Feb 17, 2021


Today we will introduce you to Santiago, he is 7 years old, he likes to paint, draw, dance, make friends in and out of the kindergarten, he is very active and affectionate. Santi is always happy and shows it with a big smile.

2 years ago (2018) Santiago was included in the “Niño Manuelito” kindergarten that is close to his house, at first, he isolated himself and played alone but little by little he improved his interpersonal skills, now he plays with the children, shares and He is happy, when the classes were face-to-face, he was happy and did everything he could to learn, with the help of the teachers and his mother, Santiago has shown great progress.

Now with the virtual modality the mother helps him a lot at home, Santiago has made remarkable progress and it is because of the mother's perseverance in all his therapies and classes, they are always punctual, committed and determined. In addition, they always comply with the recommendations at home.

Santiago is beginning to know and learn the vowels, colors and to improve the pronunciation of some words, before he had difficulty, but perseverance and determination made him progress day by day.

This is Santi, a child with a big smile for life, willing to achieve many goals and with the help of a great teammate, his mother.

Feb 10, 2021


2020 has been difficult for all the families of Wasi Esperanza. Many have lost their jobs or have seen a big decrease in their monthly income and the prices of basic necessities and services increased. To continue with the therapies, the use of technology has been necessary.

For many families it was something new to use in classes, therapies or follow-up. This generated a lot of frustration and impotence, added to the uncertainty about what would happen later and the constant fear that a member of the family could be infected. This made the year 2020 one of the worst for many.

Despite the difficulties we want to highlight the efforts of the families who did not allow themselves to be defeated. Such as Kinder, who is a 3-year-old boy and has Down Syndrome. He is very happy and active and he likes musical toys, looking in the mirror and playing with his brothers.

With the psychologist Kinder has already learned to identify himself by pointing when a picture of him is shown or when he is asked, Where is Kinder? With a smile he points to himself, recognizes animals by sound and says goodbye by waving his hand. We hope he learns to speak.

Mrs. Rosa, his mother, is always there for him. She is very committed to the therapies, she arrives on time and performs the activities at home to see improvement in Kinder. With the help of her two older children they do the therapies, they motivate him to do the exercises by playing with him.

The father cannot accompany him in the therapies because due to the pandemic the salaries have been reduced and to cover the expenses, he had to look for more temporary jobs to cover the expenses of the family and so that Kinder can travel to continue attending therapy.

Currently, Mrs. Rosa brings Kinder to the Center to receive therapy. She is accompanied by her brother Saul. Together they enter the psychological office and work on strengthening family ties and improving their social skills

The family has drawn strength and patience to motivate themselves and not let the pandemic overwhelm them and together they will achieve their goals.

Oct 26, 2020

The naughty Ingrid

Ingrid is 05 years old and playful, impatient, skillful, but above all charismatic. She likes board games and any other flashy stuff.

Her diagnosis is Down Syndrome, she lives with her family, which consists of her older siblings and parents, who give her a lot of love, affection and patience.

Ingrid's parents sought us out for help when she was 2 years old, at that time she had hypotonia, did not communicate, had attention problems, among other signs and symptoms of her condition.

She is receiving help in the areas of Physical Rehabilitation, Day Center, Psychology and Education over the years Ingrid has had many achievements and successes such as:
- Walk alone, be able to support her body and have balance. Now she jumps and runs with her older brothers and makes them sweat.
- Adquire a linguistic language (Vocabulary: Bread, water, mom, dad among other words and some sounds). This helps her interact with more people.
- Follows basic instructions such as: "take", "give me", "take this to ...", bring the ... "and more.
- Dresses independently: put on shoes, headbands, shirts and pants. She performs higher performance exercises, such as eat solid foods, go to the bathroom, among others.

Ingrid is a little girl who learns very fast and imitates some situations at the learning level in the present time. She makes recognition of clothes, fruits, some colors, the human body and actions in daily life. She is also learning about emotions and the correct use of the pencil and painting. She is about to learn other topics such as vowel recognition, numbers, which is now a challenge that we hope to achieve the support of parents.

In 2018, she started attending a regular school I.E.P. 320 “San Miguelito Arcángel” and managed to be accepted when she was 3 years old. These past 2 years Ingrid was integrated into a new environment, thus getting to know her new classmates, teacher, new learnings in her day to day life. The teachers of San Miguelito Arcángel love her very much and also include her in all their activities.

Due to the pandemic and quarantine, she has stopped attending her classes, thus leading virtual classes where the family helps her with her homework supporting the education area, and adapting the work.
The work at Wasi Esperanza is through visits to her home to provide sessions from the Education and Psychology area, each session Ingrid awaits us with a smile, joy and desire to work. While working on issues of behavior, language stimulation and learning.

Ingrid in her kindergarten
Ingrid in her kindergarten
learning to wash their hands
learning to wash their hands
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