Afghan Institute of Learning

The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) works to empower all Afghans who are needy, especially women and children, providing them the knowledge and skills to care for themselves. AIL is expanding access to quality education and healthcare through community based programming, enabling communities to develop the capacity of their people. The goal is to create a foundation of quality education and health systems throughout Afghanistan which meet the needs of local people now and in the future. AIL was founded by an Afghan woman and is run by women, reaching thousands each year through health facilities, educational centers and training programs.
AIL Center in Herat Province
Abrisham Rd, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.31686, 62.16064)
AIL Center in Peshawar, Pakistan
Kohat Rd, Peshawar, Pakistan
From report: In their words...
(34.00258, 71.56013)
AIL Centers In Herat Province
Ferdousi 1, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34570, 62.20253)
AIL Centers In Kabul Province
Salang Wat Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan
(34.52845, 69.16071)
AIL Centers in Afghanistan
Nilli-Shahristo Rd, Afghanistan
(33.72434, 66.35742)
AIL Centers in Herat
Molana Banaee 1, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34733, 62.20443)
AIL Centers in Herat Province
8 Meter Khatam-ul-anbia, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.28750, 62.15911)
AIL Centers in Kabul Province
Sarak-e-Chilsitun, Kabul, Afghanistan
(34.46885, 69.14642)
AIL Centers in Peshawar, Pakistan
S Canal Rd, Peshawar, Pakistan
(33.97556, 71.51122)
AIL Clinics in Herat Province
Khaja Ali Movafaq Rd, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34967, 62.21523)
AIL Clinics in Kabul Province
Salang Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan
(34.52240, 69.16992)
AIL Herat Offices
Ferdousi 1, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34570, 62.20184)
AIL Kabul Offices
Market Road, Kabul, Afghanistan
(34.56086, 69.14795)
AIL Learning Centers In Herat Province
Molana Banaee 3, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34485, 62.20407)
AIL Learning Centers in Herat Province
Cinema Sq, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34882, 62.19738)
AIL Learning Centers in Kabul Province
Service Rd., Kabul, Afghanistan
From report: In their words...
(34.56086, 69.16992)
AIL Offices in Herat Afghanistan
Molana Banaee 3, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34485, 62.20150)
AIL Offices in Herat, Afghanistan
Mokhaberat Road, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34655, 62.20356)
AIL Offices in Kabul, Afghanistan
Salang Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan
(34.52353, 69.16718)
AIL Offices in Peshawar, Pakistan
N-5, Peshawar, Pakistan
(34.01624, 71.56494)
AIL Pakistan Offices
H.N 11-B Warsak Gardens Road, Peshawar, Pakistan
(34.05266, 71.49902)
AIL Schools and Centers in Peshawar, Pakistan
Railway Rd, Peshawar, Pakistan
From report: In their words...
(34.00486, 71.55807)
AIL educates girls and trains teachers in Bamian
Bamyan Province, Afghanistan
(34.72927, 67.68442)
AIL has a new center for women and girls in Wardak
Vardak, Afghanistan
(34.15506, 68.44337)
AIL's Clinics In Kabul Province
Esteolal Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan
(34.48423, 69.20409)
AIL's Clinics in Herat Province
Mahalleh-e-Naw, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.30291, 62.17284)
AIL's Rural Centers Surround the City of Herat
A77, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.36008, 62.22503)
AIL's food program assists families in the rural areas surrounding Herat City
Kandahar - Herat Hwy, Afghanistan
(34.26934, 62.18108)
Afghan Institute of Learning Empowers Afghan Women
A01, Afghanistan
(34.50656, 69.20288)
Afghan Women Learn Traditional Carpet Weaving
A01, Afghanistan
(34.39785, 62.18262)
Gulistan, Afghanistan
(32.81267, 63.19336)
Afghans Learn Leadership for the 21st Century
(34.66936, 65.91797)
Afghans Learn to Use Computers For Their Jobs
Sangi Takht, Afghanistan
(34.19817, 66.04980)
An AIL school in Herat Province
Molana Banaee 3, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34485, 62.20253)
Bringing Green to Afghanistan
Bamyan Province, Afghanistan
(34.80659, 66.77490)
Fast-Tracking Education for Afghan Women and Girls
A77, Afghanistan
(34.30714, 66.26953)
Give Afghan Refugees the Gift of Education
Arbab Rd, Peshawar, Pakistan
(34.01624, 71.49902)
Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns for Books
Daykundi Province, Afghanistan
(34.08906, 65.83008)
Help Afghan Communities Help Themselves
(35.10193, 66.18164)
Help Afghan Women Deliver Healthy Babies Safely
Asian Highway 77, Afghanistan
(34.52466, 66.00586)
Help Desperate Families from Pakistan Disasters
Warsak Rd, Pakistan
(34.05266, 71.49902)
Help Ellsworth Bands, Help the World
(34.25872, 66.26953)
Herat Province
Emam Shesh Nur St, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.31473, 62.32391)
Herat, Afghanistan
Taher Fushanji Ave, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.34109, 62.20306)
Herat, Afghanistan is one place where AIL serve many adolescent girls.
A01, Afghanistan
(34.37362, 62.17937)
Herat, Afghanistan is one place where AIL serves many adolescent girls.
Kandahar - Herat Hwy, Afghanistan
(34.28750, 62.18108)
Jump-Start Learning for Afghan Children
Daykundi Province, Afghanistan
(34.16182, 65.91797)
Kabul, Afghanistan is another.
Service Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan
(34.46885, 69.10247)
Learning Centers for Rural Afghan Women in Herat
A77, Afghanistan
(34.56086, 62.16064)
Mazar i Sharif where AIL trains and educates adolescent girls
A76, Afghanistan
(36.70602, 67.10999)
Our Doctors Need an X-Ray Machine
(34.31682, 62.05627)
309 Provincial Road, Ulugqat, Kizilsu, Xinjiang, China
(39.80009, 74.88281)
Rural Areas Outside Peshawar, Pakistan
Grand Trunk Rd, Peshawar, Pakistan
(34.01200, 71.51122)
Save Poor Afghan Families From Starving
Daykundi Province, Afghanistan
(33.65121, 65.91797)
Save Rural Afghan Women & Children With Healthcare
Daykundi Province, Afghanistan
(33.94336, 65.78613)
Tailoring: A Small-Business Skill for Afghan Women
AH77, Afghanistan
(34.45222, 65.83008)
Train Effective Afghan Teachers
Ghowr, Afghanistan
(34.30714, 66.18164)
centers & schools in Kabul
Kabul-Gardez Hwy, Afghanistan
(34.26660, 69.20409)
centers in Bamyan
Bamiyan, Afghanistan
(34.81751, 67.83246)
centers in Mazar i Sharif
Asian Highway 76, Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan
(36.70826, 67.12285)
centers, school, library in Herat
Navaee Ave, Herat, Afghanistan
(34.35300, 62.20683)

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