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Feb 1, 2019






                                                                                 DATE: January 30, 2019

                                                                         LOCATION: MONROVIA, LIBERIA

Prepared By: IDA-Liberia
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This update is a highlight of recent activities implemented under the above-mentioned Project covering the month under review (November 2018-January 2019). Activities were held in Bomi, Cape Mount, Bassa, Margibi and Montserrado counties in Liberia. The report reflects the agreement between GlobalGiving and the Initiative for Democratic Alternatives (IDA)-Liberia for the implementation of the project.

2.1 Signing of MOU and Child Safeguarding Standards policy with schools in five counties;
2.2. Commenced the payment of tuition and fees for 231 sponsored students;
2.3 Organized meetings with County and District Education authorities;
2.4 Organizing meetings with parents of sponsored students.

Program launch: Eleven programs were organized by the project team in different locations. The programs brought together over 100 participants and representatives from 11 schools in 5 counties in Liberia. The programs were aimed at providing update to schools and other partners about the project and signing of partnership agreements, including a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and the child safeguarding policy agreement.
Participants at the program came from across all sections of the community including; County and District Education authorities, parents, community and student leaders. Making a brief statement at the program on behalf of the organization. IDA—Liberia Consultant Alvin Freeman, stressed the significance of signing an MOU which will serve as a framework for implementing the project in 2019. 11 schools’ administrators signed the MOU and Child Safeguarding Standards policy agreement and received other relevant project documents.

The project team provided update on the scholarship program for 2019. The total number of beneficiaries for 2019 scholarship program is two hundred and thirty-one (231) primary school students. Between the ages of (8-16) (1st -6 Grades). (128 Female and 85 Male),( 6 Private schools and 5 Public) Students are from 11 schools in 5 counties in Liberia. During the project IDA-Liberia team also provided symbolic checks to schools representing the total amount of Liberian dollars that each school will be received for 2019 scholarship year.
Symbolic checks were presented to:
• Jenneh Public School & Kingdom Builders Community School, Bomi County,
• Madina Public School & Konjah Public School, Sinjah, Grand Cape Mount County,
• Fred-Mart Community School and Lowerhardlanderville Community School in Buchannan, Grand Bassa County,
• Minor Community School and St. Eafa Community School in Kakata, Margibi County.

School administrations, parents and community members lauded IDA-Liberia efforts for the initiative to support rural education in Liberia.

Scholarship disbursement: IDA-Liberia officially commenced the payment of tuition fees to schools to as a commitment to supporting rural education in Liberia.
Eight schools received their first payments, while three schools are in the process of setting up their bank accounts for the fund to be transferred. As part of the criteria for IDA-Liberia partnership agreement with the schools, schools are to have established bank accounts which would enable them to receive funds; for accountability and transparency purposes.
Staff and stakeholder training: On January 9-11, 2019, IDA-Liberia team conducted training for staff and other partners on child safeguarding standards. The training was aimed at enhancing the skills of staff and partners to better understand the project components and the significance of child safeguarding standards practices with the institutions and making sure other partners adhered to the policy.

Town hall meetings with community stakeholders: During the month under review, the project team also facilitated seven (7) town hall interactive sessions with County and District Education authorities, policy makers and local and community leaders in the project areas. The meetings were intended to provide policy makers and educational stakeholders with an overview of the project. They also sought to tease out what contributions local communities would make towards the project. At the end of the meetings, County and Districts Education authorities pledged their full support and commitment to the project and promised to work with IDA-Liberia project team to monitor schools and students. The meetings brought together over 30 participants and stakeholders from the project communities. As a way of contributing towards the project, County and District Education authorities agreed to work along with IDA-Liberia monitoring team in the schools to help monitor students’ performance in schools and encourage parents not to keep the children away from school for any reasons. They stressed the need for students to always be in schools as attendance was a hallmark to the success of the project.

IDA-Liberia team also met with parents and guidance of the beneficiaries. The aim was to provide parents with a brief overview of their responsibilities as parents during the implementation of the project. During the meetings, the team introduced another component of the project that was critical to the success of the project. The inclusion of an extra curricula activity that would require sponsored students to participate in two hours of community service every calendar school year. Parents and other stakeholders were excited about the inclusion of an extra activity that would train students the culture of volunteerism and giving back to community, since in fact, they were benefiting from such gesture. At the end of the meetings parents also made a recommendation to IDA-Liberia about the sustainability of the project.

Making a brief remark at the event, Madam Marcy Kamara a parent and member of the community expressed thanks to IDA-Liberia for the gesture and recommended to the team to facilitate the establishment of a community revolving loan scheme for venerable parents. Especially rural (women) whose children are benefiting from the program. She noted that with a small economic empowerment initiative for single mothers and widows, it would provide support for families to become self-supportive, self-reliant and be capable of providing their children’s needs (uniform, books, and shoes) in helping to alleviate some of the burden from IDA-Liberia. This will also help in terms of sustainability. She noted that most of the women are single mothers who are unemployed now and would be glad to enroll in such a program that will help keep their children in school.

4.0 Constraints:
Having experienced the implementation of project activities, there were few challenges that the project team encounter during to the period under review. Increased in the cost of transportation for our volunteers, due to the bad roads condition in rural Liberia, Our team had to travel on motorcycles to get to communities and schools.

5.0 Recommendations / conclusion:
Thanks, and appreciation to our supporters, donors, GlobalGiving, local communities and schools for the level of commitment shown towards the successful implementation of the project. As the team continued to support our beneficiaries, IDA-Liberia continue to receive calls and appeal from other communities to extend the project to schools and counties. Rural women and survival of the Ebola epidemic whose children are benefiting from our scholarship program are appealing to IDA-Liberia to start up a small revolving loan scheme to support them,

Nov 8, 2018


                                          IDA-LIBERIA PROJECT UPDATE: SEPTEMBER -OCTOBER 2018

                                    SUPPORT 50 RURAL GIRLS IN SCHOOL IN LIBERIA Project - #(#33068)

1.0       INTRODUCTION: 

This update is a highlight of recent activities undertaking on the above Project covering the month under review (September -October 2018.) held in Monrovia, Liberia. The report reflects the agreement between GlobalGiving and IDA-Liberia for the implementation of the above-mentioned project:


2.1 Application and eligibility package distributed to selected schools

2.2. Staff training on Child Safeguarding Standards  

2.3 Meetings with policy makers, stakeholders and local authorities

2.4 Organized orientations sessions with proposed school administrations


The initiative for Democratic Alternatives IDA-Liberia Project Team, distributed over 125 application and eligibility packages to five selected schools in Liberia. Proposed schools included; Golodee Public School, Rebecca J. Wilson Elementary School, ROSODAN School System, Harriet E. Bailey Memorial United Methodist High School and Kpanay Town Public School. These schools are in five counties in Liberia namely; Bassa, Margibi, Montserrado, Bomi and Capemount. The aim of this exercise was to provide adequate information to eligible and prospective students who would like to benefit from the 2018-2019 scholarship tagged “Enroll and Stay in School”

Information provided to the various schools included; guidelines for acceptance into the program, rules and regulation of participating schools, obligations of school administration, application form, eligibility and responsibilities of students.  A total of twenty-five packages were distributed to each school.

IDA-Liberia management team also decided to organize a two days staff capacity development training. The training will be focused on enhancing the skills and capacities of staff and project team about the significance of child safeguarding standards. The training will be aimed at developing project implementation documents on monitoring and evaluation and other policies and regulations that will helped in adequately undertaking the project.

Under the period in review. IDA-Liberia project team also organized five meetings and awareness sessions with policy makers, local leaders and community leaders in the project areas.  The meetings and awareness sessions brought together over 45 policy makers and leaders to provide update on our program and provide a framework for our work in those respective counties. Policy makers and local leaders expressed willingness to work with IDA-Liberia project team. The participants expressed commitment to support education and children education in Liberia. IDA-Liberia team provided an overview about the 2018-2019 scholarship program,  detail expectations of the policy makers and leaders.

During the period in review. Our project team also organized five orientation sessions with the proposed school administrations. The meeting was organized to provide a detail information about the implementation of the program. The expectations and duties of each school.  What will be included in the MOU and seek to understand some of the issues rural school administrations are faced with. School administrators and teachers expressed willingness to work with IDA-Liberia in improving the children’s education in Liberia.

4.0 Constraints:

Having experience implementation of project activities, there was no major constraint for the project activities in Liberia.

 5.0 Recommendations / conclusion:

 Thanks, and appreciation to our supporters, GlobalGiving and our project staff for the level of commitment shown for the successful implementation of the activities during the month in review. As the team continued to work with beneficiaries and local communities IDA-Liberia is beginning to receive numerous calls and appeal from the other communities to extend the project to their cities and communties

Aug 10, 2018


                                                                       FINAL REPORT
                                                       Covering period January – June 2018
This report highlights activities undertaking on the above Project covering the period under review (January -June 2018.) held in Margibi County, Liberia. The report reflects the agreement between Global Giving and IDA-Liberia for the implementation of the above-mentioned project: The project was implemented in district #2 Shuffling community, lower Margibi County, in partnership with the ROSODAN School System in Liberia
The project which was aimed at intervening within the educational sector by creating awareness and support to sponsor 25 rural girls and boys in school between the ages of 8-12 years for a year. By awarding them full and partial tuition fees payment. We hosted over ten interactive sessions with sponsored students, including study sessions to help with homework, and monitoring the progress of students, distributed over 15 dozen of learning materials, note books, pen and pencils for all 17 students throughout the school year in 2017 and paid in full tuition for all 17 students.

We are glad to report that all 17 of our beneficiaries made outstanding successes during the school year and were promoted.
ROSODAN school administration, parents and students showed increased willingness and interest in the project and fully participated and supported project activities at all levels. From the project activities, achievements and outcome reported above it can be seen that the first six months of the project intervention within one school in Liberia laid a firm foundation for grounding the support for girl’s education in Liberia.
The stage is now set after the pilot phase and subsequent implementation of the project. If provided another opportunity IDA-Liberia will be in the position to impact positive changes and provide more rural girls opportunities to further their education and achieve their dreams.

During the past six months of intervention in the school, we received appraisal from every sector of the community relating to the project: and appeal to continue to increase our support as many students are far from reaching their full potential because of financial hardship.

With the achievements and outcomes of the project already realized in the first six months. A firm foundation has been laid whereby the work of promoting support to girl’s education can be boosted. It would be only prudent to now build upon the foundation laid, and replicate the experiences already gained.

Today we are launching a campaign to have students in rural communities in Liberia “ENROLL AND STAY IN SCHOOL”. This campaign is aimed at assisting other children who are disadvantaged and underprivileged the opportunity go to school. Our goal for 2018-2019 school year is to increase our scholarship beneficiaries to 200 students from six counties. And you can truly make this possible!! You have always been a valuable part of our campaign to provide hope and future to underprivileged students.

Finally, on behalf of the students, parents and school administration in the name of the management and staff of Initiative for Democratic Alternatives-IDA-Liberia. We extend special thanks to Global Giving US, for the valuable contribution they made through their platform, to help raise awareness for support to girl’s education in local communities in Liberia. Thank you so much for the support you continue to give to our education project in Liberia. Your hearts, hands and voices have touched so many underprivileged girls and provided hope for their future. Your donation continues to make a significant difference and because of you, underprivileged students in Liberia can achieve their dreams of a better life.

Thanks to all.
Prepared by:
Anthony S. Kolaco Sr. President & Project Leader, IDA-Liberia

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