Feb 18, 2020

Mid day Meal Project- story of a school supported

Story of a school supported by NIT (DBM) - MaharashtraVidyalaya-Mankhurd, Mumbai


This school Midday meal project is supported by NIT (DBM).

The school is very thankful to DBM for their kind support as this has helped their school in many ways.

Not only has the attention span and health of the present students increased but also more students are seeking admission in the school. With the help of the Midday meal project coordinator Mr. Gopal the students are eagerly learning about healthy food and good food habits as well as hygiene.

Mr. and Mrs. Shirke the founders of the school, both had been taking tuition classes in the past. While doing so, they realized that they should start a School in this area. The school started in 2000.

After the school started, they faced many problems. The first problem was that there was not enough space. Somehow they arranged the space. But they had to work hard for the most basic infrastructure. Every day is difficult. But they feel proud when the children are active and studying well.

Principal’s Opinion: - Mrs. Sangita Shirke

Before starting School we had taken classes. I had a lot of problems, when we started School. Getting the children from the slums to attend school was a big problem. We were very glad when Dharma Bharathi Mission joined us. DBM had started initially by providing meal for Students. The food given is very healthy and tasty. Also different food is provided everyday and children look forward to this. Also the food is of good quality and is provided everyday on time.

This was a big attraction for parents to send children to school. DBM has been a big encouragement to all of us who are working hard to educate the children of the slums. After that, we are thankful that we requested DBM to provide us Drinking water and Toilet facility in the School. Many academic hours were wasted when students wanted to go to the toilet. And teachers also had to go with them. There was no proper place for Drinking water. The water was kept in a simple stainless steel small tank. It was very difficult for the students to get water. Also here was no hand washing system. This caused us a lot of problems. Teachers also had to go to the public toilet or any nearest students/ Friends home.

Since Dharma Bharathi Mission came along with us, they give us a lot of help. First they provided the Children Mid Day Meal. Then they provided drinking water and toilet. Then all the students and teachers were very happy. Now teachers have been using toilet too. This helped to save a lot of academic time. The frequency of students getting sick decreased due to the availability of warm and nutritious food and safe and clean drinking water facility. As they get food in School, the number of students coming to school increased.  

Teacher’s Opinion:- Mr. Udhav Shirke:-

When school started, it had to face a lot of problems. Most of the children came to school without eating and also they did not bring lunch .Their health was very poor. Often they were ill due to malnutrition. But with the midday meal provided by DBM, from that day our educational path became smooth. Student’s attendance increased in the School.

Teacher’s Opinion- Santoshi Madam:-

 When there was no Drinking water and Toilet facility all students and teachers often had been facing difficult situations in the school. Many times one or the other student needed to go urgently to the toilet. There was a public toilet nearby but one teacher had to go with student to the nearest public toilet. There was a toilet fee of two rupees. Going with student, teacher’s valuable time was spent. But when DBM built toilets and provided drinking water facility life became  very easy to  for all students also all teachers. 

Jan 6, 2020

Your contribution made a large impact

On the 550th year of Guru Nanak Dev ji's birth anniversary we started our EduSikh mission to help students financially and then helping them get better at their studies. 

EduSikh project is a social project run by Sikhs who are committed to create the leaders of tomorrow in the community.


With your contribution and with contribution from many other donors across various platforms we reached more than 200 students and their families across 25 cities in India.


We conducted our assessment test for all eligible students who applied and all students who passed were awarded scholarships of Rs. 5000/- for their school fees and studies while additionally we started with providing them with mentoring and coaching classes for subjects their struggle with.


Our volunteering and mentoring program has reached more than 100 students of the 200 total students and we are geared towards a great year ahead with all our students


We at EduSikh, part of Dharma Bharathi Mission - Thank you for your help and contribution!



EduSikh Team

Nov 25, 2019

Mid Year Update

The Mid Day Meal Program for the school year 2019-20 has been started sucessfully in August when the schools reopened.
Its the start of the new academic year and we have resumed our work in these schools.
We had conducted the follwing activities in the last one month
- Started serving mid day meals in 9 schools in total
- Conducted baseline medical health checkup for children
Plan for the upcoming 3 months
- Conducting sessions with students teaching them how to stay healthy and not eat wrong foods and being hygienic
- Conducting sessions with parents to share information about health and child nutrition to ensure students get better food at home.
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