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Apr 2, 2018

Community Activities - also for new residents!

Dear GlobalGiving and supporters of our Syrian Women Empowerment Program,

I hope this project update frinds you well!

We are carrying out with our daily activities on Kara Tepe Camp. The winter months have passed through with us holding our breaths for the deep winter cold to hit, however now we are already experiencing some warm sunshine. This does come at a cost - boat arrivals of refugees are now at an all-time high from the past 2 years since the EU-Turkey deal. To give an idea:

Kara Tepe camp is at full capacity of 1200 residents (capacity of 1200 residents)

Moria camp is at full capacity with 5500 residents (capacity of 1800) 

The camps in Athens are full - and just on Tuesday alone, we received 300 new people on the island from boat arrivals. Boat arrivals are increasing on a daily basis and together with other NGO's we are holding our breath to see how the island will be able to accomodate this surge in terms of responding to needs. 

This does increase tensions as well as the response's capacities from organisations on the island.

The means that there is a large influx of new families and Syrian women on Kara Tepe Camp. We have worked hard to make sure that they are aquainted with our projects and also that they know about our activities. We have made sure to send out flyers informing them of the activities so that they can join. So far - they have shown great enthusiasm especially with activities such as 'cookies and conversations' and also with community cooking, and with ladies night where they dance together to a variety of cultural music. 

We are hoping to continue accomodating these new ladies and influx of new residents into the activities as well as possible - and hope that there will not be too high of an increase in new boat arrivals as the capacity is currently full. If the boats continue to arrive then we will be continuing to need as much help as possible in other areas and support! 

Thank you very much for your support in this great project to activate Syrian women together on Kara Tepe so far through our current running activities. 

With gratitude

Team Movement on The Ground

Jan 2, 2018

Christmas and New Years on Kara Tepe CampUS

To start off with our update on our 'Syrian Women Empowerment Programme' we would like to first off wish you a very, warm, healthy, peaceful and happy New Year!

What is happening on Lesvos and with our project during this time of year?

Cooking Events - At Almost Full Capacity
Our Giving Food Truck ( has been running at almost full capacity with cooking activities with residents to cater to the camp during this holiday season. We have created a special holiday season soup distribution on Christmas evening for the community of around 1200 camp residents (with the appearance of Santa Claus as well). In addition, we had a New Years food distribution from our Giving Food Truck with Syrian Women united to help. This was a very bonding experience for women to come together and to help feed and celebrate this time of year. This activity was supervised by our team of volunteers who are also spending this holiday season to support our work on Kara Tepe CampUS on Lesvos, Greece, with whom we are very grateful for. They have worked hand in hand with the Syrian women on the CampUS to make these soup activties a reality during the cold winter season.

There have been a significant increase of boart arrivals of people from Turkey. This is a very dangerous journey which is prohibited, but continues in increasing quantities. Just to give you an idea, on New Years night there, was a boat arrival 15 minutes before the clock striked 12.00am and another boat arrival 15 minutes after 12.00am on January 1st. This morning, there was a boat arrival of 171 new people onto the island. To accomodate this, the camp management is using our Community Yurt where there they register all of the new community members into Kara Tepe. This has meant that we have not been able to conduct some activities due to the usage of space in the afternoons such as Cookies and Conversations as well as Cinema Night. We have been able to make use of it for a Ladies Night, where women gathered together with their kids as well to join together to dance. In addition, we have run women's activities where we are teaching women technological skills through our Digital Learning Lab. We are currently developmenting an art course for adult women. It is an informal art course, however has said to have an impact to help heal trauma in an artistic and uplifting way.

We have a team of up to 10 dedicated volunteers at any given time who are glad to continue running these activities as well as engaging more and more of the women to continue participating.

We look forward to keeping you posted about the developments of this project thought the coming weeks and months.

On behalf of Movement on The Ground and the community on Kara Tepe, thank you for making this possible! 


Oct 5, 2017

Diverse Projects for the Women!

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce our updates on the Syrian Women Empowerment Program! 

Ladies Night

This is an event which is becoming more and more successful amongst the women in the camp. We allow them to come and they are allowed to bring their children if they are the only caretakers of them. Its an evening for them to relax, let loose in a fun and safe environment. We are seeing that this is a fun night for community buildig, beacuse the women get to know each other better through these weekly Ladies night inside our community yurt. 

Digital Learning Lab

We are setting up another inspiring activitiy for the women on our camp - the digital learning lab!

This is a project about trainings on how to become more technological. This is a unique opporutnity for women to harness their skills or to learn entirely a new set of skillset which can benefit them in the future on their next journey. We are doing this thanks to the sponsorship of 20 new Sony laptops. We have a team of volunteers who are now running these trainings weekly and which we are now integrating as part of our Syrian Women Empowerment programme for the women to receive these trainings. 

Cooking Activities - Eid Mubarak!

With the celebrations of Eid recently, we celebrated with the community and through the women's programme, the women were able to cook for the rest of the entire community. Using traditional Syrian receipies inside our Giving Food truck, we were able to cater for a large part of the community. This was a project that was very well received by the women from Syria who were cooking, who could share their receipies and celebrate as if they were at home. They used all traditional dishes and recipies. The rest of the community greatly enjoyed the flavours. It was a peaceful and grand set of cooking events for the community. 

Situational Changes

Due to a large influx of people coming into the island, the dynamics are changing. With other camps outside Kara Tepe becoming over populated, we are creating more space inside of Kara Tepe to be able to accomodate this. For this reason, we expect more Syrian women to come into the community. We are ready to integrate them into part of our projects and activities. 

We are greateful for all of your support!
We look forward to updating you soon on the next developments and results from our Syrian Women Empowerment Program. 
Team Movement on The Ground


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