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Jul 25, 2014

Robi finds true love

Robi's transformation
Robi's transformation

Robi is a handsome Komondor who was with us for almost 8 months! He came to us in a need of a little grooming as his long cords, naturally formed by his fur, had become matted (see lower left of pic). As with every dog in our care, the young men working at Project POOCH, Inc., gave Robi the time and attention he required.

Being a Komondor, Robi had some special needs. His fur can be very difficult to maintain as it can take days to dry, holds dirt, and can become matted. This is why you see Robi sporting a puppy cut to help keep him clean. Keeping his fur clipped and clean became a top priority in maintaining his overall health and wellbeing.

Komondors are a large breed with males weighing an average of 80 lbs. They were originally bred as independent protectors of livestock. As such, Komondors like Robi are independent thinkers who can be stubborn and domineering. Robi would definitely need a special home with a human companion equipped and ready to work with him, socialize him, and provide him with plenty of exercise and love.

Robi’s trainer worked diligently with him, teaching him basic commands, so that he, like all the dogs who come to Project POOCH, could pass his Canine Good Citizen test. Robi succeeded, proving he is a gentle, loving soul, who just needed and wanted gentle, consistent guidance, companionship and love.

One day, a woman came in to meet Robi after seeing him online. It was love at first sight! She just knew they were meant to be together.

Just days after Robi went to live with his new mom, we received this email: 

“I absolutely love Robi. He's such a gentle giant, a puppy at heart, and a great companion for Pharoah and me. He's enjoying our walks, running around in the backyard, watching the koi (he barks at them when they splash), sleeps like a baby, and is eating well. He wakes me up in the morning by putting his head on the bed and breathing in my quiet and sweet. I plan to regularly visit his POOCH trainer (and everyone at Project POOCH). He raised a fabulous dog and I'm eternally grateful to him. Robi and I are a perfect match!

All is better than I imagined. He’s a wonderful companion and unlike any other dog I’ve ever loved. Everyone is having fun with him.”

Robi’s trainer, and all of us at Project POOCH, were thrilled his patience and efforts paid off, and that after a long wait, Robi finally found the forever home he deserved! 

We are so grateful to those who support our work. It is amazing the big impact a little love, attention, compassion, and kindness can have on the lives of the dogs and youth in our program. Your support makes this possible. Thank you.


Jul 14, 2014

The power of patience and love


Meet Rusty—a handsome boy with the odds against him. He came to Project POOCH, Inc.®, from another shelter where not much was known about him because he was a stray. He had been there two months when Project POOCH found him. This sweet and friendly guy wasn’t attracting potential adopters—neither at the shelter where we found him nor at Project POOCH. 

That’s where our unique program comes in! 

It affords the dogs, and the youth, the promise of a better future. At Project POOCH, we have no time limits on how long a dog stays with us. We’re in it for the long haul, keeping hope alive, and remaining committed to each dog and youth in our program. 

We NEVER give up hope that a brighter future is just around the corner. 

Our mission is to help build that brighter future. Every day, the dogs and youth in our program work together, forge a bond, and help each other find their way to happier futures. 

The youth at MacLaren are dedicated to the dogs, like Rusty, in their care. To hear the youth talk about the dogs and the transformation in their own lives will make your heart skip a beat. They understand that while Project POOCH has given them a chance to better their lives, they in turn, have been entrusted to do the same for dogs like Rusty. 

It took over 3 years for Rusty to find his forever family. Rusty loved people, but not cats or other small furry creatures. Each day at Project POOCH, Rusty was fed, walked, socialized, trained, and most of all, LOVED. He went on several home visits to see if he was the right dog for the potential adopters, but there was always a furry creature around the corner so he was returned to Project POOCH. Rusty’s lucky break came after 3 years in Project POOCH. Happily, he is now in his forever home! 

Project POOCH, Inc., provides a special opportunity for dogs and youth to heal each other; to remind each other compassion, kindness, respect, and unconditional love do exist and that they deserve all this and more. 

As one person wrote us: 

I was inspired and amazed by the hard work and dedication. I saw many wonderful talents – but most of all, I saw the kind-heartedness of young men who have at their core the love to heal themselves and inspire others. 

Thank you for your support! Your gifts give so much more than you can imagine, and have a lifelong impact on all those touched by Project POOCH, Inc.’s program.

Apr 28, 2014

Positive Changes with Project POOCH

Project POOCH - partnering unwanted dogs with troubled adolescent males was founded 20 years ago.

Pairing with unwanted shelter dogs teaches troubled adolescents trust, responsibility, and respect for all living things. These qualities are obvious in all the adolescents who have worked in the program.

The adolescents take care of and train the shelter dogs until a permanent home can be found. This is a way for the adolescents to give back to society and show that they can have a positive affect on those around them. A study of 100 adolescents from the program showed none had returned to a life of crime once released from corrections.

Caring for and bonding with the dogs also teaches valuable parenting skills. Many adolescents have never experienced living in a home where trust, positive parenting and kindness prevailed. As a result of being in the program, the adolescents learn social skills as well as other important communication skills that will help in their work lives and careers.  Many of the former program participants now are now attending college or have received degrees and hold steady jobs.


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