Jun 18, 2021


School integration is very important, however, in Peru this integration is done only superficially, and really few children are included in the educational system, since there is indifference and discrimination on the part of the people. For true educational inclusion, one must first consider: the training of teachers among other members of the educational community. Second, parents need to be informed about what to expect from schools and what the overall situation is.

That is why inclusive education does not believe in segregation, nor does it consider that a special place should be built for children with disabilities. If not, he proposes that there is a place called school that is for everyone and there is a social process called education and that process is lived in common.

This is the case with 5-year-old Jhoan who, despite her diagnosis of Infantile Cerebral Palsy, has broken the myths that a child with special abilities cannot be included in a regular educational institution.

Jhoan has been part of the Wasi Esperanza family for 3 years, studying physical therapy, psychology and education. What allowed Jhoan over time to have skills such as balance to be able to sit, improve her posture, basic learning in letters and numbers. To date, he knows how to count to 10, recognizes the vowels, the members of his family, the colors among other knowledge, goals that he has achieved with the support of parents and professionals.

Since 2020, the parents have sought to include him in the local kindergarten, but they had problems as the teacher did not want to accept him because he was a child with a disability, so he was rejected at first. The parents tried their best to get their son accepted into the school. Currently Jhoan studies in the group of 05-year-olds, where he takes virtual classes due to COVID 19. He enjoys his Learning classes at home and homework, the teacher meets with him once a week to see his achievements.

That is why the Education area aims to meet the learning needs of all children with special emphasis on those who are vulnerable to marginalization and social exclusion.

Jun 10, 2021

The Perseverance of Thiago's parents.

According to the Peruvian newspaper Gestión, complaints of family and gender violence increased by 130% during the quarantine period decreed to contain the arrival of the COVID 19 pandemic. At Wasi Esperanza we can state that the problem of family violence is recurrent among our beneficiaries and that at the national level it is a very worrying issue that lacks proper monitoring.
Family violence is a very complex issue that needs a comprehensive look and a transversal intervention, we know that it is not possible to have results in the short term. For this reason, Wasi Esperanza has designed a multidisciplinary intervention plan between the Psychology and Social Care services.
Family support is very important to ensure that children develop their capacities and abilities, not only because they have to reinforce the work of the therapists at home, but also because they must provide a safe environment for the child to grow up.
Despite how harmful family violence is, perseverance and determination can improve the situation for children, as is the case with Tiago.
Tiago's family is made up of very young parents who abused each other in many ways, however, they did everything possible to find a diagnosis for their child since his psychomotor and cognitive development did not go hand in hand with his age.
In Ayacucho there is no specialized center in the care of children with autism, but, it began to suspect that Tiago could be within the autism spectrum, he began with physical therapies to stimulate their motor development, at the same time, the parents received individual and group care in a psychological office. They are currently separated, but despite all the problems they had as a couple, they continued to take Tiago to his therapies.
Today Thiago is 05 years old and lives with his mother, recently his communication has begun to include words, to show signs of affection to his mother and to follow directions. His parents have worked with him since he was two years old and every time there was a crisis they noticed how little Thiago would regress or start with unwanted behaviors.
Thiago's mother reinforces the sessions that she does with the psychologist every day. On an emotional level, the mother is calmer and is reflected in the child's improvements, she knows that it is not a linear process but the emotional support that she has in the psychological office strengthens her to face future challenges.
Like Thiago's family, there are many others who face similar situations and psychological support can be a turning point in finding a healthy way out, but the first step is to recognize that there is a problem and have the desire to improve.


Feb 17, 2021


Today we will introduce you to Santiago, he is 7 years old, he likes to paint, draw, dance, make friends in and out of the kindergarten, he is very active and affectionate. Santi is always happy and shows it with a big smile.

2 years ago (2018) Santiago was included in the “Niño Manuelito” kindergarten that is close to his house, at first, he isolated himself and played alone but little by little he improved his interpersonal skills, now he plays with the children, shares and He is happy, when the classes were face-to-face, he was happy and did everything he could to learn, with the help of the teachers and his mother, Santiago has shown great progress.

Now with the virtual modality the mother helps him a lot at home, Santiago has made remarkable progress and it is because of the mother's perseverance in all his therapies and classes, they are always punctual, committed and determined. In addition, they always comply with the recommendations at home.

Santiago is beginning to know and learn the vowels, colors and to improve the pronunciation of some words, before he had difficulty, but perseverance and determination made him progress day by day.

This is Santi, a child with a big smile for life, willing to achieve many goals and with the help of a great teammate, his mother.

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