Oct 23, 2017

You gave hope to children & people with disabilty

Shalini with her mother
Shalini with her mother

Dear donors

Greetings from Bangalore Baptist Hospital Society! 

Thank you for helping us restore hope to children and persons with disability. Your support is so crucial to our work – especially in ensuring that children and people with disabilities find ways to access facilities and restore dignity to their lives. 

Here’s an update of the impact for the month of September:

Support one child with intellectual disability to receive therapy for six months

“Shalini sleeps like an angel in the night and doesn’t bite her wrist. It’s unbelievable”, says Bharathi, her mother, pointing to the scars on her daughter’s wrist. With your support, Shalini continues to receive therapy which has improve in managing her activities of daily living.

“The therapy classes at DDRC has changed my daughter. Now, Shalini signs when she needs to go to the toilet, identifies colours and recites a few rhymes as well. The health check-up and speech counselling at Baptist Hospital is comforting and meaningful because you make extraordinary efforts,” says Shalini’s mother.

Shalini will continue to receive therapy for another 5 months. 

You have changed the future for Shalini - thank you!


Facilitating access to government entitlement

Thus far, we have supported five persons with disability to access government entitlements. It is an uphill task to obtain a certificate of disability that would enable them to access government support.  Lack of awareness of such facilities and the remoteness of their villages are challenges that people with disability face. Your support has given them hope and assurance to a new found life.

  1. 55-year old Govidaswami received certificate of disability, pension, modified toilet, lower limb prosthesis and a two wheeler
  2.  30-year old Bharathi received a certificate of disability, pension, and  support for her marriage
  3.  10-year old Manjunath received a certificate of disability, pension, and scholarship
  4.  40-year old Narayanaswami received housing loan, pension, and ID card
  5.  8-year old Lakshmi received a certificate of disability and scholarship.

Thank you for your support that made a difference to their lives.


Supporting one child with intellectual disability to receive therapy for 1 month

When Divya smiles, my heart is filled with hope for a better tomorrow” says Divya's Mother, Savitha. At the age of four, Divya had developed brain fever which affected the left side of her body. Divya would get angry and irritated when her mother couldn’t understand her actions. Fortunately, with your support, there’s hope for this family.

Today, five-year-old Divya always has a smile on her face as she runs around playfully. After attending therapy and sessions she has learned to identify colors and objects. Divya even takes care of her daily activities on her own.

This transformation has brought a perpetual smile to her parents’ face. Thank you!


Providing a lower limb prosthesis or an assistive device for a child

12-year old Nithya always dreamt of becoming a police officer. Her dream was crushed when she was knocked down by a truck while playing with her friends near her home.

When Nithya realised that she had lost a leg, her dreams crashed.

From being a bubbling and active child, she became withdrawn and isolated. It was a slow and painful process for her and the family till they met the team from Bangalore Baptist Hospital. Our staff encouraged the family to attend the camp help by the District Disability Rehabilitation Centre (DDRC). 

Along with counselling and encouragement, we were able to provide a lower limb prosthesis to Nithya. The joy and relief Nithya experienced are limitless. 

“Now I can do my daily activities; I am not asking my mother to help me. I can walk and have begun to play with my friends... my mother has also started going for her work. Once again I’ve begun to dream of becoming a police officer.

You are instrumental for such change in Nithya’s life. Thank you.

So far, the progress has been steady and inspirational. We look forward to your future support to bring meaningful changes in the lives of children and people with disability.

Divya with her mother
Divya with her mother
Shalini in the best of her mood
Shalini in the best of her mood
Nithyasiri prior to fitting the prosthesis
Nithyasiri prior to fitting the prosthesis
Nithyasiri undergoing therapy with the prosthesis
Nithyasiri undergoing therapy with the prosthesis


Sep 8, 2017

Take Healthcare to 6000 poor in Bangalore District

Checking Narasamma's progress during a home visit
Checking Narasamma's progress during a home visit

Saving a heart brings smiles galore!

Dear donors,

Thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement. Your support helped us become permanent members of GlobalGiving. Each donation is vital to our mission of reaching out to communities with basic health care and thereby transforming many lives.  Thank you once again, for believing in our work and standing by us.

Heart of the matter

We have great news. Remember Arifa, the little girl who had a special mention in our GlobalGiving Accelerator campaign.  Our social worker coordinated with the hospital where Arifa will undergo surgery for her complicated congenital heart defect on 20th September 2017.  Arifa’s mother was overwhelmed with emotion when we informed her about the support that she had received from you.  She hugged Arifa tightly, thanking you and the Almighty.  As a migrant mother living in a slum. Arifa’s mother never imagined that she could raise 2500 $ for the treatment of her precious child, if not for your generous donation? She looks forward to the day when her little baby will be healthy again.  

We value your support and will keep you posted of Arifa’s progress after her surgery. Kindly uphold Arifa and her family in your prayers.

On the move – delivering hope and touching lives

For many people living in rural areas of Bangalore, major barriers to accessing health services is the lack of regular public transportation and high costs of healthcare.  We have been able to overcome both these barriers through our Smile on Wheels program and provide the much needed primary care to the door steps of the poor in rural areas.

We are happy to inform you that with your support, from June to August 2017, we have treated 2939 patients through our mobile clinics. You have been instrumental in bringing a change in their lives enabling them to lead a healthy life. From consultation with doctors, blood sugar testing,  eye, and dental check-up, providing medicines and referral to hospitals, the services provided through our mobile clinics offer immense benefits to the poor. Thank you for your assistance to strengthen our services.

With your support, we provided the following services through our Mobile Clinic:

Provided primary care at mobile clinics (Both rural, urban and medical camps) to 911 in June, 1274 in July and 754 in August. 

Number of GRBS conducted: June - 320,  July - 403 and August 290

Cataract surgery - June - 02, July - 08 and August - 19

Diabetic patients treated  - June 193, July - 289 and August - 256

Vision restored for Anjinappa

Anjinappa is all smiles as our ophthalmologist unwinds the bandages off Anjinappa’s eye.   Grinning widely, the 75 years old Anjinappa says “I can see clearly now”. This was a miracle; a transformation of life for Anjinappa and his wife.  Anjiniappa had been suffering from poor vision for more than four years. He hadn’t been able to work and support his family, having to rely on his wife for even simple errands.  To add to this misery, their son and daughter-in-law moved out their home, leaving the elderly couple to fend for themselves.  

Though removing a cataract would sound a simple and straightforward procedure for many, this is not the case for the rural poor, especially the elderly. Along with the cost of treatment, many are ignorant of the treatment available. That’s how we found Anjinappa who was living with poor vision for four years.

When we visited this couple one month after the surgery, we found him working in his field. He had bought a cow and two sheep. “I can see you clearly for the first time” pointing to our healthcare worker. “There were times when my wife would be away and I knew there was food, but I couldn’t see, so I would go hungry. Now, I won’t have that problem anymore.”

Anjinappa sells the milk and is able to meet their daily expenditure. It’s incredible to see how a  procedure costing just $ 8 can restore vision and completely turn around a person’s life. Thank you for bringing cheer to Anjinappa’s life.

Please continue to support our work so that many people like Anjinappa can have their sight restored.

Narasamma - Up and about

You would find the 70-year old Narasamma always in bed. “She is always sick,” says her neighbour. “We don’t know what’s wrong with her. The hospital is far and she cannot get into a bus. She feels giddy”, says another, adding “She recently she fell down while fetching water.”  Each had a different story to narrate about Narasamma. Nandish, our community health worker, on one of his village visits, discovered that she had high blood pressure and her sugar level was way too high!  

Nandish, got her to visit our mobile clinic at her village, a small village called Bannimangala in Bangalore Rural – 40 km from the city.

Narasamma, after her visit to our mobile clinic, has recovered; her blood pressure and diabetes are well controlled. We could see her energetically taking care of her goat.

Thank you for coming forward to support us and only because of you, we were able to save women such as Narasamma from being paralyzed, disabled or even die.

Thank you once again for helping us bring about tangible changes to the lives of the poor.  Please continue to support our “Taking healthcare to 6000 poor in Bangalore District. We have also posted another project “Deliver disability care to 25000 in rural Bangalore” and hope this project too would be of interest to you.

Please continue to uphold us and the community in your prayers.




Gift Norman

Ensuring Narasamma gets her medicines
Ensuring Narasamma gets her medicines
Anjinappa with his after the cataract surgery
Anjinappa with his after the cataract surgery
Anjinappa with his wife after the cataract surgery
Anjinappa with his wife after the cataract surgery
Arifa's mother, overwhelmed with your support
Arifa's mother, overwhelmed with your support
Little Arifa, awaiting her surgery
Little Arifa, awaiting her surgery


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