May 19, 2021

Sharing Bits and Pieces, Pass on Hope

"Thank you very much... This pack of rice came in time and is helping me and my children for several days..."-Fara from Cambodia expressed with deep appreciation.

Fara, from Cambodia, settles down in Taiwan after marriage. Unexpectedly, two years ago, she suffered from her husband's domestic violence. She decided to bring 4-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter alone with herself. With a meager income from temporary job in a noodle shop, living in a city far away from hometown, isolated and helpless, there have been several times Fara has thought of giving up everything and leaving Taiwan, but because of her love for children, she could not give up after all. Fara decided to try to survive and persist hard moving forward.  

Through the Mustard Seed Mission's food bank service and the chief of village who have been offering help to disadvantaged residents of the community, social workers get to learn the vulnerable situation of Fara's family, they immediately provide assistance with their daily necessities and meals of the day. Furthermore, to understand the living conditions of the mother and two kids, social workers spend time to care for them and listen to her concerns.

Fara looked at the package of supplies, although the amount of food was limited, it is good enough to sustain a few meals.  She was smiling to express deep appreciation, which has not been shown in a long time.  She shared with her social workers what she planned to use these available materials to prepare food for the children.  Looking at the smiley faces in front of us while thinking back, a few months ago, the sad faces when we first saw Fara, we are very pleased and thankful for the assistance of the society for supporting Fara's family.  

 At every hidden corner of society, there are stories similar to Fara's family. It may be a neighbor who passes by you every day, but can't ask for help.  These people are worrying about meals of the day, and even for trivial things like the basic food and clothing.  These are not every day issues for us, but they are a daily problem and challenge to the disadvantaged group who is most likely to be around you and me.

The Mustard Seed Community Food Bank service actively cares for disadvantaged families. Through the sharing of daily supplies, visits and care, many community families are greatly helped, so that they can get physical and mental comfort as well as life relief, just like Fara and her two children.

We sincerely invite you to share the supplies needed by the people at home through the nearest food bank. Every bit of care will be an opportunity for a family to continue its hope. 

May 19, 2021

Youth Self-Reliance Training in Eastern Taiwan

The self-reliance program is a test of teenagers in Mustard Seed Youth Home to know if they can make a home-cooked meal with limited funds. The whole procedure from planning to execution is completely left to the children to play by themselves.

Purchasing ingredients allows the youth to learn to plan carefully i.e. to eat rice got to know first the price of rice.

Reaching a consensus is the first step to learn for teamwork. Therefore, division of labor is very important. Someone is responsible for money control, someone is responsible for purchasing, and someone is responsible for cooking. According to the individual expertise, the whole team completed a common meal.

The young chef cooks the ingredients bought by his teammates one by one with proficient cooking skills.

The delicious delicacies are appetizing and mouthwatering.

Finally, with the division of labor and cooperation of the teenagers, they lived up to expectations and brought out a table of good dishes, and the dishes were all finished.

Self-reliance program for children in residential placement lets them work together, gives full play to their talents, cultivates their ability to live independently, and guides the children to get ready for the future.

May 18, 2021

The Coffee Dreamer Practicing Courageously

When Kai first joined in the class, he was very quiet and didn't talk much. He just showed hospitality with a smile, listening to the social worker and lecturer teaching courses silently aside. Under the continuous guidance and encouragement of social workers and lecturers, and activities and relaxed dialogues have narrowed the distance with Kai, he gradually opened his heart and shared that he had been learning pour-over coffee.

Social worker: "Why do you want to join the training class of coffee brewing stall?" 
Kai: "Because I really want to have my own small stall, but I don't know how to start." 

Kai was not good at expressing his inner thoughts, but now he can talk naturally. He has taken a big step forward his dream of having a coffee stall. Finally, before the end of the training class, Kai will go to the first stop to fulfill his dream: set up a coffee cart stall at the gate of Chengching Lake, with expression of tension, excitement and expectation on his face.

The first time riding on his own mobile coffee cart and move forward to the dream.
The first time riding on his own mobile coffee cart and move forward to the dream. 

"Kai, it's okay! Don't be afraid of being rejected"  "Bravely invite passing people to the stall and enjoy the process of introducing pour-over coffee!"  The social workers continued to encourage and accompany Kai. After interacting with the customers once, twice, and three times, Kai gradually overcame his fears and began to open his heart, and shared with us: "It seems that being rejected is not so scary. Every rejection is to prepare for the next opportunity!"

Breaking through himself and interact with the people, and inviting people to taste the coffee brewed by himself.
Breaking through himself and interact with the people, and inviting people to taste the coffee brewed by himself.

In the class of pour-over coffee stall, Kai not only learns the practical operation of coffee beans knowledge, brewing skills, the trick of water temperature control, and the conditions to note when setting up the stall, but also allows himself to be transformed from the original introvert and bad words, become a "dream practitioner" who has the courage to face fears, overcome difficulties, and work hard to solve them.

On the path of dreams, be determined and keep moving forward! 
On the path of dreams, be determined and keep moving forward!

Now Kai can naturally invite people who passing by to taste the coffee brewed by himself, and actively communicate with customers as friends to share brewing knowledge and entrepreneurial history, and establish friendly relationships. He makes his future life like a cup of coffee brewed by himself, through step-by-step breakthrough and high-temperature quenching, the most mellow and beautiful life charm can be realized.

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