Mar 22, 2018


Dear Donor,


Greetings from RASA – Ramana Sunritya Aalaya.

Thank you so much for supporting our vision and our work.

Our vision of using Indian Theatre Arts to help students and staff to learn and grow has been nurtured by your help and support.

At all the  centres in Mandavalli, Tiruvanmyur and Greenways road, and RASA -Aadharan, Bangalore dedicated efforts of the RASA team became evident in the notable progress our specially abled beneficiaries .

We are happy to present here , an overview of some of the activities of RASA over the past year.

At RASA, all the Indian festivals are celebrated , and  the associated traditions and cultural norms are followed. This gives its beneficiaries a wonderful way to connect with their roots and also learn from them.

The PROJECT DAY was celebrated where all the teams put up wonderful presentations based on their daily work.

Students are regularly introduced to

1. PAACHAKA(COOKING)- One of the primary skills required is taught step by step to the students. They are taught to make simple salads, tea, lemon juice etc.This is an enjoyable activity for all.

2.  MAITRYAM (FRIENDSHIP )- This  aspect of the human nature is regularly strengthened by taking the group on a team visits and working on group activities

3. KREEDA- (GAME..). what is life if not a spot of game thrown in every now and t

Regular sessions of indoor games are held at RASA.

4.NRTYA-( DANCE) Structured dance with all its goodness and ability to improve posture, body awareness and body image is done and strengthened.

5.YOGA- (UNIFYING BODY AND MIND) , This art is taught regularly at the centre.

6.KALA and LALITKALA -(ART) Art is a wonderful way to seek release of all emotions and a way of expressing oneself. This becomes particularly important with people with special needs.

7. SANGEETHAM (MUSIC)- This greatest soother is experienced through the music sessions.

8.NATAKAM(DRAMA) This Art form allows one to learn to emote, take on roles and express oneself

9.KATHA (STORY TELLING)This age old way of soul connect with every aspect of learning thrown in is applied and enjoyed.                                                   

RASA also celebrated its annual day . The theme  this RASA day was ARPANAM . In this program,  250 children with special needs including those with mental and hearing impairment and also socially disadvantaged children participated.

This year, RASA day was celebrated on 23rd February 2017 at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai.

RASA continues to strive to bring life, hope and love in the lives of 1000 s of people with special needs and normal needs every year through systematic application of Indian Theatre Arts .

Thank you once again for your support.

With your support we have managed to complete this project and will be seeking your patronage again for our new project LIFESKILLS TRAINING FOR PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.


Do visit us and support us at Global Giving WEBSITE .

Jan 3, 2018



  • What a spectacular year it was.
    At all the three centres in Mandavalli, Tiruvanmyur and Greenways road, the slow and steady efforts of the staff of RASA showed once agian 
    Lots of learning, growing and achivemments for the students as well as the staff.
    the tiruvanmyur centre tried out various types of activities .
    1. There was a puppet show regarding Christmas. there were peals of joy and laughter at this session.
    2.As December was a pleasant weather, the class set out for a walk to buy some Diyas for painting for the "LIGHT FESTIVAL" karthigai festival outside a very ancient temple Marundesshwarar temple. 
    on way the children had a delightful stop at a local tea shop for  a coffee break.
    3. Let me share a delightful lesson plan. The goal of the students was to say a clear NO to strangers .
    when a visitor walked into the building and started to ask many personal questions to the students, most of them were able to be polite but didn't share too many personal details.
    4. Also sharing pictures of a napkin folding class at the centre. look at the concentration and dexterity with which this is being done. 
    Looking forward to 2018

What fun
What fun
Puppet 1
Puppet 1
Movement 1
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 3
Napking folding
Napking folding
Precision !
Precision !
Oct 10, 2017

Navarathri Celebrations

RASA Birthday
RASA Birthday

Dear Patrons of RASA,


Thank you for your support . 

The months of September and October have been interesting and engaging months for RASA.

In the month of September, RASA was born, 28 years ago ,  to serve and enrich the lives of all those

who come under its purview.

Cultural education truly tranforms lives ,  and the magic of the Theatre Arts through RASA's varied activities continues to Empower all . The evidence of this transformation , this magic is seen in the smiles of tens of thousands of individuals whose lives have been touched by RASA over the past nearly three decades.

October also saw RASA's Mandavalli , Tiruvanmyur and R A Puram , Chennai centres celebrate Navarathri- the Festival of Dolls. RASA's Centre , RASA- Aadharan , in Bengaluru celebrated Navaratri as well .

At RASA, all the indian festivals are celebrated , and  the associated traditions and cultural norms are

followed. "SUNDAL" a protein packed dish  was prepared and distributed,as was "Sweet Pongal" a sweet dish.

During this festival the DEVI - The Mother Goddess is worshipped.

The centres are all gearing up for the upcoming "PROJECT DAY "  on stage on 12th October . Individuals 

with special needs from the centres will showcase their talents and what they have learnt so far this academic year.

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