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Mar 14, 2018

Shelter for Abused Girls in Sierra Leone

To all our donor, friends, colleagues and family:


We thank all of you for your support and donations and for the help which you have shown in our efforts to build the shelter for abused girls in Bo, Sierra Leone.

We have good news:

1.   We are able to accommodate more girls due to the expansion of the shelter.

2.   We have purchased new beds for all the girls.

3. We have corrected the problem with the ravine that caused a great deal of flooding by building a retaining wall to prevent future overflows and flooding.

4. We are investigating purchasing new solar panels but would need to raise funds.

5.   We have hired new staff to help us manage the shelter and take care of the residents, which, has been costly, but necessary.

All of the above has cost our group an increased outlay of funds, so we are once again at the point of beginning a new fund raising campaign to help us pay for all the improvements, outlays and expenses. We are grateful that we are now helping more young women as they struggle with the problems that continues to exist in one of the poorest country in the world.

We ask for your assistance and continued good will and hopefully, your generosity will contiue as we continue to grow.

We thank you and appreciate with grateful heart all of what you have done in our work.

On behalf of the abused girls now residing in our shelter (and many more to come as we continue to grow), please accept our heartfelt thanks.

In gratitude,

Dr. Jen

Dec 14, 2017

Report on Shelter for Abused Girls in Sierra Leone

To all our friend and donors to the Girls Shelter in Bo, Sierra Leone:

We want to file this report and let all our friends and donors know that we continue to be grateful for the donations we have received to help us rebuild the shattered Girls Shelter in Bo, Sierra Leone.

We have made many advances with the shelter despite the various problems we encountered because of the flooding and heavy rains. 

         *  We have repaired the generator which was ruined because of the flooding.

         *  All the mattresses were replaced.

         *  We replaced the clothing of the girls and women that had been carried off due to the flooding.

         *  We have built a barrier in front of the shelter so that there will be no flooding in the future.

         *  We are now teaching the girls skills at the computer school.

         *  And we have finally secured a stable internet at the shelter.

Although we have not reached our goal in raising funds to complete the shelter, all our teams are working very hard to raise funds and we are hopeful for the continued support of our friends and donors from all over the world.

We thank each of you for your help and in this season of "Good Cheer" we wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed Holiday.

In gratitude,

Dr. Jen

U..S. Representative and Board Member

Sep 19, 2017

Commit and Act Girls Shelter in Bo, Sierra, Leone

To all our friends and donors to the Girls Shelter in Bo, Sierra, Leone

We gratefully acknowledge all of you for your support and donations as it has helped us with the building of the Girls Shelter in Bo, Sierra, Leone. With the donations we had received, we were beginning to put the foundation, flooring, dividers, etc in the building and we were hopeful that with additional contributions, we would be able to build the roof.

But, as you must have recently read in the news and telecasts, there was a tremendous mudslide in Sierra, Leone, but in addition to the mud, there was a catastrophic flooding in many areas, including Bo that affected the Girls Shelter: for example, the generator was completely broken, the shelter was completely damaged, cement to build the Shelter was washed away, mattresses floated away, the food (like rice and chicken) were destroyed, the girls and women’s clothing were washed away leaving them only with the clothes on their back.

There is an estimated loss of over $7000 USD. With the destruction, we are forced to face the reality that we have to start all over again to build the Girls Shelter and we must again begin a recovery drive to raise donations in order to build again. For a country that has had so much suffering and difficulties in the past, to once more have to face a new challenge, would be naturally overwhelming, but our teams not only in the U.S., but in Germany, UK, Europe and other parts, are all ready and willing to once again mount a campaign to help the people of Sierra Leone.

We thank you again for your help and we turn to you again for your assistance in helping us rebuild.

In gratitude,

Dr. Jen


Dr. Jennifer Nardozzi

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

786-427-5323 (office telephone number)

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