Sep 24, 2018

Preparing for the winter months...

Hi everyone!

We would like to provide you firstly with the current situation we are facing: 

Kara Tepe is still housing a maximum capacity of 1250 refugees, of whom are the most vulnerable on the island such as sick, elderly, familes, women and children. 

Despite operating at full capacity, the situation on Kara Tepe is considerably under control in the sense that there are minimum incidents or tensions, in comparison to other camps on the island. In regards to our Syrian Women Empowerment program, we have been seeing a high rotation of women coming and going on the camp. Therefore, our program is something in which the activities are continuously being introduced to new women on the camp. This is not the case for all women of course... as we do see that for several there has been a strong element of continuity for women to be able to develop their skills throughout several months at a time. Our founder would like to quote a special moment, where she found two women arguing over a recipie in the community kitchens:

"When little normal things happen in the middle of a crisis, they are like diamonds."

Moria camp on the other hand, is a camp neaby with a capacity of roughly 2300 people. This camp actually hosts over 8000 people which is an all time high. The siutation there is extremely dire, with riots, mental health issues, lack of basic needs and by no means are people provided with a dignified environment to live in. We are looking to expand our project on Giving Solar powered electricity to families to the OLIVE GROVE which is a subsection of Moria camp. This area hosts mostly men, however we are slowly gathering together a small community of women with whom we would be able to expand our Syrian Women Empowerment Program.

With gratitude for your support,

Team Movement on The Ground

Jun 26, 2018

Celebratory time & new sports element!

Hi everyone!

Hope this update finds you all doing well. 

I am happy to share with you the updates on our Syrian Women Empowerment Program on Kara Tepe Camp on Lesvos. 

We have had an eventful recent weeks with ramadan, the 4 week celebration of the holy month, the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to sunset. We gathered the ladies together before this celebration to make a plan for celebrations, cooking events for throughout the month. They were very enthusiastic to celebrate this holy month in the similar ways they have always done so at home, and to be able to cook for their families and neighbours. We had 4 weeks of cooking and distribution of food in the evening to the isoboxes. 

In addition, we have also been having nutritional cooking classes to raise the awareness of health and nutrition in the cooking. Lastly, we also implemented "mother-daughter soccer". This has been a super fun weekly event of women coming together with their daughters to play some soccer together at a nearby soccer field. This is great sports educaion, great to boost emotional state, energy, and health. In addition, its a great time and space for women to join together in a sport to play and forget about their current situation. We have seen this be a great success.

With almost 12 months havinig passed, we have also seen a complete change of community members, with women coming and going with their familes. Therefore we hope that these woman have been able to take what they have learnt onto their new journeys. 

With best wishes on behalf of the team on Lesvos

Apr 2, 2018

Community Activities - also for new residents!

Dear GlobalGiving and supporters of our Syrian Women Empowerment Program,

I hope this project update frinds you well!

We are carrying out with our daily activities on Kara Tepe Camp. The winter months have passed through with us holding our breaths for the deep winter cold to hit, however now we are already experiencing some warm sunshine. This does come at a cost - boat arrivals of refugees are now at an all-time high from the past 2 years since the EU-Turkey deal. To give an idea:

Kara Tepe camp is at full capacity of 1200 residents (capacity of 1200 residents)

Moria camp is at full capacity with 5500 residents (capacity of 1800) 

The camps in Athens are full - and just on Tuesday alone, we received 300 new people on the island from boat arrivals. Boat arrivals are increasing on a daily basis and together with other NGO's we are holding our breath to see how the island will be able to accomodate this surge in terms of responding to needs. 

This does increase tensions as well as the response's capacities from organisations on the island.

The means that there is a large influx of new families and Syrian women on Kara Tepe Camp. We have worked hard to make sure that they are aquainted with our projects and also that they know about our activities. We have made sure to send out flyers informing them of the activities so that they can join. So far - they have shown great enthusiasm especially with activities such as 'cookies and conversations' and also with community cooking, and with ladies night where they dance together to a variety of cultural music. 

We are hoping to continue accomodating these new ladies and influx of new residents into the activities as well as possible - and hope that there will not be too high of an increase in new boat arrivals as the capacity is currently full. If the boats continue to arrive then we will be continuing to need as much help as possible in other areas and support! 

Thank you very much for your support in this great project to activate Syrian women together on Kara Tepe so far through our current running activities. 

With gratitude

Team Movement on The Ground

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