Jul 1, 2020

Helping These Communities Prepare for Coronavirus

As you know the world has been overtaken by Coronavirus. Iraq is having a delayed outbreak; cases didn’t start to increase until June, but they have been climbing steadily ever since. Many of the communities don’t have adequate health services and there is concern the whole system will be overwhelmed.

Recently, over two intense days in this environment we were able to present health seminars on COVID-19 among the camps and communities for Yezidi Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) with whom we are working. Through these lessons we were able to share information on the seriousness of the disease, how it is spreading, how to protect oneself from it, and recommend hygiene practices to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. The possibility of its coming will likely affect the IDPs all around this region in northern Iraq, in the camps they moved into after the most recent offensive.

We did this in a training course so that they can be aware of this deadly virus and how to protect oneself.  Afterwards, we started distributing masks, sanitizers, and latex gloves to the Yezidi families. Then we started distributing some short term food relief packages, including rice, cooking oil, meat…. etc. among some of the groups to help them for the next several weeks.

The work was successfully carried out in accordance with local law and guidelines issued by the governor and the district commissioner to protect the people. We worked with a great number of the families we help, gathered them in smaller groups and gave them the lessons. Then we asked them to do their part and help pass on the lessons to their kinsmen and communities.  This way, we did not create a large crowd that could have spread the disease and to demonstrate the recommended guidelines. During each training we provided the required masks, latex gloves, sanitizers and soaps, which are very necessary, to those who participated.

And our strategy is to continue serving these Yezidi families, who together with a number of other minority families, were victims of the war in the Middle East that began when ISIS rose in power.

Participants in one training
Participants in one training
Organizing another training
Organizing another training


May 20, 2020

Women Learning and Growing in Afghanistan

Literacy courses concluded at our Women Empowerment Centre (WEC). Forty women learnt how to read and write in Farsi, and they also learnt some mathematics. A little more than a year ago most of these women had difficulties even counting money.

 The women are still participating in health lessons.  Our hygiene trainer contacted the Director of Health in Bamyan to get more lessons and new materials for our students. The English class is going well, there are 50 students learning English in two different classes. The lower class finished their books. Soon they will start a new, more advanced book.

 The following is a  good example of the multiplying effect that Transformational Community Development (TCD) can have:  Two girls who started an English class with us less than two years ago have started their own English course. Each of them has about 25 students–and they continue to also attend our English course!

 Thank you very much for your interest and engagement. It is our honour to lift people out of poverty and improve their lives!


Mar 12, 2020

Empowering women

The Empowerment Center has two community women working in a retail space that's been added to the center, Gakii and Lukea. In this space, products created by the women learning in the center are being sold as a means of income for the EC.  The retail space is located in Isiolo where many are commuting through the city and we expect the space to see some traffic as a result.  

The EC students are now making uniforms for kindergartners at the school in Attir. An arrangement was made to provide the uniforms in exchange for the village covering the entire salary of the teacher for a month creating a win-win for the children. We have more progress to be made for this operation to be earning sufficient income to be self-supporting, but they are getting some practice and developing solutions.

There are 21 students in the dressmaking program. In addition, the hairdressing program has started. Two young women from Attir, Meri and Sylvana, are serving as volunteer teachers for 5 - 6 students who have started the program. Meri is a graduate of the tailoring and dressmaking program, as well as having a talent for hairdressing. 

Your ongoing support is how this important work is being done.  Offering a hand up to those in great need!


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