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Jul 17, 2019

This was such a rewarding visit

We had our first meeting with the students of  the Government Higher Secondary School in Siruganur village.  I visited the sixth grade class with one of our trustees to talk about the role that trees can play in slowing climate change, stabilizing the soil, and providing shade and wind breaks.  

We brought two saplings that we had purchased from the Forest Department earlier,  one neem and one pungai.  The headmaster and teachers joined us for the planting near the compound wall. The 6th grade will be  responsible for making sure the saplings are watered and properly maintained.

The children were very interested in our project and suggested that we give each of them a sapling on their birthday, to plant at the school (as long as there is space available) or at their home.  The most common problem we have with our projects planting trees in schools is that the saplings are not properly cared for and end up withering and dying.  We hope that by gifting the saplings to students individually as a special source of joy, they will be motivated to take better care of them.

Whether at home or at the school, the students will be able to follow the growth of their saplings up through the 12th grade, as they will mostly advance together in the same school. Over the six years, they will be able to see the saplings grow into trees.  At the end of each year, we will show the children how to measure the girth and height of each tree and calculate how much carbon it is removing from the air.  The student who has raised the tree that sequesters the most carbon will be given a Climate Action Superhero award.

If you'd like your own Climate Action Superhero award, donate $10 this week to buy a sapling and all the supplies it needs to grow, which we will give to the next student celebrating a birthday.  In our thank-you note, we'll include a link you can visit to download your award.

I was very moved by the children's interest and excitement, and I hope you are proud of the hand you had in inspiring them.


Janet Preethi

Voice Trust

May 29, 2019

Redesign using permaculture

We handed out relief supplies and some saplings with the donations received to date (and thank you so much for yours!) but are now redesigning the project for the longer term.  Permaculture magic circles to cluster banana trees with sweet potatoes and pawpaws will offer a more immediate source of food and income as well, more efficient use of the land, and more protection against future storms.  But before starting the new program, we will hold a village workshop to explain the magic circle concept and listen to the farmers' needs and concerns, and then let each farmer choose whether to try the new approach or replant following the traditional model.  This will not only insure that they are committed to whichever method they choose, but will allow us to conduct an evaluation at the end of the year to measure and compare the results.

We'll keep you posted with our progress.  Thanks again for your support!

With gratitude and hope --

Janet Preethi G for the Voice Trust Team


May 28, 2019

Great news!! Youth asked by farmers to support in 2 new sustainable ventures

Distribution of 15 types of herbal plants
Distribution of 15 types of herbal plants

After 9 years, project number 6265 started in October 2010 with help from Friends of Earth all over the world through Global Giving is beginning to recognize youth as supporters of modern techniques to achieve sustainability in Agriculture.

The first instance is about the growing of Spirulina as an additive food for cows and other animals as well as fishes. This way, resource-poor small farmers can use their farmlands in a productive way and also substantiate the health of cattle which support them in sustainability in agriculture. But, youth find it difficult to start this venture which will cost them initially around 4315 USD. We told Youth that will inform friends all over the world through Global Giving 

The second instance is cost-effective preparation of inputs needed for enhancing soil fertility through compost manures and for control of pests through herbal extracts. VOICE Team had started the supply of 15 different types of herbal plants for Youth to grow in their places for making enriched manures and effective pest control solutions. This may be a small venture money wise but big support for farmers fighting against climate change and decrease in returns.

VOICE Team has taken a bold decision to go forward in these 2 ventures with the strong hope that friends of earth from all over the world will support through Global Giving 

Kids enjoying arrival of new herbal plants
Kids enjoying arrival of new herbal plants
While getting suggestions about new ventures
While getting suggestions about new ventures
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