Feb 27, 2020

Unleash Your Potential


Dear Friend,

Diana and the other girls have completed their trainings and now are fully skilled and are busy earning a livelihood for themselves and their families.

On the onset This is what we set out to do, to empower teenage mothers who had dropped out of school because of pregnancy, giving them skills helping them forge sustainable livelihoods.

That is what we want to continue to do. When you support one girl, you empower at least five other individuals, because in our country the average number of people in a household are five, therefore you help transform five lives. You unleash both your potential by giving and their potential.

This March we have already identified five  girls and are in the process of enrolling them into the train 100 girl’s project for the training beginning in March –April 2020.

Impact of the project

Self-esteem and awareness

When the girls joined the program they had very low self-esteem due to the challenges they have faced all their life according to their person stories. All of them came from a single parent family (widowed mothers) and they all dropped out of school after getting pregnant. Their mothers don’t have a stable income to support their families and they have lived in poverty and had to do anything (selling elicit brew, farming others peoples land etc) to put food on the table. The experiences made them to lose confidence and hope. This project has enabled them to believe in themselves again, enhanced their self-esteem and has given them an opportunity to showcase their gift and talents of hair dressing.

Interpersonal and communication skills

Majority of them came with very poor interpersonal and communication skills due to their upbringing or having to deal with the judgmental and psychological aspect in the society as teenage mothers coming from a vulnerable background. The project has helped them to improve on their life and positive thinking skills, personality development skills, management skills, behavioral skills, including job and employability skills.

Skill development

All the girls had no prior experience in hair dressing. The six month training has given the girls transformation from unskilled, unemployed girls to potential employees or even future employers. Above all it has given them hope as a means to earn a living and support their children and siblings.



 Empowering girls and young women is not an ‘option’ for a modern society — it should have already happened a long time ago. This project has become an eye opener to young teenage mothers and their peers because it has given them hope and opportunity to explore their potential and become an example to their communities that their dreams are valid.

When you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a you educate a family (nation).Dr James Emmanuel Kwegyir.

Feb 25, 2020

A Story Of Impact

I was born in a family of 7 children and I am the second born child. My mother is widow and my father has been an absentee dad and he passed on when I was very young girl I can’t recall the year. At this moment my mother is the only soul bread winner and doesn’t have a stable formal employment to sustain our family. I have always assisted my mum in tilling other people’s land during the planting season to earn a living to cater for our needs which sometimes is a seasonal job. I have also washed clothes for people to earn extra money when the planting seasons have ended my total earning per day was 2 dollars. As a student I was constantly repeating classes or missing school because of lack of school fees since most of the time my mum could not afford tuition fee that the school required us to pay even though it was a small amount she could raise it on time because of many responsibilities. Due to frustration I involved myself in a relationship with a form 4 student from a different school nearby. I got pregnant when I was in class 7 with 16 years and then dropped out of school. When I was pregnant the father of my child took me to his parent’s home to stay there as I wait to deliver because he had no means to support me since he was a student too. My life became worse especially when I started living with the parents of the father of my child. I lived with them in their village and life was very challenging until I gave birth. I had no choice but to become a maid in that house because I had no option and was living at their mercy since I had no place to go. I knew i had disappointed my mum so much when I remembered how much sacrifices and efforts she made to ensure there was food on the table and taking us to school. I would cry all the time and felt like I was in a trapped environment with no hope that one day I will get out of my situation. Due to constant frustration i left that place went back to my mother’s house after my daughter was 7months.My mother accepted me back home after being angry with for delivering a child at a very young age and yet I knew how she was struggling as a sole bread winner with seven kids. My baby is two-year old now and I have to take care of her fully. It has been challenging for me to raise my only daughter and it forced  me to join my mother doing odd jobs to fend for my daughter and my other sibling after I realized there is no other option left for me to gain any formal employment or skills to start a business.


I was introduced by my mother’s friend to this program initiated by Community Focus Group and I was determined to do my best gain enough experience and skills in hairdressing. I was worried at first if I was going to catch up and learn within the six month period, since it was my first time to learn a new skill I haven’t done in my life.

This program has helped me a lot. After I finished the course for 6months my trainer offered me an internship at her salon for two months to practice my skills and at the same time I was plaiting cornrows and selling to salons and beauty shops. I have also been plaiting client in different salon and paid by commission. Recently, I have been employed at Elegance salon and I am thankful for Community Focus Group for giving me this opportunity to acquire adequate skills of hair dressing .I am confident now that I can handle clients effectively in the salon without a challenge. In addition, this program has also enabled me to earn an honest living for my child and help my younger siblings get education that I did not have the opportunity to acquire.



Playing football and marathons.

Dec 30, 2019

The Earth Needs You!

Our project  creates awareness among the  youth so that  they keep in mind the environment in their daily lives, and in the end it becomes a way of life. It also promotes radical change which can be applied by means and options that we offer, and transplant awareness of ethics and environment-friendly in the hearts of young people, in order to become part of the societal trend to preserve the environment. We ensure that they are aware of dangers of climate change and global warming.

We are working to reach our target in raising the $25000 required to make the project a success and we need your support.

2020 is the decade to make a difference in  our enviroment!

Please Donate Today!

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