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Jun 12, 2018

Upcoming trip to area

Young girl in Iraq
Young girl in Iraq

Mike Parks and his team will venture into Iraq this fall to bring additional support to our team on the ground.  Much is being done to resolve permanence issues and help families to find ways of sustaining themselves.

Our hope is that families will be able to return home someday to rebuild and restore lives.  The team on the ground continues to help with temporary shelter, food resources, clean water and hygiene, as well as creating ideas for income generation amongst the refugees.

The teams on the ground spend much of their time restoring hope, building relationships with and amongst the refugees to avoid desperation.

Thank you for continuing your support to these displaced families.


Jun 4, 2018

Sharing Hope in Trying Times

GHNI-Jordan is directly involved in the crisis of the Iraqi refugees. We have reached out and helped a tremendous number of Iraqi refugee families and we continue to reach out to more families. We not only provide food, clothing, and financial help with rent/bills, we also provide support and companionship. GHNI helps individuals see beyond their current situation and by simply being there when refugee families need us, we provide help and hope to them.

*Samer and his wife, *Sacha, have a son. They are from Damascus and were living in Al-Sham before leaving Syria. When Samer was nine years old, he started to watch his neighbor who was a tailor. Samer would sneak into that man's workshop to play with the dying colors and the fabric.

One time, the man saw Samer sneaking and from that day on he started to teach Samer how to sew. Samer loved sewing as he was growing up and learning from that man. Samer’s ambition was to have a tailor workshop just like this man. Samer went to the army for a year and a half, and when he returned, the man had left Syria for the Gulf and didn’t return. The man called Samer and told him to take the workshop for himself. Samer now had his own workshop. His business grew, and he was exporting goods outside Syria.

Samer had to leave it all because of the war. He lost his house, car and his workshop. He and his family moved to Lebanon and stayed three months. They thought they would go back home at some point, but their situation was so bad that they were forced to change course and move to Jordan. Sami and his family have been in Jordan for five years now. He found a job and started to work as a tailor again. Recently, he had a serious accident. Samer was walking in the street when a car struck him and another vehicle, dragging Samer across the road. The people who are responsible haven't been nice to him and haven’t covered his medical treatment. Samer presented a complaint to the court because of the harm he suffered. He hopes the court will rule in his favor, so his surgeries and other medical costs are covered by those responsible. Samer now has plates and screws in his body but still can’t walk properly. His knees have been harmed.

Sacha, his wife, is very overwhelmed. She is feeling low because she and Samer are not appreciated, valued or taken care of. She was holding her tears back, but not for so long. She is concerned as her husband wanted to go back, which means that she might lose him. Both of Samer and Sacha miss Syria. They know they can't go back but they love it. They talked about the old days back in Syria and their life in Syria. As they were talking, their eyes were tearing. We encouraged them and tried to give them hope for the future. 


May 8, 2018

Encouragement from the youngest Roma

From the mouths of babes!
From the mouths of babes!

As our GHNI team works toward Transformational Community Development (TCD) in our village Djorgovska mahala, women have begun finding ways to encourage change during the week. They know that the results of their support are renovated apartments and built bathrooms with sanitary appliances. They also work toward complete change in their settlement. Parents and children are happy. Children help their parents in maintaining the hygiene of bathrooms, apartments, and personal hygiene.

Changes are visible and praised by parents. We have three groups of women with about 30 members.

A group of children also works to implement their knowledge. We are teaching them about:

  • Maintaining personal hygiene
  • Regularly attending school
  • Respect for the elderly and parents
  • Bringing new children to the group

In their families, they listen to their parents. From listening, they learned that cursing and speaking ugly words is not respecting others. Now they know to say sorry, please, thank you, not to lie, and to respect their mates, parents, and elders.

Valentina, one little girl in particular, shares our lessons and stories with her parents. She’s an example for her parents, reminding them not to speak bad words and to behave better. Her parents are encouraged by her behavior.


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