Aug 28, 2017

sangeeta HIV girl in progression at DESIRE home

Sangeeta was diagnosed with HIV when she was 2 years old. Her father was casual labourer and sole bread winner of the family. His premature death brought misery into the family. Her mother started working as domestic maid but without help and proper medication she died eventually. Sangeeta have 2 more siblings who were tested negative.  Her aunt decided to adopt both siblings living Sangeeta all alone, because she is HIV Positive. The medical social worker from Government Hospital knew her condition and came into her rescue.  When they approached DESIRE Society, we could only see how, she was neglected from LOVE. It was not her fault to get infected with this dreadful disease. Why should she suffer?


Today Sangeeta is 13 year old and studying in 7th Std. The proper diet and medical care is keeping her active and healthy. The schooling is giving her a chance of better living in future too.


She is happy and feels secure in DESIRE Society. She likes dancing and wants to become nurse. She says with excitement, “Nurse looks cute on their outfit.”


Her dreams will be materialized with help of supportive hands of GLOBAL GIVING contributions. The life will be extended for her as per discipline which is maintained in terms of nutritive food and regular medical care within scope of DESIRE Society care home .

Jul 7, 2017

update of Baby Tanmay HIV girl at Hyderabad

Tanmay at hyderabad care home
Tanmay at hyderabad care home

Situation/ Back ground of child:

Partially blind girl child “ Tanmay “  was traced sitting idle at Film Nagar Sai Baba temple in Hyderabad She was identified by the Tv 5 Journalists. Child is orphan and infected with HIV+ from her parents.  Her mother passed away in the year 2013 with the same complication of the HIV+ . She lost  father in the year 2016 with the same deadly virus. After knowing about the child situation, TV5 (Telugu language news channel based in Hyderabad) director Balwanth Reddy and his colleagues admitted the child Tanmaya in the DESIRE Society, Institutional care home. As the child is completely Orphan one of the like-minded individual Shailaja, Manager, Nuzen Herbal Pvt LTD came forward and became the guardian of the child.     

Tanmay at DESIRE Society ICH ,Hyderabad

Since the child was admitted, the DESIRE Society has been rendering its best for the quality and extended life span for this child. At the time when Tanmay was admitted she was malnourished, badly required medical attention as she was neglected by her family members.The negelected condition arose due to poor socio economic conditions. The CD 4 count was pretty low for her. She was offered proper counseling, treatment and medicines for opportunistic infections (OIs) by our medical team. Tanmay is also able to receive round the clock health care and monitoring at care home level , IDA Bollaram.  The child was put on ART (Antiretroviral Treatment, a lifesaving drug) as her CD4 count was low. He is also put with a balanced diet as ART has got more side effects. The DESIRE Society has put more attention on

planned nutritional diet which truly helped this child to continue drug adherence.This led her to gain physical weight and height parameters. After these continuous efforts by DESIRE Society, now Tanmay’s health condition is getting stable and heading  towards progress.


Consultation for her eye treatment is under process .DESIRE Society is working to bring support for the treatment and for the connectivity of the eye hospital in this regard. We will be needing extra monetary support not only to cover her medical expenses for HIV related medication but  eye treatment needs extra care.


Combination of HIV and eye sight issues are dealt with assigning of care taker for her special care. The extra care for food is also on rolls especially to cover her nutritional needs. Special diet chart is maintained for her .The educational status is still put on hold as she needs eye care at first instance.


Hope the combination of special diet and medical focus will make her to stand at her own feet and start attending the school too. The GLOBAL GIVING is platform of giving them a chance of better living in future too.

Jun 22, 2017

updated status of Master anuroop at Hyderabad

updated status of master anuroop
updated status of master anuroop

Improved status of Anuroop, HIV boy at DESIRE Hyderabad Care Home ,IDA Bollaram



Updated health / educational status of Master Anuroop at Hyderabad Care Home level


Anuroop, HIV boy [7years] is enrolled with DESIRE Hyderabad Care Home level, IDA Bollaram. He has come around two years back with death of both HIV parents. His father was  shop keeper and mother was a teacher. With un disclosed matter of his HIV status , Anuroop’s mother got infection. As a result of mother to child transmission , the boy was born with this dreadful disease.


This orphan HIV boy is at Hyderabad care home level. The grand parents are still alive but not in position to take care of him. Because of this reason he is admitted in care home. The picture attached shows the improved health status. Over the years he is taken care in terms of nutritive food/ medication in time / private schooling .


He is cooperative and takes up the disciplined way of life. Nutritive diet and ART medication is helping him to grow up like any other normal child in community.


Initially he was enrolled for in campus schooling within scope of care home level. Once he was prepared well for the schooling then at present he is enrolled in private schooling. The private schooling is making him strong on educational front. He is taking it up the private schooling positively. He has started scoring well for schooling.


He is favorite of his grand parent’s as well as intimately associated with care takers [ 6 HIV women working as care givers for these children at care home ].The future lies in contributory factor of each one of wish wisher’s of DESIRE Society in grooming them as a better citizen of India.

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