Aug 28, 2017

Bryan's Testimony

Brayan, is a child who was raised in a extreme vulnerable neighborhood of the city of Cartagena,   
The child grew up in quite complex conditions, he had a dysfunctional family. He lived with his       mother, who exploited him to work, and suffered heavy punishment from his mother.
Dones de Misericordia Foundation has always strived for the restoration of the rights of the city's children and Brayan would not be the exception.
The coexistence in the home the first few days was not easy, since it was a child who came with different habits, had been a victim of abuse and therefore was very aggressive, did not recognize the authority because he had very bad relationship with his mother.
While Brayan was in the process of adaptation caused strong problems with the therapeutic team,an he decided escaped from the protection home.
After a month, he reconsidered and decided to return because he had faced the reality that lived before, The foundation again opened the doors, and this time the child began a complete process of restoration, remained for more than two years In the home, in which he received protection, love, psychological attentio; through it he learned to be respectful, kind, had the opportunity to finish his high school studies and develop a life project.
On the other hand, during two years the team of the Foundation realized a process of therapeutic attention with his mother and brothers, in which the family realized a forgiveness
process o and restoration. Brayan returned to his restored home, currently he and his family continue receiving accompaniment and support from the Foundation.

Thanks to people like you for helping us transform the lives of children like Brayan.
May 31, 2017



Luis Joel y Fernando were twins, they grew up in a dysfunctional home, their mother was out of home all day (making street food to survive), their father was completely absent, that high-risk environment led them to become part of gangs and stay on the street.

For theses days, the foundation started one of their comunity campaing in a vulnerbale sector, looking for kids in a high vulnerability situation and Street conditions.

The foundation detected the level of expose that theses youngs had in their enviroment, that´s why they were rescue and came to living in our Home of protection, where they were restored thanks to a comprehensive program and specially with the love of all the new family members, a mom, 38 brothers and a interdisciplinary team.

One year later, Fernando was diagnosticated with cancer in the brain, eight months later, after two cirguries and quimyotherapic treatment, Fernando passed away.

We are so proud to have seen how Fernando fought against his sickness and chiefly for the completely emotional and spiritual restoration of him and his family, whose lived a process of forgiveness reconciliation and new beginning

Thanks to the support of fundation's contributors, Fernando had the oportunity to heal his heart and receive an excelent health care treatment, his brother had de opportunity to start a new life.

Other miracle received was Luis's passion to studing medicine, in orther to help other children with cancer. Now he is finishing an english course, is the best student in his school, and is ready to start his medical career next year.

Thank you for helping us to change forever the life and destiny of  street children! 


Feb 28, 2017



At the Gift' Home we have rescued 40 children who were living on the streets.

Today they receive housing, nutritional recovery, access to quality education, psychosocial care, rehabilitation, medical care, recreation, family support and development of gifts and talents.

First, we would like  to share with the wonderful Globalgiving  family the main advances and challenges we had in 2016

In Education
• in 2016 we guaranteed the right to education to 100% of children and adolescents, who were out of school
• 55% children were academically leveled.
• 10% of children scored
• 10% Failed school year
80% of children with behavioral problems improved significantly.

In Nutrition and Health

• 100% recovered nutritionally.
• 100% children with STPA consumption problems were completely rehabilitated.

• 100% children receive medical care and oral health.

Family Restoration
5% of parents were linked to entrepreneurship programs promoted by the Foundation.
25% of families improved their family relationships.
50% of families attended Parental Training Schools.




Sebastian, a 16-year-old, born in the municipality of San Onofre Bolivar, was a victim of armed conflict, his family was displaced from his humble farm by groups outside the law, his house was burned down, and this situation Took him to live in the streets of Cartagena.
 Sebastian was rescued by the Dones De Misericordia Foundation, since he arrived he was received with love, received psychological attention, entered the school, and began a new life.

Sebastian began to demonstrate skills for the sport, one day thanks to a volunteer Athlete of the Foundation we managed to make an athletic assessment for Sebastian and the great surprise was that he had all the potential to be one of the best athletes in Colombia.

Immediately we entered him in an athletic club, he began to train daily and in only four months he won his first medal in the 4X100 relay, in the National Under 20 Championship held in Cartagena, reaching the bronze medal. Sebastián was summoned and represented the Bolivar Selection of athletics in a national competition where he obtained gold medal and silver medal, one month later competed in an international competition obtaining the position 13 of 21 people.

Since Sebastian began to develop his talents his whole life changed, we saw the first results in the coexistence with his companions of the home, he went from being a negative leader to being a positive leader and inspiration to his fellow companions.

Today Sebastian is training for an international championship in Africa in 2019, he has many goals and dreams and he is focused on being a great example to help many to get ahead like he has.


Thank you GlobalGiving Family 

Sebastian Padilla our athlete
Sebastian Padilla our athlete


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