Sep 14, 2021

From Broken to Complete, Prodigal Chace's Way Home

"Teacher, I want to see my mother…" Chace said to his home dad when they rode out on bicycles together.

Chace was born when his parents had been old. He has four siblings above. His mother died of illness while he was in his kindergarten, and his father also passed away when he was six years old. His eldest sister passed away a year ago, and his second sister after getting married left the family without contact. His eldest brother, is 20 years apart from him and bears the responsibility of taking care of Chace. But he currently got divorced and has to take care his own 13-year-old son. Due to the long-term unsteady work, his elder brother was unable to return home until late at night, leaving Chace and his own son at home. Without proper guidance, Chace often skipped classes and wandered on streets with his peers till midnight.

One of the MSM community partner, Mother Li, met Chace while doing community service. Mother Li, who has a child and happens to be Chace's classmate, knowing the situation of Chace's broken family, expressed willingness to open her home as i-ro i-ro Children's Home, a community childcare facility, to take care of Chace. At first, Chace was not quite able to adapt to the new environment. With the adjustment of his living habits, he gradually felt loving care from the new home and began to have a stable schedule of life and school. He took the initiative to help with various affairs, and shared his emotions and the juvenile problems. He dropped the old habit of wandering outside, and actively participated in various skills certification exams to find goals and directions for his life.

The family merrily celebrated Chace's birthday. Although Chace often behaved coolly, he is now willing to call Mother Li as "Mom."

From broken to complete, Chace 's journey home took a long time. Initially, he was like a duckweed without roots, but now i-ro i-ro Children's Home has become his life's belonging!

Sep 1, 2021

Planting Unlimited Seeds of Hope!


Sonam started her intern at the social welfare department. She is making a baby step toward her big dream. Sonam grew up in a small village around the mountains area. Prior to financial aids from the Mustard Seed Mission, she can not even speak any Nepali. 

Sonam said " I'm coming from a village named Namrung where, by walk, it takes approximately five days from the dormitory I stay at present to Namrung. Because the village is located in the Himalayas, there is lack of educational resources around the district. Even though I really want to go to school, there is no school available. Thanks to the financial assistance provided by the Mustard Seed Mission,not only I can go to school, it also helps me achieve my dream of  being a social welfare worker."

Via the collaboration between local NPO of Nepal and the Mustard Seed Mission, it offers local children an opportunity of receiving formal education.  Furthermore, these children, after becoming independent, are able to give what they have learned back to their hometown.  This creates a nonstop virtuous cycle of plantation for 'seeds of hope'.

Sonam said "I am a Public Health major strident at school, one of the key subjects I'm learning this year is preventative measures on high blood pressure disease. I'm going back to my hometown and help the residents measure their blood pressure. I am also doing research on the study of self-care for high blood pressure patients. My goal is to work at local social welfare institutions after graduation. I wish to contribute more to my hometown and the people living there."

Aug 1, 2021

For a Better Future: Getting Our Community Prepare


According to international disaster response experiences, when disasters strike, it is essential to facilitate coordination between “self-help, mutual assistance and public support” (7:2:1). The ratio indicates the importance of self-help and mutual assistance in the community.

Community Self-help & Mutual Assistance Matters 

The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) has been providing community disaster prevention and relief since 2018. It promotes community self-help and mutual assistance and has cooperated with 24 communities to conduct
tailored disaster prevention training courses. Also, MSM helps the communities organize disaster mutual assistance teams so that they can clearly and quickly help those in need in the community during the disaster.
COVID-19, Another Type of Disaster
Since 2020, COVID-19 pandemic has become another . Therefore, MSM includes community epidemic prevention knowledge and measures into the course. In May 2021, within just one week, the epidemic alert level in Taiwan has raised from Level 2 to Level 3, and the national alert has lasted for over 2 months.
Getting Community Prepared
In June, MSM held an online video conference on disaster/ epidemic prevention with 20 community organizations (with 32 participants) that have completed disaster prevention training before. During the meeting, many participants shared: "After activating the community disaster mutual assistance system, we actively phoned the pandemic-affected families and knew that they have no income now. Knowing that the Mustard Seed Mission provides epidemic prevention supply kits, it is really helpful to us.”

For now, MSM has delivered more than 2,192 epidemic prevention supply kits to people in need all over Taiwan. We will continue to work on the building community disaster eesilience in Taiwan!
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