Jan 11, 2017

Eliminate School Drop out - Encourage Learning

The Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County continues to take a very active roll in our children's education and the children's future.  The Education Program at the Boys & Girls Club encourages all students to reach academic success. Children participate in Power Hour and the Reading Program which help prepare them for school the next day.  Being prepared for school enables them to feel good about classroom participation.  They are eager to show that they have completed homework. Recent research shows students continue to fall behind in education. Only 33% of 4th graders, 32% of 8th graders and 38% of 12th graders read at or above the proficient level.  Over 60 percent of the children we serve are considered to be at- risk or low-income and fare even worse.

In Science, Technoloby, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) classes, current graduating seniors rank 25th in math and 17th in schience amont industrial nations.  Only 16% of graduates are proficient in math and are interested in STEM careers.  Math and science skills are not just important for thousands of technology jobs that are being created but for many other employment positions.  

These unsettling statistics are no exception to the children we serve.  There is a large population of  students that have been overlooked and are being left behind.  Children of Club families in the low-income bracket score below the state average and well below other students in the community.  Many teens from low-income families have limited or no access to technoloby with very little understanding on how math and science skills can apply to their life, careers and future.  The Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County is located in the community that has a higher population of low-income families, putting the Club in the position to address this problem and serve those who need us the most.  These are exactly the students that the Clubs target.  

The Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County recognizes the fact that in order for children to remain interested in their academic success, they must be prepared to meet the daily homework requirements,be eager to graduate from school and progress to the next grade level.  As a child suceeds in school, he or she will be interested to continue their education or pursue a trade that will allow them to plan for gainful employment and a promising future.  

Oct 26, 2016

Boys & Girls Clubs-St. Charles MO-New facility

Our new Boys & Girls Club since June 2014.
Our new Boys & Girls Club since June 2014.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County has occupied the new Club located at 1211 Lindenwood Ave., St. Charles, MO since June 9, 2014 and it is as beautiful and grand as ever.  We knew it would be great to move to a new facility but it was hard to leave the old Club and lots of memories behind.  Memories are shared daily with folks that developed a true bond of lasting friendship during the past 50 years in waht was often referred to as "the old barn"..  We are currently serving third generations families which tells us, it is and was a home for many.  

Every program offered at the Boys & Girls Clubs is desinged to help its members realize academic success, live a healthy lifestyle and be a good citizen.  All programs revert back to these core issues, all the way from being the super athletic to completing your homework for school the next day.  

The funds raised to build the new facility did not meet the obligation, therefore it is still necessary to continue to chip away at the debt.  We look forward to the day when there is a loan paper burning.  Isn't that what you do when you retire a debt?  That day will happen as we remain focused on debt retirement and helping the children of the community, especially those who need us the most.   

Oct 13, 2016

Eliminate School Drop out - Encourage Learning

Homework being completed
Homework being completed

ENCOURAGE LEARNING - That message is derived from one of the the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County Core Objectives - ACADEMIC SUCCESS

It is imperative that the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County remain focused on its Mission of helping those who need us the most.  The majority of our members are considered to be "at risk".  If it were not for the Club, many children would go home from school to an empty house, with no one to provide homework assistance thus being unprepared to return to school the next day.  Many would be unsupervised until an adult would arrive home later in the evening when it is time to go to bed. 

Daily, Boys & Girls Club members spend time in the Education Center with help to finalize their homework and be prepared for school the next day.  Children with completed homework become eager to engage in classroom activities. They look forward to presenting their prepared homework resulting in better grades.  

The Reading Center works with all children, ages 6 thru 18 with a special emphasis on members who are behind in their reading and comprehension level.  Members work through the sessions with a volunteer or staff member.  All reading sessions are one-on-one.  Members attend an hourly session an average of two times per week.  Those who complete the program have greater confidence in reading, perform better in school and have a higher reading and comprehension level with a desire to achieve academic success.

It is well documented that if a child falls behind in school, they lose interest in their academic success.  They are more likely to drop out of school at an early age and not complete their education, thus experience an unstable income, job insecurity and unemployment.  Their future is bleak and it is goal to help our boys and girls become gainfully employeed and have a rewarding future.     

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