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Oct 2, 2017

It has been a rollercoaster period

Possible Effect of Chemo if delivered manually
Possible Effect of Chemo if delivered manually

Dear Friends of St Cyril,

We have been able to complete our  first chemo clinic at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) since March but, unfortunately, due to delay in completion because of downturn of our economy in Nigeria; change in management and Government policy; we have been unable to utilize the chemo suite. Though we were devastated by this major setback, we did not let it deter us. We are now at advanced stage of securing another premises  of our own.

Despite this we were able to hold our 2nd Annual Seminar in August. The theme this year was "Palliative Cancer Care in Nigeria" We had an international speaker, Dr A. Hazini a well known Palliativist, Oncologist and Haematologist with many years experience in palliative care. We had Nigerian Oncology experts discussing pain management and psychological care of cancer patients. The panellists for the discussion section was made up of survivors and they  gave insight into the urgent need for Palliative care team for cancer, in Nigeria. Subsequent to the seminar we have started gathering data on cancer patient experiences in Lagos. This will be valuable as we plan for treatment

We are also set to start a 3-month screening campaign titled "Time is Now" from October 2017. Our focus are the four most prevalent cancers in Nigeria-Breast, Cervix, Prostate and Colo-rectal. We hope to reach at least 100,000 people through social media, electronic and print media.We khope that at least 5% of them get screened. This is 5,000 more people taking that first step.

Thank you for your continued support. Please do not  relent. We are starting our first clinic this year and know you will be right there with us-answering our call. Please share this with your friends and help us get the word out.

Lastly, please check if your employer matches employee funds on Globalgiving, so your donation can be even more.

Warm regards,


Palliative Care seminar flyer
Palliative Care seminar flyer
Treatment room before renovation
Treatment room before renovation
Chemo treatment room - after renovation
Chemo treatment room - after renovation


Jul 3, 2017

Forming partnerships; setting up systems


Hello to all our donors and all who are subscribed to GlobalGiving.

The fact that you are reading this already shows you have a giving spirit and want to help others. For this we are grateful.

This giving spirit is evident during our World Cancer Day aerobic activity Where we had a good turnout and raised some money. It was fun and rewarding in many ways as you can see from our photos.

Let us update you on our first chemotherapy center. We have been hard at work since our last report. We are in the process of setting up our data collection system using a Health Information Management System. We were able to initiate this from our GlobalGiving disbursement in May .This is important because one of the objectives of St Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation is to be able to provide credible data on cancer situation in Nigeria. So much of the current information is in small research units that is used for the whole country. We want to change that and this is a start. Our role model is American Cancer Society (ACS) in this area. The data ACS has (and still is) gathered for decades now makes the organisation a national and international cancer data resource

We are also very excited to have reached conclusion state with a major oncopharm marketing company in Nigeria to supply our patients’ oncology drugs at a discount. This is a huge benefit for us. In addition they are donating a refrigerator and storage cabinet to us. This will make the treatment affordable to so many more patients

For us to continue to efficiently work, we have increased our staff by one. Dami is our new intern and has been working in a lot of areas especially campaigns. He is part of our GG Rewards campaign team. His degree in International Affairs gives him a global approach to a local issue.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support. All these great strides would not be possible without you. There is so much still left to do as you can see on our globlgiving  page, . Spread the word so we can have more people join us to support many Nigerians suffering from cancer

Until our next report, it is goodbye from,

Mojisola Animashaun

Apr 4, 2017

Infusion Pumps urgently needed to give cancer drugs accurately

Experience we want for Chemotherapy patients
Experience we want for Chemotherapy patients

Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer using drugs and is one of the main ways of treatment for cancer, along with surgery and radiation therapy. The drugs used can be harmful if they are not put into the blood at the correct rate. It can reduce the patient’s chance of being cured of the cancer and can even cause other side effects such as severe vomiting and even damage some organs such as liver and kidneys

Infusion Pumps will ensure the drugs go into the patient at a precise and customized way that is calculated based on many factors. This prevents a one size fits all approach, giving the thousands of patients treated with chemotherapy in Nigeria a better chance of survival .This is why the Infusion Pumps are so critical for chemotherapy.

Currently, 100% of the 40 cancer patients receiving chemotherapy in Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) are treated without this vital equipment. Treatments are not confirmed accurately and  depends on skill of medical personnel only The drugs are given using just a regular drip stand or pushed through a syringe by a nurse or doctor . Both of these are currently the options available

St Cyril Foundation Chemotherapy Center will use the infusion pumps to treat 20% of patients in May 2017 and aims to treat 100% of cancer patients on chemotherapy safely and accurately by April 2018

One pump costs $1700 We need two this week, so help us reach our goal of $3400

Donate up to $50 TODAY and GlobalGiving can add $25 so we can reach our target faster.

Infusion Pump Image
Infusion Pump Image
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