Feb 12, 2019

Let's keep on keeping on!

What Are We Up To Now?

Crazy how times flies, doesn't it.  We are so grateful you have held us up for this long, and could not be happier to have you as part of our community.  We could not have gotten here without you, and we are truly appreciative of your support thus far.

So much has been happening over the past few weeks to months.  Many upgrades, changes and adjustments.

As we start to count down to our official 5th Anniversary celebrations, we just wanted to share a few highlights of new and excited changes within I Am A Girl.

  1. We now have a new home base, which continues to create a safe space for girls and houses our main programming elements, you support.
  2. We have increased our team members and mentors pool, which means persons are strategically in place to help grow our operational capacity and support our beneficiaries.
  3. We have expanded our 50 More Leadership Programme regionally, using S.T.E.A.M, where we duplicated our youth conference in St. Lucia, for Human Rights Day 2018, and we will be doing the same in Dominica during April 2019.
  4. We have some absolutely amazing donors, like yourselves, that have held us up, and we will continue to highlight you.


Where Are We Going?

In the last few weeks we have either started or will be starting quite elements to this project, as listed below:

  • A legacy fellowship, which will see mentee representatives trained and conducting Mental Health research and showcases on a peer to peer basis.
  • A programming pilot conducted every Tuesday, after school, for this term, at a local secondary school, lead by past mentees and peer leaders, based on the principles laid out in the Generation Y Girls' Club model.
  • An internship opportunity, or a few, for mentees within the organisation, to learn from within about how social enterprises operate.
  • A series of job shadowing opportunities, with varying corporate sector partners in Barbados, to assist with expanding the vision of our girls.
  • Capacity Building through travel, where some mentees will have opportunities to travel for a cause and establish more comprehensive understandings of life, through first time experiences. 

How Can You Help?

We of course, continue to welcome your collaboration and support.  Some ways you can continue to get involved are:


  1. Spread the word with family, friends, co-workers and associates, who may have resources to offer.
  2. Work with us by offering your expertise, skills and experiences, that would allow us to grow and learn in fundraising, advocacy and/or any other areas required for growth.
  3. Become a recurring donor, if you have not done so already, where your continual support, aids with sustaining programming.
  4. Complete a good deed each week, whether for girls or youth in general, as it adds tremendous value to their development, as we at our optimum when we are in service to others.
  5. Share some ideas you may have, with how we can celebrate our official 5th Anniversary coming up (October 2019).  It is always great to hear different perspectives, especially from our dedicated Champions of Impact.

As we start a brand new year and chapter in I Am A Girl, we look forward to having you, our community, previous, current and new partners and stakeholders on board to help us learn, develop and prosper.


As usual on behalf of the entire I Am A Girl Barbados Community and the Board of Trustees, we thank you for your service and support; until we connect with you again.  Stay blessed!


Nov 14, 2018

We Are Pressing On For Progress

Where We Are At?

With your amazing donations, we have been progressing our teachings of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Social Impact across schools, communities and groups in Barbados.

We must say; however, that our targeted numbers had to be reduced by approximately 40%, at this stage, due to our low turnover of funds.

Otherwise, our feedback from our girls has increased our confidence, that we are on the right path, towards multiple breakthroughs.  Below are a few comments we've heard:

"This programme has shaped my life and the way I think about being an adult."

"I really like this; it's like heaven to me.  Honestly, I never feel like going back home."

"Sometimes I wish I could be with this group more; it feels like family."

We love these girls, and know that how we make them feel, share and learn is priceless, and unmatched to how much they take away.  This could not be possible without you; thank you!!! 


Where We Desire To Be?

We are currently in the process of building our capacity, to allow us to be able to serve these and more girls, in a much different way.

Run-aways, Depression, Self-Harm, Neglect and Abuse are major components we aim to reduce and/or eradicate, for the sake of our girls.

We are using our programming to build leaders, locally and regionally, and with our two (2) primary programmes: Generation Y and 50 More Initiative, we have been achieving this with more than 300 students. 

We desire to bring regional and international talent and experts to our island, to further develop their desire for growth and enhancement.

Otherwise, we desire to take our programmes to the next level by creating a safe space transitional home for those vulnerable and 'at risk' girls, who have no where else to turn.  There is no space like this in the Caribbean, and we want this ground-breaking exercise to propel sustainable livelihoods for all.

We desire to be a preventative programme, that produces stable and mentally able adults, and that for us starts with youth.  We will update you in the coming months, as this develops.


How Can You Help?

Share with your friends, family, co-workers, and associates.  You know them best, and you're better able to express to them why our project is just as important to you, as it is to us.

It would be a pleasure to have you come on board as a recurring donor, if you haven't already done so.  We appreciate all your support so far, and know you will make all efforts to contribute continually.

Remember our girls, as you continue to do good, and pass on your good gestures to another person, as you make the most of your life.


We look forward to connecting again soon.  Stay blessed!!!


Aug 15, 2018

We Need Your Continued Support!

Girls learning team work & patience during baking.
Girls learning team work & patience during baking.

You have been absolutely amazing to our cause and we can not thank you enough.

Each contribution has added tremendous impact to our girls, and value to their development.  We have added 15 new girls to our cohort, had an increase in programme involvement, and many more volunteers to assist.

However, we are 10% complete in our goal; thus far, and here's how your contributions have helped:

GENERATION Y: Every two (2) weeks has been a world wind of activities for building sisterhood and resilience amongst these girls, made up of a sequence of developmental sessions.  One mentee recently stated; "I love this programme.  This is like my family and a home away from home.  I would really like to come here more often."

In addition to necessary sessions of development, we offered our girls the opportunity for a more relaxed environment, post-exams, while instilling a few key areas necessary for the post-adolescent development; i.e. job and career prep, and expectations for college and university, for example.

GENERAL OUTREACH: We completed our Child Month in Barbados outreach, where we connected with more than 1,000 Barbadian Primary School Aged Girls at five (5) primary schools around the island.  This was a spin off from the 50 More Project mentioned in previous reports, and we used these sessions to focus on Entrepreneurship and Social Impact.

What's Happening Now?

We are currently continuing our Summer programming with developmental sessions occuring for the girls on a bi-weekly basis, from Job-Shadowing within the financial sector, to recreational outings for new and insightful experiences.

What's Next?

THE ORGANIZATION & GENERATION Y: Programming Evaluation is soon underway, to ensure your contributions are fully being utilised to their maximum value, and all the correct priority areas are targeted.  With every step we take, on an annual basis, we make sure that we slow down for a small period to attain views from mentees, parents, donors, volunteers and the entire team, and press on with analysing what works best for best results.

Additionally, with the high increase of run-aways, mental health challenges, and violence, for example, happening with the girls in Barbados, we are determined to tackle those issues head on.  This requires expansion and forward thinking actions.  More details to come very soon!

To Conclude:

Your contributions towards building up our mentorship, capacity building and mental health development, has truly maintained our consistent work within the community, and for that we thank you.  

Of course, we welcome further support:

1. through spreading the word to all you are familiar with about what we have done to offer the girls of Barbados; thus far, and how our impact may be expanded with their support also; and,

2. through sharing any thoughts from your expertise with us, about how we can become more successful, with our programming development and work.

We appreciate you all, and thank you once again for continuing to champion our cause.  You inspire us, as much as the girls do, and our success is yours in this fight for equity.  Stay blessed always!


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