good achievements." - Khmer mother of boy aged 7


I think the parents and children of the Lotus Kids' Club articulate best what impact we have made and why we need to continue our work thanks to the generous donations from you. Thank you so much.

We love going to school at LKC!
We love going to school at LKC!
Lining up for class
Lining up for class

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