Apr 3, 2018

Participants of the Heliopolis Elderly Center

Background Heliopolis Elderly Center


The Environment:

              “There is a greater concentration of seniors in the Community of Heliopolis because it is the hub of the textile industries in that region and for that reason the community settled within the vicinity.” (Brazil, 2003)

              The Group, Associação de Amparo ao Idoso – The Velho Amigo Project – Heliópolis was made up of 60 senior citizens when the project first began in January 2017, and throughout the course of one year, we were able to accommodate more people who sought the project – we now have 101 seniors enrolled in the project.

The group has a monthly income of one minimum wage on average, being that the vast majority of their relatives, sons, daughters, grandchildren and others survive on what they (the elderly) have to sustain themselves.


              The table above shows that 90% of the members of the group receive a monthly income of up to one minimum wage, in general, retirement, pension or the Continuous Cash Benefit Program (REVAS-BPC-LOAS), while  the remaining 10% receive two or more minimum wages, from (besides the incomes mentioned above) other extras, such as; domestic services (maid), selling beauty products and providing services to sewing companies.


              Enrollment for the year of 2017 was carried out from January 16th to February 9th – and on February 10th we had our first meeting with the newcomers. We had 47 people in attendance out of the 60 people that had enrolled. The aim of the meeting was to let people know the objectives of The Velho Amigo Project (Heliopolis) as well as how activities would be conducted.


              There were ten monthly meetings (two of these were held in February) and once a month after that. The monthly meetings aimed to provide general reports of activities, allocate the monthly schedule, assess the activities that were planned and implemented the month before, setting of guidelines, watching educational films, group workshops, raffles and seminars.

On February 23rd we had a meeting with the entire group, which from then on would be held monthly, on the last Thursday of every month (on that day we had 36 older adults in attendance). The purpose of the meeting was to build rapport among the people in the group. We also wanted to make them more knowledgeable about the program. We distributed the monthly schedule and explained how they could sign up for activities, as well as the importance of good attendance (since activities are in high demand).




Apr 3, 2018

Campaigns_well-being _Heliopolis Elderly Center

The objective of these campaigns was to help the Senior Citizens (in need) within the community of Heliopolis who attend The Velho Amigo Project (with greater frequency and punctuality) it is a prize for anyone who participates.


Individualized care:

As soon as Senior Citizens are welcomed into the center (for enrollment or re-enrollment into the group), they receive individualized care. When the elders ask for help, they are already in a fragile state (especially in their relationships). The aim of The Velho Amigo Project is to promote the role of the elderly person within society by developing their potential and stimulating their participation in activities within the Community. The center gives them attention and affection, which are very important for their coexistence not only with the teachers within the center but also with the group and the community.


Positive points:

 - Systematization, with dates and times of the monthly meetings;

 - Systematization, of the distribution of the monthly schedule, with the objective of seeking greater interest from the members of the group for the activities offered;

- It was perceived by the board of the institution that the coordination of the Center of Heliopolis, should be done by a professional social worker (because of their knowledge in the area of ageing). This would help to further solidify the credibility and seriousness of the institution, within the social sector, in addition to giving greater visibility to the institution.

- To best suit the needs and interests of group members we realized that there was a need to substitute some of the instructors for new areas like; crafts, computer literacy, and dance.

-The handicraft workshop had very positive reviews because the senior women who attended the workshop were able to add these handmade products to their household income. Throughout the year they made a large and diverse amount of handmade products.



- To be better prepared regarding lectures and activities, given by volunteers, so that the volunteer who is preparing to administer the event will not to disappointed by the number of participants that show up. And at the same time for the Seniors not to be disheartened by the activity offered by not creating expectations.


Professional participation in events:

              As a way of perfecting this professional social workers participated in the following events:

- Day: 16 march/2017 - Talk About Volunteering: "The importance of the purpose of volunteering with the elderly";

Day: 25 May/2017 - MaturiTalks: "The intergenerational relations in the work environment";

Day: 25 May/2017 - Seminar: Wake of coexistence for the elderly: a possibility of social participation" - Sesc and CBCISS;

Day: 22 june/2017 - Multiple faces of veiled violence - Sesc and CBCISS;

Day: 25 august/2017 - the work of Social Workers in Education Policy - Sesc and CBCISS;

Day: 29 September/2017 - Relations between the generations in current society, Sesc and CBCISS.










Apr 3, 2018

Overview Heliopolis Elderly Center

Overview & Conclusion 2017:

 The Senior Citizens who attend The Velho Amigo Project – Heliópolis are ready and willing to learn. Under real learning conditions, the students begin to transform by constructing and reconstructing the knowledge taught, with every professional who works in The Velho Amigo Project – Heliopolis. The professionals are also subjected to the process, as the teachers learn from teaching and those who learn become teachers of what they have learnt. (Freire, 2006, p. 29).

 We believe that we achieved our goal once attendance for each activity improved. The strong demand from the older adults within the community for the activities developed by The Velho Amigo Project – validated the need for the project designed within Heliopolis. Since the teachers are trained and dedicated to what they do the Senior Citizens are receptive and accepting. Everyone within the community is received with affection and dedication, and this helps in the dissemination of the project within the community.

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