Nov 23, 2020

What future awaits us?

Gonzalo Garcia Callegari
Gonzalo Garcia Callegari

Hello everyone,

We hope you all are doing good and keeping yourselves sane.

2020 keeps surprising us. Peru just finishes a very intense and unexpected few weeks. Although the risk to our democracy seems that just passed, we are still finding some answers of how that happened. As is any other parts of the world, the reality is pushing us to make changes: in and individual level and a as part of a system. If you want to know what happened to Peru, I would recommend you to read this article and this one, too.

Due to the pandemic, our work continued to be done but slower than ever. The distance of the community, the funds available that we used to generate by ourselves (almost reduced to 0) and the fact that many people are suffering these days, reduce our possibility to do our work as we usually do. Nonetheless, we continue to:
- Bring food to the community, not just to the kids but now to the 91 families that are living in the community. Please, we keep counting on your donations (now, more than ever!)
- Keep working with them on the next stages. Stay tuned! Our biggest project ever is coming very soon.
We want to share with you an interview we made to the principal of the school in the community, who has been a wonderful support to do our work during these months. You can find the interview, here.
The situation could be chaotic as it was a week ago, the level of hope is not the same everyday BUT one of the lessons for this time is to remember that we can find courage within ourselves and that it becomes stronger when we remember that all of us together are ONE.
Stay safe everyone!
Nexos Comunitarios
Jul 17, 2020

How are isolated communities these days?

Social distance line to receive the bags of food.
Social distance line to receive the bags of food.

Dear all,

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

In this crisis, we are all suffering. However, those who live in poverty are suffering the most. Poverty does not only persist but has increased during these months.  Where were those accomplishments on the eradication on poverty some institutions have been applauding? If you want to know more about it, you might find interesting the last report of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. The parlous state of poverty eradication, that was released a last week.

For now, we have been supporting our community partner with food and basic hygiene kit (soaps). We were able to delivered 85 baskets, two weeks ago.  We are hoping to deliver more very soon.

Find below all our latest weekly messages and send us an email to if you want to receive them directly to your email.

An adequate standard of living. That's te goal.

Life's intimate connections.

First basket delivery to Cuncani: Done 

We need sport. Sport needs us.

News from Cuncani: Holding pattern and patience

Thanks so much for your continued support! We really need it.

Nexos Comunitarios

Eggs as part of the delivery bags
Eggs as part of the delivery bags
Some of the bags on our way to the community
Some of the bags on our way to the community


Feb 24, 2020

Lunch Program 2020


Hello everyone!

We are here again! While we are here writing this message for you, 16 university students and a university professor are in Cuncani supported by our Project Director, Kenji Misawa, our Program coordinator, Dave Holmes and a new friend of our family, David Borish. You should follow his wonderful work on instagram! You can find him as Davidborishvisuals!

All of them are working on more activities dedicated to the Kick-Off project and teaching the children to ride a bicycle so the 52 ones who are going to Lares, for high school, can go there safe!

Classes for Primary school will start very soon and it is our time to raise the funds for their lunch. This would be the 6th year the kids would grow without anaemia, if we reach our goal. 

For years, we have tried to find a sustainable way to provide good nutrition to the children but the isolation factor and lack of presence of government are challenges that we haven't been able to combat, yet.

Soon we will start our new campaign, and we hope we can have your support! Whilst our campaign is prepared, we want to share with you this video that summarizes our Kick-Off Project!

Thanks again,

Nexos Comunitarios



Buenas tardes a todas y todos!

Hemos vuelto :) Mientras escribimos estas linease para ustedes, 16 estudiantes universitarios, 1 profesor universitario se encuentra en Cuncani trabajando en el proyecto Kick-Off. Junto a ellos, también están nuestro Director de Proyectos, Kenji Misawa, nuestro Coordinador de Programas, Dave Holmes y un nuevo amigo de nuestra organización: David Borish. Deberían seguir su maravilloso trabajo en Instagram! Búsquenlo como Davidborishvisuals! 

Ellas y ellos están trabajando en actividades dedicadas al proyecto Eder educación Kick-Off y enseñando a las niñas y niños a montar bicicletas. 52 de ellos manejarán sus bicicletas, a partir de este año para poder ir a la secundaria. Fue el mejor regalo que pudieron tener para navidad. Gracias a En Bici al Cole, por contribuir con nuestro trabajo.

Las clases en primaria empezarán muy pronto y es momento de empezar una nueva recaudación de fondos para sus almuerzos. Este podrá ser lel sexto año para que las niñas y niños puedan seguir creciendo sin anemia. Esperamos alcanzar nuestra meta. 

Por años hemos tratado de encontrar una solución sostenible para proveer mejor nutrición a las niñas y niños pero el aislamiento y la falta de presencia del estado, son retos muy grandes que no hemos podido combatir, aún.

Pronto empezaremos con una nueva campaña y esperamos contar con su ayuda. Mientras preparamos todo, los dejamos con este video que resume nuestro proyecto Kick-Off!

Muchas gracias nuevamente,

Nexos Comunitarios

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