Nov 25, 2019

A Summary of Our Year and Goals

Our Children in Front of The House of Gifts
Our Children in Front of The House of Gifts

Hello, Friends of Global Giving.

With love and respect, we would like to share with you everything that our foundation, Fundación Dones de Misericordia, has been doing to rescue children and families from extreme poverty in Cartagena, Colombia, the story of Daniel, and the goal we are hoping to accomplish before the end of the year. 

Below you will find the most current statistics of the impact we are making in the communities we serve:

  • 25 children and adolescents’ rights were restored.
  • 60% were academically leveled and linked with the school system in agreement with the department of education, educational institution Crisanto Luque; a shared measure with Fundación Aluna.
  • 40% of children and adolescents achieved outstanding results in 3rd, 4th, 5th grades
  • 95% improved their adaptive behaviors
  • 3 cases of psychoactive substance abuse were intervened and rehabilitated
  • 90% of families showed improvement in their relationships
  • 90% of families were involved in their child’s process.
  • 100% recovered nutritionally
  • Only 0.5% abandoned the program
  • Throughout the year 3068 children and adolescents were rescued and protected, for a total of 1300 impacted families


Daniel was born on December 13, 2002. Daniel is the second born of five children in his family, supported primarily by his mother, who is separated from his father. With different partners throughout the years, she has had more children, with her current partner. They live in a room (illegally seized land), of a house built with wooden boards, the small area is not suitable for a large family. The family lives with low financial resources, the mother who bears most of the responsibility of the home, seeks livelihood as a street vendor and his stepfather as a bike taxi driver, informal city transport; both of which are unprofitable jobs to meet the basic needs of the family.

Daniel first entered the Dones de Misericordia Foundation in 2016 through the program: Rincón de Los Dones, a Semi-internal program where he managed to complete elementary school in a program of flexible methodology/acceleration of learning; after having finished the protection measure, he returns home. Shortly after he returns to the foundation in 2018, as a part of the boarding program, for the following reasons: street life and violation of the right to education. It is important to highlight that since childhood he has lived in protective institutions.

During his tenure at the foundation, he has stood out for his perseverance, breaking with the pattern of generations not accessing education, which can lead to difficulties in obtaining formal employment, and leadership, being the representative of his peers in the institutional government and constantly guiding them in the exercise of rules of coexistence.

Currently, he is in the sixth grade, his short and long term goals are to finish high school and study graphic design as a professional career.

The 16-year-old is noble-hearted and his desire to succeed has been reflected through his academic performance, artistic talent, and sporting skills.

Daniel is very grateful to the foundation and all of those who support, Fundación Dones de Misericordia, for everything he has been given and he admits that if he had not entered the program he would be on the streets.


For several years, the House of Gifts has served as our boarding home, to house 28 children from life on the streets. The house has allowed our children to have a safe, educational, and supportive environment where their rights have been restored. The House of Gifts has been in a leasing mode and the owners put the house up for sale. This means that if we don't raise the money to purchase the house, our little ones will have to leave the house that has been their home. We are calling on all of our friends of Global Giving to help us with the purchase of the house where our children have education, nutritional care, healthcare, recreation and most importantly of a family environment. Being able to purchase the house, would grant us the opportunity to fulfill more of our dreams and set new goals; some of which are to, make improvements to the house and to expand the facilities to receive more children who are at risk in the face of the dangers of the street. We have faith that together we can achieve this dream!

Daniel with Foundation Uniform
Daniel with Foundation Uniform
Daniel with School Uniform
Daniel with School Uniform
Daniel Helping the Little Ones with Face Paint
Daniel Helping the Little Ones with Face Paint
Daniel and His Friends from the House of Gifts
Daniel and His Friends from the House of Gifts
Fundacion Dones de Misericordia
Fundacion Dones de Misericordia
Jun 12, 2018

A young Transformed





When Yair was seven years old he being orphaned by the mother,  and was left to the father's care.  when he was 16, he began to show serious behavioral problems, the long days he spent at the streets of his neighborhood made this teenager desist from studying. Likewise, he had  constant conflicting relationships in his home, because of that he wanted to stay at the street. 

On March 1, 2017, Yair joined the Dones de Misericordia Foundation. during his restoration process, he was receptive and collaborative. On some occasions he showed emotional vacuumshe received help and psychological support.he was accompanied in the process of mourning through emotive rational therapy. In the socio-family relationships, affective bonds and communication channels were strengthened, and the establishment of norms and limits was reinforced.

The motivation was key for Yair to return to study. He developed social skills such as respect, tolerance and solidarity with their peers and figures of authority.

His dad and older brothers participated actively in the family meetings and visits, where his father got pedagogical and family tools to implement positive parenting guidelines.

In his life project, Yair expressed his desire to study a degree in physical training and to help other children. Also, he showed interest in continuing his studies and supporting family nucleus.

Currently, he is living with his father in Turbaco, Bolívar; he is in the 7th grade, He still dreams of becoming a Bachelor of Physical training.


Mar 9, 2018

Jesus testimony

Jesus was 9 years old when he joined the house program provided by the Gifts of Mercy. Before joining the program hes had quit school and was spending time on the streets.

When Jesus first started the program he did not respect the rules and did not want to stay.

The team persisted and little by little he began to realise that the Gifts of Mercy team were working solely for his welfare.

The turning point came when he was admitted to a new school and he actually started enjoying subjects, most notably mathematics.

Jesus' attitude has totally shifted, he is among the highest achievers at school and he has a new found respect for the Gifts of Mercy team. Importantly Jesus has been able to repair his relationship with his mother. Jesus learned values, the importance of eating well, respect for his body and others and today he is a much happier child.

Jesus is now excited about the future and is studying towards his goal of becoming a scientist or pilot.

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