Aug 31, 2020

Thanks for your past support

We have decided that it is time to close down this project.  We were unable to sustain it through donations last fall, and have not received any further donations since then.  Although the Forest Service donated saplings previously and likely will be able to again when schools reopen, school closures due to COVID-19 are expected to continue until at least December. 

In the meantime, the teacher has been visiting the school to tend the trees that were planted there, and although we have not been able to visit the other locations where the saplings we gave the children were planted, we are hopeful that our efforts to give the children a sense of ownership and pride was successful in inspiring them to see that they were looked after.

Your support for our efforts was heartening, and much appreciated.  Our other Global Projects are continuing, and if you would like to show your appreciation of our efforts, please consider donating to our most active current project, emergency relief for victims of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Take care, and know that we will all get through this!

Janet Preethi

Aug 4, 2020

Commitment to life is commitment to agriculture

Practical sessions
Practical sessions

Agricultural Education is so important for our world. Agricultural Education involves more than just teaching students the basics of seed production or how to judge livestock. It provides the opportunity for people to understand that agriculture is not just farming; it’s a sustainable way of life. If we don’t have Ag Education, we will have many uneducated people in the world.

With a rapidly increasing population and a demand to feed 9.6 billion people by the year 2050, the agriculture industry needs talented, and passionate youth willing to make a commitment to agriculture. Many of these individuals will not have the production background that some have grown up in. They must learn this knowledge and understand the depth of the industry. This is best accomplished through middle school and high school agricultural education classes, where students have the opportunity to learn and develop the skills necessary for us to remain world leaders in agriculture.

Why it’s important that they learn?

The world is adapting at a radical pace and the children of today are growing up into a world where updates are daily, technology is seemingly limitless and there are millions of directions one could take.

But how many of these children will learn more about the cute farm animals and the foods they eat (other than what’s healthy and unhealthy). In schools, there isn’t a great focus on agriculture because it’s trumped by mathematics and sciences. And, while those are important, even in the agricultural sector, attention needs to be drawn to farming.

Our new initiative:

We have successfully completed 4 weeks to Agriculture training for school children. This lockdown, COVID-19 issues, etc has put Children in Home. So we thought this is the exact time to begin this with few Children. 

Week1: Introduction about agriculture and the importance of Children learning agriculture.

Week 2: Practical sessions of preparing organic manures like Azolla

Week 3: Follow up of Azolla production set up and distribution of greens seeds to grow in a small level within their home.

Week 4: Setting up of agriculture garden.

The interest Children show is very energetic and sharing positivity.

A big Thank you to all who are helping us to build "Future Agriculture"

Seeds distribution by an inspiring small agri
Seeds distribution by an inspiring small agri
Jul 9, 2020

Our outreach efforts pay off, if not yet in the way we'd hoped

Greetings --

I hope you have been managing ok and staying strong during the pandemic, which has had a devastating effect on Tamil Nadu.  Many farmers, roadside vendors and beggars, daily-wage workers -- even sex workers -- have seen their income evaporate, and have been struggling to survive. 

Luckily,  several generous grants received with the assistance of Friends of the Third World, an awesome response from our GlobalGiving supporters, and the aid of our devoted and heroic volunteers have made it possible for us to provide rice and groceries to feed 900 families in need for a month, and support from local partners further enabled us to provide at least a biscuit and often a hot meal to many more who would have otherwise have had nothing to eat for the day.

For the differently abled and their families, this time has been especially trying, since their options were already severely limited.  Because of our outreach efforts to identify these families, our relief efforts were able to include emergency rations for the households of 208 differently abled people in Siruganur, C.R. Palayam, Tirupattur, M.R. Palayam, Sanamangalam, Sridevimangalam, and Maniyakurichi.

Of course there is much left to do, and we have been scrambling to find the funds to do it.  Please view our GlobalGiving COVID-19 relief project for more information and an opportunity to donate, if you can.

Although all our staff have been stretched thin trying to keep up, we have not lost sight of problems for the differently abled looming on the horizon.  While schools are shut down, children from wealthier families have had the digital resources and parental support to keep from falling too far behind in their studies, but differently abled children from resource-poor families may not have previously even been able to attend school, or had trouble keeping up if they did, widening still further the ever-growing gap between the haves and have-nots.

We know from our outreach that the 120 kids who would be helped by this project -- and in particular the three kids who would be helped by our new microproject -- are just a small fraction of Trichy's differently abled.  But helping just one child at a time get ready to attend school when it reopens in the fall is the first step in the never-ending journey towards equal opportunity for all.

We hope you'll join us along the way.  Even if you can't do more than just share our project on social media, we are always deeply grateful for whatever help you can offer.

Take care --

Janet Preethi

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