Sep 15, 2020


Dear Frieds, 

I hope this email finds you well 

I am writing this with my heart full of gratitude and love.

We are honored to be able to have your trust and support.

You have made possible for Hearts of Gold to continue opperating and our partner organizations have been able to also keep their door open, offering food and support to the families that benefir from each one of them.

We have been distributing 107 food kits every Friday.

We have also been able to distrubute blankets, clothing and good to indivuduals on the streets.

We have been offering obnline workshops to make sure pir partners are still appliying what we have been working on and learning new skills.

We have created a special network with other community organizations and have been able to support each other and survive this crisis.

We still have a long way to go, this crisis is not over yet, we keep learning everyday, one or more of our families have lost their jobs and are struggling to survive.

Our beneficiaries feel safe and protected thanks to your support and kind heart.

I will always be grateful for your trust and honored to be able to serve the community.


Please stay safe!

Big hugs, 

Sep 15, 2020


During this time Faced with the health emergency in which the world is living CORONAVIRUS (cov-19), especially in our city Cuenca, it is a pleasure to be able to tell you that we are advantageously healthy and always seeking to serve children with love and warmth, girls and adolescents of the home, thanks to you we have been able to get ahead.

Restrictions established by the government, of social distancing, transportation and mobility, the program at OSSO had to be restructured so that the caregivers and guides of the children remain in the orphanage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since you could not leave because of the national curfew regulations. We are so grateful to have our commited staff that been sacrificing their own families for the health of our children.

Also our  HOGAR DE ANGELES project provides a welcoming space for children and adolescents. It has been done in the best way, children have remained healthy with medicines and hygiene materials, which have improved the quality of life of children, adolescents with disabilities. Mention also that thanks to your collaboration the children have adequate food and medication.

 It is important to emphasize that children have stayed with oxygen, this guarantees them to improve the quality of sleep, improve their vital signs so that their heart works calmly and not excessively. We invite you to continue supporting, and that more hearts can join this great project. Thank you for helping these children to have a decent and fair quality of life.

Together We are the Change!

Sep 15, 2020


El Arenal Foundation “Preventive program for working boys, girls and adolescents.

We want to say  THANK YOU!  El Arenal Foundation has been able to continue providing its services and serving 70 children, adolescents and families. Without your support none of this would be possible.

Faced with the health emergency in which the world is living CORONA VIRUS (cov-19), especially in our city Cuenca, the cases and deaths that have occurred are alarming. Face-to-face activities remain canceled and the new government restrictions are very strict, which have prevented children from being able to attend and attend in person.
The families that attend the foundaton are in dire need, they dedicate to informal work, selling products in the streets and markets, but during this crisis they do not have an economic support. However, thanks to your support we have been able to restructure our nutritional program and be able to deliver food to our children, thanks to you and your collaboration, we can reach families with food every day, preventing them from going hungry .

Thanks to the community assistance program, we have been able to participate in the different virtual workshops, acquiring new knowledge and reinforcing other areas.

We invite you to continue supporting us. Thank you for making the change together, thank you for together giving them back the right to grow up happy and allow them to have a life free of abuse and child labor.

Together We are the Change!


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