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Apr 9, 2018

Community project to improve health and nutrition.

Community based approach to improve health and nutritional status and to reduce deaths of tribal of Melghat, Maharashtra

                           (Report Jan to March 2018  ) 

MAHAN (Meditation, AIDS, Health, Addiction, Nutrition) is a non-government organization established in 1998 to improve health care in Melghat region. MAHAN was touched by Gandhian teaching that “youths should go to the villages to serve as real India is in villages”. Melghat is the hilly forest area in the beautiful Satpuda mountain ranges. Population is 300,000 & 75% of them are tribal. Korku is the major tribe of Melghat. Most of the tribal (>90 %) are farmers or labourers, living below poverty line (>75%) & very hard life inkaccha houses(>90%) mostly without electricity & illiterate (>50%). Medical facilities are worst in Melghat as compared to rest of Maharashtra.  Due to lack of proper medical facilities & superstitions, tribal goes to traditional faith healers/quacks (pujari&bhumkas) for treatment of illness. Skin is burnt with red hot iron rod for reducing pain known as Damma. This lead to very high under 5 children mortality (>100 per 1000 live births) especially Malnutrition related deaths and very high mortality in age group (16-60 years) & maternal mortality. Moved by such things, we started the project in Melghat in November 1997.  MAHAN Trust has dedicated its work to reduce malnutrition and mortality among women and under-five children through various programs like HBCC, MCPEPAG and SAMMAN. Below is a snapshot of our achievements in these projects aided by our generous donors.

SAMMAN (Community based Management for Severely Malnourished Children)

Aim of the Project

To reduce prevalence and death of severe malnutrition in under 5 children (SMC) (SUW & SAM) using local therapeutic food (LTF) distributed by Village Health Workers (VHWs).

Activities and Impact (Old 10 Villages)

Due to our efforts, we could successfully reduce the prevalence of SUW and SAM.  There was not a single death amongst treated SMCs and hence we could achieve WHO target of CFR of <4%.

Success story:-

A 3 year and 7 months old, female child from village Keli was diagnosed as SMC with weight 6.360 Kg and Height 67 Cm, child was lethargic and had feeding difficulty. She is being treated from 16/01/2018 and today weight of the child is 7.00 kg and height is 69 cm.  Today the child is active and plays well.


HBCC (Home Based Child Care Program)

Aim of the Project

To reduce under 5 children mortality rate and prevalence of malnutrition.

Activities and Impact old 10 Villages

No. of patients treated by VHWs :- 553

Behavior change communication –  7470

There was statistically highly significant reduction of child deaths.

Activities and Impact New 20 Villages

Behavior change communication of beneficiaries –  3511

Success Story

A  8 months female child was diagnosed as case of Pneumonia since 3 days, with respiration rate  56/M and fever 1010F. The child was treated with Syp. Cotrimoxazole and Paracetamol. Now the child is well.

MCPEPAG (Mortality control program for economically productive age group, 16-60 years)

Aim of the Project

To reduce number of deaths in 16-60 years age group.

Activities and Impact

This program involves treatment of patients suffering from hypertension, malaria, diarrhea, asthma and referral of patients of TB, heart diseases, anemia, etc. to hospital.

Report of old 10 Villages:-  

Total number of beneficiaries :- 290

There was statistically highly significant reduction in Age specific mortality rate (16-60) years and prevalence of hypertension .

Success Story:-

A 38 years female from village Keli was presented with pain in abdomen and diarrhoea. She was given ORS and Tab. Norfloxacin. Now she is ok.

Hospital report:-

Number of patient treated in OPD:- 1634

Number of Patients treated in ICU and wards  :- 160

Success story:-

1) A one and half year male child residence of Ghota presented with abdominal distention, respiratory distress and drowsiness. He was treated with antibiotics, IV fluids and Oxygen . He was relieved next day. Then he was discharged after 2 days on home treatment.

 2) A tribal female child of age 14 months, from the village Utavali presented at our hospital on 29/03/2018 with complaints of fever, cough, cold since 4- 5 days and  respiratory distress  since 1 day. She was admitted in our hospital and given IV fluids, Antibiotics, Oxygen, etc. After vigorous treatment she was relieved on 2nd day. She was treated for next 3 days and discharged on 1st April 2018 in normal condition.




Jan 8, 2018

Program to reduce deaths & malnutrition of tribal in central India .

Respected and Dear all,

MAHAN is the non- governmental organization dedicated to provide medical facilities to the tribal population of Melghat region (~ 3 lakhs).  Melghat is located in a hilly forest area in the Satpuda mountain ranges, where medical facilities are grossly inadequate (Doctor Patient ratio < one per 10,000 patients). MAHAN trust was founded by Myself,  Dr. Ashish Satav, MD, (46 years) and  my wife Dr.(Mrs.) Kavita Satav, MS (Ophthalmology) in 1998. When even any M.B.B.S. doctor was not willing to settle down in Melghat tribal area, we at the young age of 26, decided to stay in Dharni, Melghat to serve the tribal. We have already devoted 19 years of our life to this cause. 
The Area has very high mortality rate in under 5 children and in age group (16-60 years). MAHAN has already built a critical patient, eye hospital and children hospital, saved thousands of serious patients, provided vision to thousands of poor people & changed lives of hundreds of disabled patients by plastic surgeries. Home based child care is being provided for treatment of childhood illnesses specially to children suffering from malnutrition. Nutrition education and training of village health workers is playing an important role in providing proper health facilities to rural and tribal families in Melghat. MAHAN could reduce under 5 children deaths & severe malnutrition by more than 64% and deaths in age group of 16-60 years by more than 50% in 17 villages of Melghat.
Many of our successful programs & recommendations have been adopted by the Government for all tribal areas of Maharashtra thus benefiting lakhs of tribal population. Successful de-addiction of hundreds of people changed families. MAHAN developed sustainable source of nutrition for poor tribal. Innovative counselor program has saved thousands of lives by improving government hospitals. Through public interest litigation in Mumbai high court, MAHAN saved thousands of lives.
We have been honored with many prestigious awards (e.g. World Health Organization Public Health Champion Award) & international research publications and presentations for our research and services to the tribal.   

We will be very happy if your financial support can improve health status of poor tribal . 
Our detail report is attached.


With regards

Sincerely yours

Ashish Satav

Oct 30, 2017

MAHAN report (1997 to 2017)

Sunita was a poor tribal girl developed severe postburn contracture of right hand(boxing glove deformity) and arm and forearm when she was less than one year of age. She was not able to move and use right hand, forearm  and arm. She had burn of scalp and loss of hair. She was operated twice in our MAHAN hospital by Dr. Dilip Gahankari and his Australian team along with Dr. Nisal , Dr. Parikshit, Dr. Chandak, Dr Bapat ,Dr. Samrat, Dr. Gahukar, dr Deotale, Dr. Garge, Dr Kavita free of cost. It was life changing experience for her and family. Their joy and our satisfaction is unexplainable. Video is attached. Thanks to Caring Friends,  Arpan foundation and all supporters and team of MAHAN.

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