Sep 15, 2021

Bringing Warmth to Rural Village

The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) saw the shortage of supplies and food for disadvantaged families in the community and have started the community food bank services since 2017. At the beginning of 2020, MSM also looked forward to working with local officers to promote the Food Bank version 2.0 "Community Sharing Refrigerator".

The Community Sharing Refrigerator is a service for local residents, in which local caring stores provide edible food, and the village chief are responsible for management and helping families in the community who come to receive supplies. In this way, we will build up the bridge of love in the community, pursue the concept of not wasting food, care about the needs of families in difficulties in the local community, and let the spirit of mutual help and love be brought into play.

The first people to receive supplies
The first people to receive supplies

Community Sharing Refrigerator is not limited to certain people, instead whoever need the supplies they can come to get it. With this undifferentiating attitude, the service helps residents who need materials. The local Guanfu Muyitang church in Miaoli has been helping families in need for a long time. Therefore, when the service of Community Sharing Refrigerator is promoted, it quickly spread to the local area and became a well-known "good news" in the community.

Partners of such service said: "This time through Community Sharing Refrigerator, we have become familiar with more people who have not been in contact with before. We hope that through Community Sharing Refrigerator, we can care for not just the local residents.

Another partner also said: "Because many stores in the community agree with this concept, they have joined in such a common good operation one after another, so that the refrigerator has sufficient supplies. In order to help families in need, they also specially make some meat buns and provide them to the MSM service centers."

Thanks to the service of Community Sharing Refrigerator, the exchange of love between people is strung together, fully demonstrating the concept of “No Food Waste, Elimination of Hunger, and Community Mutual Assistance” in Community Sharing Refrigerator.

People queuing to get supplies
People queuing to get supplies

MSM thanks the owners of caring stores and the officers of the community for  their support to weave together the community network, to achieve the community's vision of self-help, mutual assistance, sharing, and mutual benefit.

Sep 14, 2021

Young Tim Has His Dream After Having Enough Food

The teenager Tim came to Mustard Seed Youth Home from the fourth grade of elementary school. His mother was in jail for taking drugs. His father was gone and haven't heard from him since. Tim was raised by his adoptive parents since he was a child. Because the adoptive father himself has a moderate intellectual disability, plus the family's financial difficulties, the adoptive parents gradually became unable to take care of Tim. Under the referral of the Hualien County Government, Tim was arranged to move into the Youth Home.

when just arrived at Youth Home, Tim was very quiet. He had no habits to bath and clean up dirty dishes after meals. Perhaps the poor life in the past, Tim was anxious for food and material. Even though the Youth Home normally served three meals to the children, Tim still secretly hid the food under the bed or in a place he felt unnoticeable. His misconduct was discovered by the counselor as the food became rotted and smelled badly.

After being cared and taught by the counselors, Tim slowly established good habits and learned how to take care of himself in daily life. Also, he can clarify the difference between "wants" and "needs", and takes only appropriate amounts of food at each meal. In order to achieve self-control and normal satisfaction, at the same time, Tim began to understand the concept of item ownership, and got rid of the behavior of wanting to take items as his own.


This year, 16-year-old Tim has a stable life at the Youth Home. Because he is interested in cooking, he studied catering at school. He is grateful for the kindness of his adoptive parents to nurture him. This year's New Year, Tim takes, he returned to his adoptive parents' home and with the money he saved to hold a barbecue New Year's Eve dinner for them to express his gratitude. Last month, while a VIP guest was visiting the Youth's House to make donations, Tim volunteered to make muffins to serve the guest.

For the future, Tim holds infinite hope. Maybe he is to become a chef, or one day he can open a restaurant of his own. Before his dream is realized, Tim intends to enlist in the army for voluntary service in order to have a stable life and give feedback to the society.

Sep 14, 2021

The Mustard Seed Mission Empowers Future Leaders

Amid life transitions, walk one more mile with the young people! The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) launches "Walk One More Mile!" initiative, a 4-year empowerment program for college students. MSM has long devoted to poverty issues of underprivileged children and served more than 4,000 disadvantaged Taiwan children via child sponsorship program. For those underprivileged teens graduated from high school and pursuing for higher education, "Student Leadership Camp" was held to develop their capacities and self-efficacies, aiming to equip future leader through a positive interaction environment and empowerment courses.

Chang Hong-En, Director of MSM Youth Development Department said, " When Bill Gates shared about wealth gap, he mentioned environment has huge impact to personal interaction." That is the reason why the "Student Leadership Camp" brings in the concept of critical thinking of John Dewey, an American educator and philosopher, guiding students to practice thinking, perceive problems, and bring out the possibility of problem-solving and innovation.

Attendees experiencing the strength of having a same goal.  

Chen, a freshman in a university, has received MSM's help for 6 years, said he got a breakthrough by the critical thinking training through listening, nonviolent communication, teamwork and cooperation during the camp. He hopes he could apply what he learned to make changes and is willing to share with others. Kevin, another freshman, receiving MSM's help since 13 years-old, is also impressed by the critical thinking training. He was a team leader in the program and he is thankful that he could experience how to handle the pressure, face the problems, and overcome the difficulties in a safe environment even though he didn't lead the team to reach the goal.

The Mustard Seed Mission empowering college youths to be future leaders.

The four days "Student Leadership Camp" guides students to create positive connections through a video "Homeless reversed her life - a miracle in Brooklyn, New York" and then leads students to organize a charity action for the community which builds the student's capacities during the implementation, such as making a plan and raising fund. By serving people in need in the community, students are transformed into givers from takers, and becoming influencers with social impact and are able to walk forward in life.

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