Feb 4, 2021

Girl child with progression at care home level



She is 6 years old and lost parents with HIV at tender age . She was under-weight at time of admission. So diet chart is maintained for her. Nutrition is given utmost importance for her.  The balance of food/medical care has been put on alert for her.



Supplementary nutrition is added to boost her immunity level. Her CD 4 count was low but over a period of time it got improved a lot. The doctor advise was followed strictly for her. We had special round of discussion covering her health status on regular basis. This led to improvement in her health status on fast track.



Tangible improvement   was seen within 6months of her joining. She has gained weight and height within short time frame. She has learned all routine works of brushing her teeth, taking bath, eating food herself ,dressing up at her own etc.



She improved self-confidence, going to private school now and she wants to become a teacher.


The GlobalGiving is helping her to grow nicely like any other normal child in community.

Jan 7, 2021

life of special girl child in progression

The  7yrs old girl belongs from a economically poor background family. Her father used to work as a peon in commercial factory . When her father discovered that he is HIV Reactive, he did not disclose his status to anyone except his wife, who was already pregnant and tested HIV Reactive.

Due to fear of discrimination, boycott from the community and village and with shame he never disclose his status and he never took his wife to the government hospital during the delivery. He forced his wife to give birth at village home.

Today we have advance ART medicines for prevention of HIV from mother to child but due to ignorant, fear and shame, her parent could never take the advantage of available medicine to save her daughter. Thus this girl was born as HIV reactive.

She has elder sibling who has also gone through similar fate like her and born with HIV reactive.

After her parents death there was no one to take the responsibility of both the children.  It was not just loss of parent but her health condition was also completely neglected. The villagers with gap of 2-3 months use to fetch medicines for her from the city Govt Hospital. Due to poor health facilities and malnutrition  she developed skin disease all over her body.

When one of the villagers learned about DESIRE Society from Govt Hospital they immediately admitted both sisters at DESIRE Society care home level.

After admission at DESIRE Society, we prioritize on her health condition. With lots of love and care she has recovered well. She was put on special diet. Diet chart was separately maintained as per her requirements. The supplementary nutrition kit consumption was introduced to raise her immunity levels.

ART usage was put on regular basis. The 24x7 availability of medical staff is maintained well. The opportunistic infections were regularly checked.Under COVID 19 situation ,the extra precautions are made available to protect her from having any such infection.

She is a very pretty and cheerful girl. She is going in 2nd  class in Private English medium School. She is good in dancing and singing activities. She want to be a teacher when she grows up. The GlobalGiving Support is making her growing nicely to fulfill her dreams.

Nov 19, 2020

progress of child at care home level


Baby girl was born in a socio-economically poor family background. She had lost both her parents due to HIV/AIDS when she was 9 years old. She has four siblings two are studying nursing course and staying in college campus. Other two elder sisters are with her aunty.

Unfortunately, only this baby was born with HIV positive during birth. After the demise of  parents her aunty put in the orphanage home. The orphanage was closed thereafter they shifted baby girl to DESIRE Society.

 She came when she was 15 years old and we took special care for her being an HIV orphan child. She is put on to special diet as found malnourished at time of joining. She gained weight within few months of joining care home . Her physical and health wise status improved in short span of time.

The ART drug usage is strictly followed  in her case. The balance of nutrition / medical care is quite evident in her case. It is seen in terms of increase in her CD4 count. The treatment of opportunistic infections are always put on strict vigil.

 She is studying in Lords Universal Degree College Std- FYBAF which is a private English medium college. She is quite sharp in learning skills. The computer skills are developed while staying in care home level. She is actively involved in taking charge of smaller children at care home level. She is role model for rest of children to follow routine works.

She has dream to take up higher studies with focus on FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT course. Hope the helping hand from GLOBAL GIVING supporters are part of her way forward in achieving these goals.

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