Jan 17, 2020

Cemetery Sweets

Dear friends and partners,

As you know, our Community Development project has focused on an impoverished community scratching together a living amid one of Indonesia's largest cemeteries. We have helped them created new job opportunities, allowed the children to attend school, created community centers nearby to serve their needs and offer classes for new life skills. It has been an amazing process to share with these families that we have fallen in love with. 

And things just keep getting sweeter! Thanks to your continued support they have been able to offer two fun new developments: a line of gourmet baked goods and desserts in Yellow Flower Collection (the retail line started by a coalition of the women in the community), and a performing arts program at our Community Center that the kids absolutely love!

Thank you for continuing to serve this beautiful community with us!

Dec 11, 2019

The Long Game

You may remember the good news that Sarah's House, our largest live-in shelter for survivors, is currently full. It's a big deal. When we started in Indonesia there was almost nothing for survivors: no support, no infastructure, nowhere for them to go. We had to start from square one. Now, in that very same region where we started over a decade ago, it's a completely different landscape and Sarah's House is at the core of that transformation. Most of the girls living there now will be there for years as they pursue healing and education. 

After this milestone, we shift gears a bit. Now it's about the long game. In pursuit of creating the safest and most stable situation for the girls to forge their path to restoration, we are highlighting our sponsorship program at Sarah's House. In order to ensure that each resident has everything she needs we are looking for consistent, regular monthly giving from our donors. Sponsorship giving allows us to provide the things the girls need every day. We want to ensure that they can pursue every educational opportunity, that they have access to professional health care, that they have the legal representation they need during their case, and that we can provide the extensive 24-hour staff that keeps their home safe, healthy, and comfortable.

With a 24-hour operation as big as Sarah's House that kind of support is a big goal, and requires a lot of faith and hope from all of us. But then again, so too has every other stage of this journey. And by the grace of God and amazing partners like you we know we'll reach this one too. If you're interested in adding a sponsorship donation to your giving, you can do that on the project page and help us win the long game.  

Oct 23, 2019

Labor of Love

For this report I would like to take some time to tell you about some of our unsung heroes. As Grace House has gotten up and running this year, it's easy to focus on the wonderful girls that are being rescued and living with us at Grace House, and rightfully so. It's for them that we do all this after all. But our full-time, live-in aftercare shelters - the backbone of our operation - don't run on their own. We have an absolutely amazing staff at Grace House that keep the wheels turning. And it takes a lot more people than you may think. That's because we aren't a typical business or drop-in shelter that operates 9-5. 

Due to the current lack of survivor care infastructure in the areas we operate, Compassion First aftercare centers like Grace House are directly involved in every aspect of a girl's recovery from sexual slavery. After their rescue, most of the girls live at Grace House until they can be safely returned to family. Or if they have no safe place to return, they stay with us until they are old enough to live on their own. This requires a host of wonderful "housemoms" and a full security team that work around the clock to ensure the girls have everything they need during an extremely vulnerable time in their lives. We employ educators, couselors, lawyers, and other specialist to provide the specific services the girls require throughout their years with us. It requires a large, dedicated, loving staff to run Grace House. 

But as you can imagine, these are not always easy or simple jobs. In fact they can be very demanding. But our staff serve faithfully because, like you, they love these girls and want to see healing and redemption in young lives that once only knew abuse and violation. But it goes beyond the walls of Grace House. Our staff are long-time residents of the region we serve. They are working hard to make their cities better, safer, more just places to live, whether it's within Grace House or through partnerships with local government, law enforcement and schools. So join us in thanking our incredible staff! And thank you for making their labor of love possible!

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