Sep 7, 2017

Rebuilding Lives Through Education in Rural North-Eastern Nigeria

The before and after project pictures
The before and after project pictures

Dear Donor and Friend,

In February, Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation adopted three (3) primary schools in Mubi Hills in Adamawa State and one (1) primary school in Niger State in Nigeria. According to UNESCO, “Northern Nigeria has the highest Child illiteracy rate in the country”. One of the major barriers to school enrollment and retention in Northern Nigeria is the lack of educational supplies. This project will enable over 270 primary school children in rural Northern Nigeria receive educational supplies like text books, exercise books, writing materials, storybooks, and establish reading corners. Also, the project will provide teaching resources for the teachers.

This September, all the children in the four (4) schools like Gloria Ibrahim, a pupil of CDM Primary School Lainde will go back to school with educational supplies. Your donation enables KIR Foundation to invest in the education of underserved and disadvantaged children in the four (4) schools. So far, because of donations from friends like you, the number of children in the schools has increased from two hundred and seventy (270) to four hundred and forty-nine (449) children. The provision of educational supplies will promote the retention of these pupils in the schools.

In this project report, dear donor, KIR Foundation is happy to share with you the milestones you have enabled us accomplish since our last project report for the ‘Educate 270 Children in Northern Nigeria’ Project ;

Below is a summary of the project activities that your donations have enabled us to accomplish;

In CDM Primary School Laila, Mubi Local Government with your support, we purchased thirty (30) classroom desks, three (3) library desks and two (2) bookshelves for the reading corner. Also, a classroom block has been renovated.

The construction work for a block of classrooms has started in CDM Primary School Lainde, Mubi Local Government. Presently, the foundation has been laid. However, the construction work had to stop because of the rains. Although, in preparation to continue the work after the rains stop, several cement blocks have been molded.  The parents of the children have supported the project by providing labour, sand and water to the project as stakeholders of the project.

We could not commence the construction of the classroom block for the forty-three (43) pupils of CDM Nursery School Gilmari where the children are currently learning under a makeshift structure because of insufficient funds.

So far, we have received $10,707 out of an estimated budget of $46,461. We are immensely grateful for the donations that have come in. However, we need your support to complete the project.

We have provided fifty (50) units of classroom desks to Ethnosreach Primary School Ma'zumuari, Niger State. Also, we have renovated all the classrooms in the school. We are delighted to inform you that our implementing partner Ethnosreach International Ministry used their initiative to paint the school classrooms.

According to National Population Commission (2012), out of the estimated 170 million Nigerians, 67% live in the rural areas. Most of the rural communities lack basic infrastructure such as good roads, electricity, health facilities and schools. The lack of infrastructure in rural areas has led to poor quality education and increase in poverty.

Dear donor, when we invest in the education of children in rural communities, we invest in the development of the communities and make the world a better and safer place to live in.

Thank you for rebuilding the lives of underserved and disadvantaged children in rural North –Eastern Nigeria through Education! 


Jun 9, 2017

Educate 270 Children in Northern Nigeria Report

Educate 270 Children in Northern Nigeria
Educate 270 Children in Northern Nigeria

Dear Donor and Friend,

This is a story about how all the children in North-Eastern Nigeria go to school. These children love school, have dedicated teachers, a lot of books and learn in solar powered classrooms.

Well, this ideal tale is not exactly the true picture of how things are in Northern Nigeria but what Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation and partners, want and plan for things to be in CDM Primary School, Lila, CDM Primary School Lainde, CDM Nursery School Gilmari in Mubi Hills and in Ethnosreach Primary School in Ma’zumari, Niger State in Nigeria.

The children in the primary schools that need educational support are between the ages of 3 years and 14 years. They have all the attributes of children at that age. They are curious and inquisitive, fun loving and playful, with a strong hunger to learn and grow up as fast as they can.

Calmas is a ten year old creative boy. KIR Foundation visited Mubi Hills and saw how he had made a toy car out of corn stock, old rubber slippers and used plastic disinfectant container. Calmas has dreams of one day becoming a soldier. Godiya is eight years old. She is in primary two and one day, wants to become a teacher.  

The parents of the children cannot afford to buy exercise books and writing materials for them as they are illiterate peasants who cannot afford to buy the educational supplies that their children need to have a quality education. Thanks to your support dear donor, we gave educational supplies such as writing materials and textbooks to the children.

In May, Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation visited Mubi Hills in Adamawa State for the first time. We learnt that;

1. CDM Primary School, Lila has a total population of one hundred and ninety-five (195) pupils. The school has only ten (10) desks and needs an extra thirty (30) desks. Also, all the classes need to be properly floored so that the children can study in a more hygienic and comfortable environment.

Regarding our current project milestone, Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation with support from you, dear donor, will floor the Classrooms, provide thirty (30) Desks and set up one (1) Reading Corner for the children at CDM Primary School, Lila in Mubi Hills.

2. CDM Primary School, Lainde has a population of forty-one (41) pupils. The school lacks classroom buildings for learning as the building’s that had been used in the past collapsed. This is a very sad situation as the children currently learn under makeshift structures and trees. The school has only sixteen (16) desks.

Concerning our current project milestone, Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation with support from you, dear donor, as a priority will build a classroom block for the children.

3. CDM Nursery School Gilmari has a population of forty-three (43) pupils. The school lacks classroom buildings for learning and the children are currently learning under a makeshift structure. The school has no desks at all.

Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation with support from you, dear donor, will build a classroom block for the children at CDM Nursery School Gilmari. Stakeholder engagement includes the provision of land for the building by the parents.

4. Ethnosreach Primary School Ma'zumuari, Niger State has a population of sixty-three (63) pupils. The school does not have enough classrooms to accommodate the children who desire to go to school in the community and also enough desks for learning.

Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation, in this project milestone, with support from you, dear donor, will provide fifty (50) classroom desks as well as educational supplies for the children.

We encourage you, dear donor to view the pictures so you could share in the joy of the children as they received text books in May 2017, when Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation visited Adamawa State and the various primary schools. You should see the children’s faces. They are so grateful.

James Ogunshola, the Director of CDM Foundation, said that, “the donation of the educational supplies has financially relieved the Foundation of the extra pressure of providing writing materials and books to the children who were in great need of them”.

Thanks to you more children in Adamawa and Niger State will increase in self-confidence and be less distracted at school as they would have educational supplies to attend and participate fully in school.

Thanks to your support we will be providing educational supplies in form of writing materials, textbooks and education infrastructural support for the primary schools.

We are grateful to you for being a significant part of the solution to improve the literacy skills of the children of four (4) primary schools; thereby improving the literacy rates in Adamawa and Niger States in Nigeria.


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