May 19, 2021

Flexibility - The Tool for Surviving Covid-19

Income generation through a small family shop
Income generation through a small family shop

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the May Report for Children in Families' Helping Children Grow Up In Loving Families project.

Covid-19 continues to be prominent in the world news. While some countries are seeing a return toward normal, others are seeing the virus ramp up. Such is the case here in Cambodia. To put it into perspective, up until February 20, 2021 Cambodia had a cumulative total of only 516 cases since the very beginning of the pandemic. Today, the cumulative count has reached 22,889. We recognize that there are other countries with much higher numbers - the alarming thing has been the rate at which the numbers have grown. The government is trying to balance tough restrictions to “flatten the curve" with people's need to make a living and access food and other necessities. 

Whereas in our last report we shared that we had been able to get back to a fairly normal way of operating utilizing good hygiene and protective equipment, we have had to return to flexible case management, providing virtual visits with face-to-face visits allowed only in low risk areas. Whether online or in person, we monitor the children’s safety and wellbeing, address family needs holistically, and educate families in topics such as healthy parenting and Covid-19 prevention. We currently have 436 active cases with 333 of those children living with their own immediate or extended family members and 103 living with capable foster families, including one in short term emergency care.

Despite current restrictions, some great things are happening. We were able to close six foster care cases because the children were successfully adopted by their foster families. We monitored the cases for six months following the adoptions and our final assessment showed each of these families to be continuing to provide a high quality of care and a stable, safe, and secure family setting. It’s so wonderful to see these children in their forever families. We look forward to seeing more adoptions, as there are several in process in the courts now, as well as other foster families who have expressed a desire to adopt their foster children.

As a result of CIF's support for Income Generation Activities for 16 of our most economically insecure families, all of the involved families report being optimistic about improving their living condition and providing support for their children. In addition to financial support, CIF field staff have guided them through frequent reflections and problem-solving to achieve sustainability.

Covid-19 is keeping us all on our toes. While it is challenging, it is also growing us in our ability to think flexibly and creatively and to enhance the resilience of our organization and our families.

We are so very grateful for your continued support of the work of CIF. You help to make all of this possible and we hope that you are encouraged to see the progress that continues to be made.  

All the best, 

The CIF Team

Another small shop for family income generation
Another small shop for family income generation
Apr 21, 2021

Educate/Learn about Ethical Volunteering

Hi, and welcome to the April Report for the Helping Educate/Learning about Ethical Volunteering project. 

Since our last report in January, the Covid-19 has hit hard for the 3rd wave in Cambodia. The city of Phnom Penh and some other provinces are in lockdown. Social gatherings, events, and celebrations, and non-necessary traveling were banned and schools, businesses, and shops, and markets were shut down. However, the Rok Kern webinar is still available virtually. We are pleased to assist you all in arranging the webinar. 

We are pleased to announce that Rok Kern Learning Academy is launched, and there are three main streams "education, mission and training, and development streams” available online. We are accepting registrations from May 2021 onwards. Contact the Rok Kern team for further information about the courses.  

Thanks again for all your support, we are really looking forward to supporting, advocating, and sharing the resources with you. This work is impossible without all of you. 


Forever Grateful,  


The Rok Kern Team 

Feb 8, 2021

New Year, New Normal, New Hope

Some Good News

We’re so happy about the progress that has been made in the worldwide Covid-19 situation. Though, we realize that we are “not out of the woods yet” and that the virus is still making life very difficult for many, the development of vaccines and the decreased strain on the health care systems that many are reporting offer a glimmer of hope. We hope that the availability of effective vaccines to all people in all parts of the world happens as efficiently as possible so that you all can begin to have some relief, wherever this finds you. As for us here in Cambodia, the situation has remained pretty stable with regard to virus transmission. Though the economic impacts have been severe, the projections are not quite as dire as they had been previously. It appears that recovery is happening, though there is still a long way to go. Even before Covid-19 hit, many Cambodian families lived only one crisis away from being able to sustain their livelihood, creating great vulnerability for their children. So, whether or not Covid-19 remains a threat, Children In Families will continue our work in strengthening families and improving their resilience.

Another bit of good news – last report we mentioned that we had a challenge in finding a stable source of medication for a child with cystic fibrosis. We are happy to report that we are now able to get it on a regular basis from a local pharmacy once again!


Continuing in the “New Normal”

Despite the stability of the Covid-19 situation in Cambodia, efforts remain strong to keep it that way with many people continuing to wear masks and practice social distancing as much as possible. The ABLE staff members are conscientious in their observance of these protective measures. Of course, frequent hand washing is also a must, but ABLE Project staff strive to do that at all times when providing therapy services. The ABLE team has resumed pretty much a pre-Covid schedule while making these necessary accommodations. Over the past three months they have provided over 400 face-to-face visits, most of them at the families’ homes, but also providing some visits in hospitals, health clinics, or schools, depending on the needs of the children and their families. While providing therapy is one of our primary activities, advocacy is also important, whether it involves helping a child with disabilities to be included in public school or ensuring that children with disabilities get the medical care they need and that their families understand clearly about their health status and medical care. Through CIF’s advocacy and support, one child with partial paralysis in her legs has just started school this year and she couldn’t be more excited!

Once again, we want to thank all of you for your support of the work of the ABLE Project. Your giving allows essential services to continue for these vulnerable children and their families.

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