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Mar 30, 2020

Inspiring Sierra Leone from The Marc Bolan School

Making bricks for our state of the art building
Making bricks for our state of the art building

It has been another incredible month. Not only did we have the talented Paul Davies from the Darwen School in the UK to viist and instruct, but our students have now completed their first film. In addition, they are creating a media message to warn and educate their fellow citizens how to keep the threat of Corona Virus at bay and how to avoid spreading the virus through contact, keeping a distance etc.

As well as the above significant and  important project we have bought a substantial amount of cement and hardcore and, with the aid of committed workers, we have made over 1,000 cement bricks for our principal state-of-the-art building, designed by Bolan's Architects of Forest Hill, SE London. Please see the video and photos attached. 


We need your help to pay for the building of the school. Please give generously, as our students and staff have shown that they are seriously committed long-term to this centre of cultural and social advancement, helping spread growth in talent and musical achievement - and documentary as well as information and entertainment films.

More about our first film in the next report.

Thank you, and please help us raise £70,000 to finish the main stage of this project. Every penny we raise goes towards the school and the education of our students in one of the poorest countries in the world. NOTHING is spent on admin!


Jed Dmochowski


Director and Treasurer

Big ambitions - hard work!
Big ambitions - hard work!
Many hours of effort, many years of education!
Many hours of effort, many years of education!
Exact and determined planning.
Exact and determined planning.
Feb 25, 2020

Mobilization for our community (Agricultural project)


This report is to encouraged our Agricultural  Project, recently we have reached out to one of the villages near our city, 

To work with the youth  and to be able to feed themselves. Through farming they will grow in developing the process of organically changing there diets to prolong there lives through healthy living.

Mobilization will become a change in thinking patterns. and allowing  for new ideas in organic planting of  there product.   Presently the children and youth understand that their harvest will bring them a profit to have a a better life style of living and a purpose for being.

Jan 21, 2020

Success! Our students are making documentaries!

Success! Our Students are making documentaries around Sierra Leone!

Our project is now changing many lives for the better. The Marc Bolan School of Music and Film , based in Makeni, Sierra Leone, West Africa, is teaching and inspiring our students to not only learn and develop their own skills, understanding and insights, but also to reach out beyond Makeni into other communities in the country. Through our ongoing lessons in music (singing, Instruments, choir, arrangement, recording and performance) and film (writing, scripting, planning, filming, directing and editing), as well as art classes and dancing, we are giving our students the ability and confidence to visit other villages and communities in Sierra Leone and touch and inspire their lives. This morning we received pictures of our students filming a documentary about the conditions of life for women in many parts of the country, and the fascinating pictures on this site show how keenly our directors, sound engineers and cameramen are working with women to find out more about their conditions and concerns. This serious project will serve to inform and guide the policies of decision-makers in the country as to how to resource the help these women and their communities’ need. Our aim is to create a school which will empower these young people to build a strong and vibrantly creative community at the heart of the Sierra Leone, inspiring all to fuller and more fulfilling lives, giving them a sense of agency and purpose. So, as well as already having filmed in Ghana and Guinea, we are focusing on the detail of everyday life here in Sierra Leone, and helping to improve it for many.

As well as the above, our students continue to develop their understanding and knowledge of music and performance, with our growing number of instruments and practise areas facilitating a very regular, high-standard of learning. Our students record in studios in Sierra Leone and have performed on many radio programmes, reaching out to a national audience. Our dancers now have a solid, professionally built dance floor at the centre of our compound, where their individual and collective movements and actions can be properly trained, guided and practised. And our visiting Art Teachers are truly world-class.


                                 MORE GREAT NEWS TO INSPIRE YOU TO GIVE!!!


Just a few days ago, our inspirational Guiding Star, the late, truly great Marc Bolan and his band T.REX, were inducted to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! This great accolade, as well as many, many others, is a testament to Marc Bolan’s great talent and brilliant music. Over forty years after Marc Bolan and his band T.REX first hit the world with his powerful and beautiful  music it is still being played around the world on countless radio stations, TV networks, films, adverts and endless numbers of other formats. We are so incredibly proud that his dedication and inspiring talent has proved itself to be timeless, spanning the globe. A few hours after the announcement of the induction one of the many messages we received from around the world came from national Radio Columbia,  asking to speak to Gloria. Not only did she tell the DJ all about her time with T.REX but also about the jewel in his powerfully vibrant legacy, The Marc Bolan School of Music and Film. We shall continue to work, we shall continue to graft, we shall reach out  to gift the young people of Sierra Leone his energy and self-belief.

 In addition to these wonderful events we are expanding our international links to supporters around the world ! As well as our friends in Salt Lake City, Utah, we now have twinned with The Darwen School of Music, based in Blackburn, UK. Its founder Paul Davis will be greeted by a very happy and large number of our students, ranging from four to eighteen years, and take part in the ground-breaking ceremony for our new building, the state-of the-art, world class school building designed by BOLANS Architects of London, UK. Together with Co-Founder Mark Bateson, Paul Davis will discuss and share plans and visions for our school with our Founder and President, Gloria Jones, Director Bai Koroma and Head teacher Mohamed Murrah, as well as other dedicated teachers and instructors. We are more than ready to build on our achievements. We are already reaching out to communities beyond Makeni with our dedication, talent and care. Please help us build our beautiful school and change the lives of so many young people in one of the very poorest countries in the world.. We need £100,000 to cover materials and building. Please help us reach this sum for such a truly valuable and important enterprise. We need you! We work very hard with little, and we need you!


Jed Dmochowski

Director, Light of Love Foundation UK

Charity Number 1164256

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