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Mar 12, 2018

Help the children of Rural Community of Nepal

smiling children with new furniture
smiling children with new furniture

Organizational Background

Shanti Education Initiative Nepal (SEI Nepal), is a non-profit organization registered in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. It has been involving in three major areas - infra structural support, teacher training and volunteer mobilization in public schools of Nepal. Before earthquake, we worked in more than 20 schools from Sindhupalchowk, Kavrepalanchok, Lalitpur and Kathmandu districts. We helped them in completing the construction/renovation of school buildings, supported furniture, built toilets, installed drinking water system and replaced blackboards with white marker boards. Besides infrastructural support we have trained more than 400 teachers from 86 different schools from Lalitpur and Sindhupalchowk districts. Our art workshop has helped more than 30 teachers from around 15 schools learn skills to teach art in their classrooms. The schools where we work have seen increased enrollment, rising teacher satisfaction, and improved student performance. We have already mobilized more than 31 national and international volunteers in our partner schools for at least a month to promote education through cross culture sharing and learning.

Project Context

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake on 25 April 2015 and more than 400 aftershocks have damaged more than 9000 schools and created around 8000 human casualties. The country suffered a series of aftershocks, including 7.3 magnitude tremor near Mount Everest on 12 May destroyed many lives, schools, health posts, and houses. It was an unimaginable tragedy which affected 14 districts destroying 35000 classrooms. Schools remained closed for more than a month. It was a great challenge to bring the children to the normalcy as soon as possible and to enroll them in their regular studies. Since SEI Nepal inception, it has been supporting public schools of Nepal in improving their educational quality by focusing on their physical infrastructure needs, training the teachers and mobilizing quality volunteer at the schools. As it’s one of the focusing areas is an infrastructure development of the public school, after the earthquake SEI Nepal has planned to renovate 22 school buildings of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Dolakha and Kavrepalanchock districts and became success to handover proposed schools to the community.


After that we realized, only having the buildings is not sufficient for those affected areas because earthquake had also damaged many desks and benches inside the classrooms and students have to sit on the floor with the thin tarpaulin sheet and situation of the classroom were very poor.In many cases, the classes have to run under open sky. Lack of the essential and needed furniture in the classroom students were suffered from various kinds of health issues such as common cold, diarrhea, fever, headache, and many others. Because of those problems, students were not able to attend the class regularly and some of the poor students started to drop out the school and the numbers of the learners were started decreasing day by day. Then we decide to furnish some of the schools with beautiful and attractive students chair, table, book rack, teacher, table and chair, white board. We believed that child friendly furniture would somehow help to overcome with the problems which innocent small kids are facing. Besides, the colorful classroom furniture sets also facilities to create the learning environment and helps to make learner centered classroom where they actively participate in teacher learning activities.


According to our plan to envision the classroom with colorful and attractive child friendly furniture, this month we have distributed students table and chair, teacher chair and table, normal and slanted book rack and white board for the students of kindergarten and class one of the Devi Lower Secondary school from rural Lalitpur. The classroom furniture was completed with the financial support from GlobalGiving Inc, USA. Both the teachers and students were very much thankful. Smiles of the innocent small kids make us to feel proud that we became little bit success to make them happy. School received individual chairs for the first time in their locality. Further, the attractive classroom motivates them to attend the school and actively participate in teaching learning activities.


Project Location and participants: Devi Lower secondary school from Nallu ,Lalitpur district . it was selected on the basis of their need and the students from ECD (early childhood development) and class one in the first phase of the “Furnishing the rural classrooms in the aftermath of the massive Earthquake”


The Shanti Education Initiative Nepal team visited many schools including our partner schools in Lalitpur District on a field survey visit. Around 2502 classrooms from 340 schools were completely damaged by the earthquake. It has been more than two years, but only 223 classroom and 54 school buildings were constructed and rest of the other are in ongoing process. SEI Nepal has reconstructed 12 community schools in rural Lalitpur and 36 classrooms.


Coordination with the local government bodies is the essential part for the implementation of the programs. We received the approval from the Social welfare Council (SWC), the main government body to oversee the social projects of all the NGOs, and INGOs. After the SWC approval, we further coordinated with the local schools, Village Councils, Local government bodies and stakeholders. Finally MoU were signed between SEI Nepal and the schools and furniture manufacturing companies.

The school was called to the Kathmandu to receive the allocated number of chairs, tables, and other furniture as per the number of students in the classrooms.



       I.            ECD and class one from the three schools was furnished with the beautiful child friendly furniture.

    II.            Around 150 students are directly benefited by the project




SEI Nepal had to negotiate hard with the government organizations to get the approval letter for distributing the furniture. The project overshot the costs due to the delays in granting approvals by the local govt bodies and schools. The transportation of the furniture to the treacherous location of the schools added more costs and hardships.


Expected outcomes and Impact

  • The classrooms have been well furnished with reading corners and children’s books.
  • The students have the required furniture and space for their studies and group learning.
  • The teachers and the students will be creative and problem solving with the use of multi pieces of furniture and resource materials for group discussions.
  • The students have books in their classroom which will support in their studies.
  • A reading culture has been developed among the students which will be transferred to generations. It will increase the students' enrollment and also creates learning platform for both teachers and students.
  • The project has enhance the teaching skill of the teachers.
  • The increment in attendance rate is higher.
  • The students have access to the books and will develop a reading culture.


Details Expenses:

For the detail expenses of the programs; we will attach Microsoft excel document

furniture under construction
furniture under construction
Modern classroom furniture
Modern classroom furniture
group work on new furniture
group work on new furniture
colors are sources of knowledge
colors are sources of knowledge


Oct 10, 2017

Students are excited to get their new furniture in their new classroom

SEI Nepal hs planned to furnish the classrooms it has renovated which were damaged by the April 2015 earthquake. Years passed since the devstating earthquake, recovery has been painfully slow, but gradually schools are moving their students into new classrooms. SEI Nepal is providing  furniture specifically designed for younger students in kindergarten and primary section. The furniture will be as per the children's height.

The students are happy to get the new earthquake resilient classrooms. The students have got the information about getting new furniture arropriate for them along with the reading corne r so, they are verry excited to have the furniture and learn more.

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