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May 7, 2018

Deepana travelled 2,525 kilometers to get cure for TB

Deepana, having great fun with her cousins
Deepana, having great fun with her cousins

Dear donors,

First, let me start with a BIG thank you!

Your recent donation indicates that you understand just how valuable providing healthcare at the doorstep means to the poor. 

Let me tell you what your donation meant to one little girl -Deepana! 

Bharath and Lakshmi, parents of Deepana were anxious and pained looking at their six-year-old lying listlessly in their one room shack in a small village Chainpur, Bajhang District in Nepal. She had become skin and bones, suffering from fever and cough. They had taken Deepana to many doctors; given many cough syrups and medicines; but there was no improvement in her condition. 

Deepana's parents realized that something drastic and immediate had to be done to save their precious child. Deepana's father decided that the best option would be to take the child to Bangalore where her uncle lived. Leaving his four other children and wife behind, he travelled with Deepana an impossible 2,525 kilometres; changing buses six times and spending two nights and a day on a train, he reached her uncle’s house in Bangalore! 

Deepana was taken to a Government Hospital where she was diagnosed to have disseminated tuberculosis. The doctors admitted her and started her immediately on treatment. Her condition improved and she was discharged and asked to continue medication from the primary health center closer to her home.

However their troubles didn't end there.They found it difficult to get medications regularly; the correct dosage and daily medications required was not available. After a few fruitless visits to the center, they gave up. Deepana began to feel sick once again. 

God's miracles come in the most unexpected and mysterious ways. Krishnamurthi, our healthcare worker happened to visit Deepana's home during his routine visit to the village. He was troubled by what he saw and heard. He convinced Deepana's father to bring the child to the mobile clinic that was visiting their settlement the following day. One look at her and the doctor at the mobile clinic knew she needed immediate help. The doctor and nurse spoke to the doctors at the Govt. hospital and arranged for the regular supply of medication for Deepana. Her uncle's family was screened for tuberculosis, counselled and high protein powder packets were provided for Deepana.

With regular medication and care, Deepana is better now. Her father brings her regularly for a check-up to the monthly mobile clinic that visits their settlement. She's gained weight and runs about happily playing with her cousins.   

Feeling reassured with our care and support, her uncle said, "You came to our doorstep and saved Deepana. We were able to go for work daily because you were there for us. Thank you for your love and compassion for our child.” 

Alongside Deepana, we: 

  • Provided access to primary care to 2384 patients through our mobile clinics (both rural & urban) – ensuring the poor have good quality affordable care
  • Performed 933 GRBS in our mobile clinics – helping the community to adopt a healthy life.
  • Completed 34 cataract surgeries – enabling the elders to have a better vision – many of them live alone!
  • Treated 73 diabetic patients – helping them to keep their sugar levels under control and protecting them from further complications.

Though these may seem small changes, you know that they are not. That's why you gave; and we are grateful for your generosity. You make this possible; that healthcare can reach the poor and we can touch lives of children such as Deepana !

Thank you once agan for your love and support !

With gratitude, 

 Dr. Gift Norman

Deepana - happy and refreshed!
Deepana - happy and refreshed!
Deepana's great friend - the chick!
Deepana's great friend - the chick!
Apr 24, 2018

Meaningful changes emerge - because of you!

Yalini has a reason to smile!
Yalini has a reason to smile!

Dear donors, 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Because of your support, we have been able to make a difference to the lives of people with disabilities living in the villages of Bangalore rural district. We request you to take a few minutes to review the highlights of our work and feel a sense of fulfilment for having touched the lives of many persons with disability through your benevolent generosity.

Access to government entitlements

The wedding bells chimed for 35-year old Nagesh; afflicted by polio as a child, never in his wildest dreams did he think that marriage would be on the cards. Though he only had a slight limp while walking, society was quick to brand him a cripple.

Our work through the District Disability Rehabilitation Centre, enabled him to get a monthly pension, a free bus pass and join a government scheme wherein disabled persons are facilitated to find suitable partners. The government also gifts Rs. 50,000 as a token of appreciation to the bride or bridegroom, if they married a person with disability.  Nagesh found his life partner and is happily married! 

Working as a multi-purpose rehabilitation worker with the government, Nagesh now earns around Rs.8000 per month. Nagesh and his wife have saved the gift given by the government for future use.

Thank you for giving Nagesh a new life!

 Your contributions played a significant role in this happy ending!

 Along with Narayanaswamy, we also supported the following persons to receive government entitlements: 

  1. 45-year old Ram received a disability identity card, a monthly pension, a walking stick and a motorised three-wheeler and is mobile again!
  2. 27-year old Muthu received a disability identity card, a free bus pass, crutches and moves about on his motorised three-wheeler.
  3. 8-year old Rakesh received a disability identity card, a free bus pass and scholarship for his studies.

 Providing Assistive devices to children with disability 

Your donations brought cheer and comfort to Seyeda and Hitesh and their parents.  

  1. 10-year-old Aysha with Cerebral Palsy received a right ankle foot orthosis, cock-up splint that helped her move around comfortably. We could also facilitate a disability identity card that enabled her to receive a monthly pension. 
  2.  8-year-old Hiren with cerebral palsy received below knee ankle foot orthosis, rollater, disability identity card and a monthly pension.

Supporting children with disability to receive therapy at our learning hub

Our Learning Hub for children with disability provided therapy to eight children overcome their challenges, enjoy their childhood, helps them lead independent lives. 

 Seven-year-old Yalini was one of them.

 The special chair we provided lets her sit at the table and enjoy her game of stacking rings for the first time, which she loves playing.  The new independence, motor control and ability to recognize a few things bring a new-found happiness and cheer to this little girl and gives her mother profound happiness.

 “Yalini was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very young age. Unfortunately, without proper guidance and care, her condition deteriorated. “We had lost all hope till we came across Bangalore Baptist Hospital and their disability services in 2016” says Yalini’s mother. 

 “With two years at the learning hub, alongside a loving and caring team encouraging my daughter every day, she made miraculous progress,” says her mother. “When Yalini started her therapy, she could sit only with support. She had behavioral and sensory issues along with speech impairment and motor weakness,” recalls her therapist.  

 With our trans-disciplinary team of a physiotherapist, special educator, speech therapist and clinical psychologist, Yalini's progress is commendable. Right now, she is learning to communicate. Although unable to speak, she can communicate with her expressive face,” says the proud therapist.

 Yalini's mother’s contribution in her progress is praiseworthy as well. She has never missed bringing her daughter to the learning hub and religiously trains her with the help of our coaching. “Yalini loves talking to her dolls and listening to my stories. Most of all, there are no tantrums! Her drooling has reduced as well. Now she gestures when she wants something. Continual counselling has given me the confidence to train my child at home."

 Along with Yalinii, we trained four-year-old Kamal, three-year-old Roja, four-year-old Hirini, three-year-old Shanker, three-year-old Ragu, five-year-old Latha and eight-year-old Deepa. These little ones are also progressing very well. Your support has transformed these lovable children. Our team at the learning hub is hopeful that Yalini can join her peers at regular school in the future.  

 Your continued support is the reason that children like Yalini can have a future! As we celebrate Yalini's transformation and a bright future, we also recognize that there are many more children and families who need your help. We are confident that with your continued support, we can reach out to many more Yalinis. 

 Thank you for believing in our cause. Your support is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

 With gratitude,

 Gift Norman


* All names have been changed to protect identity. 

Nagesh takes a selfie for remembrance!
Nagesh takes a selfie for remembrance!
Feb 5, 2018

Spirits high, smiles galore - because of you!

People in a slum waiting to meet the doctors
People in a slum waiting to meet the doctors

Dear donors, 

Greetings from Bangalore Baptist Hospital Society!

Thank you for the trust and confidence you have in our work. Together, we did make a difference!

The basic medical services which should be the right of the poor are either not available or easily accessible to them or they are unable to afford what is available,” says Dr Leeberk, who heads the outreach services, underlining the critical need for primary healthcare to reach their doorstep. He adds, “You should see the smile and relief on these people’s faces when they receive the treatment.” 

While most people come to our mobile clinics seeking medical care, we are aware of many others who come just for the love, comfort and reassurance, which they receive aplenty.  Because of your steadfast support, I am happy to report that 2899 persons visited our mobile clinics during the period October to December 2017. Thank you for being part of this important mission!

Through your support, we were able to check blood sugar levels for 1152 persons. 

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes accounts for six out of ten deaths in India.

“Not too sure why – however, I do get tired often and feel dizzy,” said the 70-year old Shivalingappa from Thammanahalli village in Devanahalli Taluk, Bangalore Rural, during one of our house visits. Our healthcare worker advised him to visit our mobile clinic.

“His blood sugar and pressure was way too high when he reported to our mobile clinic at his village.  We quickly did an ECG and started him on treatment.  Shivalingappa is a rejuvenated man now!  He visits our mobile clinic regularly for his check-up and medication. “I feel good after meeting the doctors in the van. They listen to me patiently”.

On a recent visit, he said, “I’m not able to see properly. Please check my eyes.”  We referred him to our hospital for a cataract surgery. Shivalingappa can see clearly now and is able to work in his agricultural field as well.

“I see the beauty of my wife better now,” chuckles Shivalingappa.

Without your support, Shivalingappa wouldn’t be enjoying such good health. It's amazing that simple, direct solutions have the immense impact on the lives of the poor such as Shivalingappa.

Thanks to you, we were able to conduct 51 cataract surgeries.

To the poor, healthcare at their doorstep is a true life changer. Unlike many others who burnt a hole in their pockets or agonise over their visits to a crowded hospital, you have helped them get comprehensive counselling and primary healthcare without all that stress.

Gift of a vision

Flashing a toothless smile, Ashwathya says, “I can hear well now and I don’t feel so tired anymore. In just one visit to the van clinic to my village, I got a solution to all my problems. The doctors at the clinic give us so much time and patiently explain in a language that we understand. We feel so blessed.” The 72-year old Ashwathya from Bannimangala, Devanahalli Taluk, is all smiles after he experiences better hearing after a long time.

We treated Ashwathya for a high level of blood sugar and pressure. He is on medication now and is also regular in his visits to the clinic.

During a friendly chat with the doctors, he shared his difficulty in hearing. The doctors then referred him to the District Disability Centre where Shivalingappa received a free hearing aid. 

“I enjoy talking to my wife now, which I missed previously,” says Ashwathya to our healthcare worker, with a twinkle in his eyes. 

Through your donations, we treated 907 diabetes patients and helped them regulate their diabetes. 

We do have challenges; travelling long distances, working in environments with limited lighting and ventilation and in hot and humid conditions day in and day out can zap your energy. But its the smile we see on the patients that give us the satisfaction that keeps us going.  You have made this possible through your donation. Thank you!

I hope this report demonstrates the impact your support has on the poor. We look to you for your continued support so that we can offer affordable and accessible healthcare at their doorstep.


 With gratitude,

Gift Norman

Shivalingappa and his wife lead a blissful life.
Shivalingappa and his wife lead a blissful life.
I can hear well - says Ashwathya
I can hear well - says Ashwathya
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