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Jul 13, 2018

NOISE Launches in North Omaha

This past May, with support and mentorship from The Listening Post Collective, NOISE OMAHA officially launched!

NOISE is a new community-led journalism initiative committed to stregnthening information and distribution for everyone in North Omaha and across the city. The idea for NOISE grew out of an Information Ecosystem Assessment for North Omaha that found the community woefully underserved by local and regional news, especially when it comes to local government. 

To increase civic participation in an area that saw a decline in federal election turnout between 2008/12 and 2016, the NOISE team worked with The Omaha Star, to produce a six-page publication in April focused on the theme of “POWER!” and the primary elections in May. The publication included a detailed voting directory of federal, state, city and county races. Thousands of copies were distributed as an insert in the Omaha Star, direct mailed to homes, hand distributed to people at community events and disbursed online. People said it was the first time they had seen a graphic that was so clear about the offices for election and the people running. A number of people under 30 said the directory helped them vote when they would have otherwise forgotten.

NOISE's own inaugural issue came out on May 4th and is available to read online at the link above. You can also follow their Instagram feed and see all the activities they are organizing in North Omaha to bring people together. Thanks again for all your interest and support in the work of the Listening Post Collective around the country!

Jul 6, 2018

Kicking off the next phase of InfoAsAid

On July 2nd, the InfoAsAid team got together to kick off the new phase of this project. This team meeting brought together our regional community correspondents with Justin A. the editor/manager/mentor of InfoAsAid.

In addition to the ongoing InfoAsAid Facebook page (with almost 72,000 followers!), this new phase includes community listening sessions and physical newsletters, which are especially important as a means to reach people with limited to no internet access. 

The kick off meeting included a journalism training for the correspondents, as well as planning the upcoming listening sessions: which locations across Puerto Rico, community leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors, and the questions and structure of each session.  

Starting this month, the community correspondents weekly responsibilites include: two original reports, seeking out and sharing three relevant media reports or social media content, and one listening session (alternating between community members and leaders--elected/private/non-profit, to ensure feedback between leaders and community), and report outs of each listening session. 

Partnerships are in development with radio stations around the island to amplify the reach of all this information. 

We're excited and grateful to be able to continue and expand the InfoAsAid work, and will continue to share the stories and updates over the coming weeks and months. Thank you for all of your support!

Jul 3, 2018

Project Update on the Rohingya Humanitarian Information Service

Over the past few months, Internews' work in and around Cox's Bazar with Rohingya refugees has continued to grow and evolve to meet needs on the ground. We've been able to build out three programs to share critical information, address rumors, and diffuse tensions between refugee and host communities.


Flying News: Rumor Tracking Bulletins

The Flying News Rumor Tracking bulletin captures rumors and perceptions of Rohingya Refugees to eliminate information gaps between the humanitatian agencies and refugees. They are published in Banlga and English and you can read the June edition, along with more information about how they are developed, at the link below.


Bala Bura Narrowcast Audio Program

There are now 20 Rohingya Community Correspondents, half of whom are women, working together to produce a localized audio program called Bala Bura, which means, Good-Bad, as in How are things--good or bad? To reach as many people as possible, the team walks around the camp and sets up speakers to play the program in public places. You can read a full article and see photos of the correspondents in action, at the link below. 


Shantir Lai Kotha Koi: Talking Peace

In addition to Bala Bura, another team of 12 correspondents, half Bangladeshi and half Rohingya, are working together to produce a program broadcast on Radio Naf to address critical local issues, rumors, and tensions that affect the host and refugee communities. a full article about the program is below as well. 


None of this would have been possible without the support of GlobalGiving and people like you, who believe in this work. Thank you!


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