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Nov 26, 2018

An Update from Nusa Lembongan

Teaching about plastic. Photo Credit Yurifa
Teaching about plastic. Photo Credit Yurifa

We've certainly been on a rollercoaster over the last three months, but are excited to end this quarter on a serious high!

Saras, our fabulous Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, received a scholarship to study a Master of Marine Science in Australia (congrats Saras!!). We've since expanded our team in Bali to include Sonja, our Social Media and Communications Officer and Ajeng, our new School Support Staff. Herni, our Indonesian Program Manager has been such a fantastic asset through this period of change. Unfortunately, due to the earthquakes in Sulawesi, the School Support Officer that we hired to work on Nusa Lembongan was unable to fulfil her contract so we are still seeking a staff member to work full time to support our teachers on Nusa Lembongan. Thankfully, we have a fabulous volunteer on Nusa Lembongan and we've built the capacity of the existing teachers on the Island to run the program without a support officer so we still have an update for you :)

Our aim through this crowdfunding campaign was to send 240 students from two schools through the BfB eight-lesson education program. So far, 122 students have completed the program and many more are on their way. There are a total of five primary schools in Lembongan Island and BfB is aiming to work with all of them in the coming year. 

SDN 1 Lembongan The number of students join BfB program this period is 42 students, 20 students from year 4 and 22 students from year 5. The students have just finished lesson one.

SDN 2 Lembongan The number of students join BfB program for this year is 52 students; 27 students from year 4 and 25 students from year 5. The students have completed up to lesson six. 

SDN 3 Lembongan This school completed one round of the BfB eight-lesson program, however as we mentioned in previous reports, we want to re-train these teachers to ensure they are maintaining the integrity of the BfB program. We have received many applications for our School Support Staff (SSS) on Nusa Lembongan and will conduct interviews on Monday. Once we hire our SSS, we will visit Nusa Lembongan as a team and re-train the teachers. We hope this school can continue lessons in January.

An New School: SDN 1 Jungut Batu This school is still on the Island of Nusa Lembongan, but located a little closer to the tourist region in an area called Jungut Batu. After having a meeting with the principle, our BfB volunteer on Nusa Lembongan was able to visit the school to meet the teachers. We were able to explain the BfB program to these teachers and show them how the school can take part. Once we've hired our SSS, we will have another meeting with the school in the hopes we can work together next year. 

With Christmas coming up, it's the perfect time to make a donation. We'd love your support to expand to these new schools and truly make Nusa Lembongan Plastic Free. 

Thank You,

The Bottle for Botol Team

Learning about Plastic. Photo Credit Yurifa
Learning about Plastic. Photo Credit Yurifa
Aug 27, 2018

Good news from Nusa Lembongan

Herni, Ipeh and the Principal of SD2 Lembongan
Herni, Ipeh and the Principal of SD2 Lembongan

Our latest visit to the schools on Nusa Lembongan has left us inspired and enthused! 

There is so much activity on Nusa Lembongan at the moment and the island has received alot of external attention since the release of a video displaying local Manta Rays swimming through a plastic soup. Latest research from Marine Megafauna Foundation estimated that these creatures consume 39 pieces of plastic per hour! It shows just how important our work is educating the local community and providing simple solutions to the problem. 

Our best schools on Nusa Lembongan, SD1 and SD2, have signed an MOU and are teaching the education program this year to the incoming year 4s and 5s. They began classes this week. We also have great news from our school that was lagging behind. The principal is keen to undertake another teacher workshop so that teachers can have a better understanding of the program and can accurately teach the content to their students. We have hired a School Communications and Support officer based on Nusa Lembongan to assist all of our teachers to teach the program and accurately explain the plastic pollution problem. We are really pleased with this result and are looking forward to completing the tasks outlined in this Global Giving Project within the next 12 months.

We have received support from the local and business community to expand our work to include more schools and potentially new sources of plastic free water. We have engaged one new school on the island and we hope to begin a new crowdfunding campaign in the coming months to undertake this work... we will send more information soon :)

In the broader context of Bottle for Botol, we have completed our curriculum for year 1-3 students. This means our plastic pollution curriculum spans all school-aged students (year 1-12) and now allows us to engage the younger kids to create solutions. Our latest curriculum combines some really engaging activities which have been designed in collaboration with Australian and Indonesian teachers and we look forward to beginning teaching these activities at all our primary schools in the coming months. 

Thanks so much for supporting our project, 

The Bottle for Botol team.

Herni, Saras, Ipeh and students at our new school
Herni, Saras, Ipeh and students at our new school
May 14, 2018

Success! Our Students Received their Bottles

Students Filling in the Giant Spider Diagram
Students Filling in the Giant Spider Diagram

122 students have finished our 8 lesson education program on Nusa Lembongan island!

On April 24, Herni and Saras visited all three primary schools on Nusa Lembongan who have been taking part in our education program and the students were eager to start using their bottles. We donated water stations to the schools during the teacher workshops and the teachers have been using their bottles so that the practice of bringing bottles to school and refilling them at school is encouraged.

SD 2 Lembongan is located across the yellow bridge on Ceningan Island. We were looking forward to meeting the students and teachers as we have received a lot of communication from them, including feedback about the lessons and photos from their classes. The really interesting thing about this school is that a different teacher taught each of the eight lessons making it a whole-school approach - a great way to get good outcomes! This was amazing news for us as it is the first time a school has taught the program in this way. We loved meeting these teachers and students.

We asked the teachers at SD 2 Lembongan what they thought the most interesting part of the program was and what they thought the students found most interesting, they were interested to learn more about how to reduce plastics and they thought the students enjoyed the audio visual materials. One teacher said they were shocked to learn that plastic can’t biodegrade. The teachers said they learnt new information in the lessons and added their own explanations about how to use leaves to wrap food instead of using single use plastics. Here is some feedback from the teachers at this school:

"...the material taught is very interesting and the students are also so enthusiastic to follow the lesson. In each lesson there are also some videos so students can more quickly understand the material being taught."

We donated 34 bottles to the year 5 & 6 students who looked so happy and proud to receive the bottles.

At SD 1 Lembongan, the teachers have taught our program to all the students in year 5 and 6 and plan to continue teaching to the younger students. We have almost finished creating an education program for years 1-3 and are excited to roll it out at this school in the coming months. The bottle ceremony was simple but unforgettable. The teachers at this school said they most enjoyed Lesson 2:

"There is a comparison of the environment before, now and in the future. Children can appreciate through each painting."

The teachers also said they found the lessons interesting because of the mix between hands-on activities and short films:

"The lesson is interesting because it is interspersed with documentary film. Children are enthusiastic about dealing with plastic items that are part of their daily lives."

A total of 38 bottles were donated to the year 5 and 6 classes who had completed the eight-lesson education program. “We hope the younger students will get the bottles soon too” – said BfB teacher.

At the third school, SD 3 Lembongan, we have had some problems and we are unsure about the capacity of the teachers to teach the program. Despite our best efforts to try several different ways of communicating, we have received minimal information about how the classes have gone at the school. We expect that with more teacher training and the support of the principal we can improve the participation of this school and gain better outcomes for everyone. The three primary schools are physically very close to each other, the students know each other, and talk about the programs at their school. Although we would not normally donate bottles without joining the lessons and communicating with the teachers about how the lessons were progressing, we decided that we should maintain our commitment to the students and donate the bottles at the same time as those at the other two primary schools. We have arranged to meet with the Principal in the coming months, we will discuss various options for the school, their capacity and whether or not to continue the program.

Next, we need to sign MOUs to continue working with different year-levels and begin teaching the next intake of students how to reduce plastic pollution.

Earth Day Celebrations!

April was a really happy month for the BfB team. Herni and Saras were able to travel to Lembongan Island where our three GlobalGiving schools are located.  Moreover, it was the third time that we joined the annual Earth Day Celebrations with Bali Hai, Coral Triangle Centre (CTC) and other partners.

On April 22, we all gathered in the Bali Hai open area. We had 60 students join the event, some from GlobalGiving sponsored schools. The celebration started with a beach clean up followed by an environmental education activity with BFB team.

For our activity, we created a giant spider diagram on six sheets of A3 paper. We collected single-use plastic items that had been littered on the streets of lembongan (including straws, plastic bottles, snack packaging, aqua cups and plastic bags) and encouraged students to think of ways to reduce these items on the island. We got some fantastic ideas off the students!

Reducing Straws:

  • Use bamboo straws instead
  • Don’t use a plastic straw
  • Bring a bottle (then you don’t need to drink from :D a plastic bag with a straw)

Reducing Plastic Bags:

  • Don’t let tourists bring plastic bags onto the island
  • Bring your own bag

Reduce Plastic bottles and cups

  • Bring your own bottle
  • Place water refill stations in strategic places around the island

After our activity, students learnt to make art from plastic pollution and then watched Wayang Samudra - a puppet show about Marine Education.

Thank you so much for your support. We're really excited to share this news.


The BfB Team

Wayan Puppet Show about Plastic
Wayan Puppet Show about Plastic
Lesson 7 at SD2 Lembongan
Lesson 7 at SD2 Lembongan
Students Receiving their Bottles
Students Receiving their Bottles
Students Receiving their Bottles
Students Receiving their Bottles
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