Sep 13, 2018

Progress Report YEP from June - August 2018

Yoga Session
Yoga Session

Employability Programme for Youth in Slums


Unemployment is one of the major problems faced by youth in India. Saath has been working with the urban slum poor since 2005 . While working with them Saath noticed that there are many youngsters who have dropped out of schools to earn livelihood. But they don’t have enough skills, so to resolve this issue Saath started employability programs, not only in Gujarat but also in Jharkhand, kalyan and Bihar. 

Objectives of the Programme:


  • To train disadvantaged youth, aged 18-30 years, between 180 - 300 hours and ensure they are placed and try to support of them in relevant jobs with assurance of minimum wages and opportunity for career advancement


  • To introduce minimum three innovations that would directly impact retention, skill enhancement, and program sustainability


Report Duration:June 2018 – August 2018

Various Activities conducted during this quarter


  1. Advance Hair Cutting Workshop @ Behrampura


Theory lecture about hair conducted and demonstrated 6 types of haircut like Straight cut, U cut, Deep U cut, V cut, Step cut and Layers cut


  1. A 3 Day Business Enterprise


A 3 Day Beauty & Wellness workshop organized by our Alumni group of Juhapura. As part of a recent alumni network building exercise, Saath is facilitating formation of groups by conducting various session on Journey of Participants after the training program, importance of building groups, benefits of group etc. Through this activity, a group of 6 alumni students came together to host the 3 day B & W workshop. Enterprise in Juhapura right before EID. The group made a net income of Rs.3,000/- .All the enterprise building components like marketing, drawing a rate card for all the various services, venue, mechanism of profit sharing, token system, material procurement etc. were taken up by the girls themselves.





  1. 14 Day Color Work Training for Women @ Behrampura – in association with Asian Paints


Through rigorous mobilization and 2community meeting, Saath initiated a batch of Color Work in association with Asian Paints as part of the Non-Traditional Livelihood Program.

A total of 28 women of age group 18-35 years enrolled themselves in the program. An expert from Asian Paints was assigned to conduct this express 14 day Training at Behrampura Centre.

24 women cleared the exams and are now eligible to be part of Asian Paints women painters’ squad or work independently as women painters. 


  1. Business Development & Cost Analysis & Return on Investment session with Beautypreneur program participants

As part of the entrepreneurship program with Beuaty & Wellness entrepreneurs, with support of Godrej, we conducted a 3 day session with BPs where-in information sharing on current market trends, analysis of trends, utilisation of client database , costing and return on investment through the program was discussed.

  1. Retail Management & Tally Training Program

Total of 20 students are undergoing the training for Tally course at the above mentioned two centre. During the training, pre and post counselling is taken up. This mainly helps in facilitating Placement after the completion of training.


  1. Exposure Visit with Women @ Work program participants

An exposure visit to Science city was organized with Women @ work program adolescent girls. Over 43 Girls participated. The visit provided a very good platform to understand various science concepts, experience the theories first hand and broaden their horizon. Girls were accompanied by STEM Trainer, Life skills facilitator and W @ W program manager.



Success Stories


Story 1

Name: Parmar Sneha Dilipbhai (Name Changed)

Age: 27

Education: 10th Fail

Course: Retail management

Centre: Meghaninagar

Marital Status: Married


Sneha’s family has 3 members. Her husband doesn’t work at the moment. He used to work as a daily wager in a factory where he would earn between RS 250 – 300 daily. He is working towards getting a job as a driving instructor. Her son is in the 1st grade. There was no income in the household.

Sneha wasn’t a 10th pass and didn’t know how to operate a computer which has become a necessity for a job today. So, she used to work a maid and a nanny in other households, earning about RS 8,000 – 10,000 monthly. A mobiliser approached her and told her about this course where she could learn how to operate a computer. She also thought that without knowing how to use a computer she wouldn’t be able to get a respectable job.

Self-confidence, communication skills, dressing sense, English speaking and multi-tasking are few of the skills she developed during the course. After her counselling she went for an interview at the Eva Women’s hospital and works there with a salary of RS 5,500 monthly.

Presently she has a respectable job and even though she has a lower income she feels proud and respected when she tells everyone of her job.      


Story 2

Name: Jyoti Kewat          (Name Changed)                                                           


Address: 22- Killol nagar, Rajendra Park, Odhav

Jyoti lives in Killol Nagar area of Odhav. She is 15 years old & is studying in Matruchhaya School.

Team of Women @Work met her during mobilization in a nearby area. She had failed in class 10th Science & Math exam and had lost all her confidence and motivation. The members of W@ W undertook home visits and counselling sessions of her parents, in order to seek permission to allow Jyoti to enrol in the STEM program.

During STEM training, she was curious to learn different scientific & mathematical terms. She made number of models like Abacus, electromagnet, Surface tension in fluids, Newton’s Laws, but among them all she really likes models of surface tension in fluids.With the help of life skill sessions, she has now regained her lost confidence, decision making power & Time management skills have also sharpened. She now has clarity about her goal.

She is motivated enough to re-enrol in class 10 and clear her previous examination.


Story 3

Name: Chauhan Manisha Anilbhai (Name Changed)

Address: Fafad seth’s Chawl, Akota Gam, Vadodara

Contact No.:7623005813

Center Name : Akshar Chowk Center

Course Name: Retail Management (Skill to Succeed)

Batch Duration: 25/6/2018 to 24/8/2018

Manisha comes from lower income family residing in the slum area of Akota Gam. She completed has completed her training successfully. Through this training she was able to work on her computer skills, basic English and communication, job readiness and on her knowledge on back end office work. Post the 2 months training she got an interview call from E- Plus Foundation. She now works as a part time computer operator and earns an income of Rs. 3,000/-. She is thoroughly thrilled with this sudden opportunity to grow and secure a job. 


W@W Exposure Visit
W@W Exposure Visit
Asian Paint Practical Session
Asian Paint Practical Session
Tree Plantation
Tree Plantation
Manisha Chauhan (Name Changed)
Manisha Chauhan (Name Changed)

Aug 30, 2018

Progress Report CFS from June - August, 2018

Child Friendly Spaces
Child Friendly Spaces


SAATH designed Child-Friendly Spaces- a unique, 4-hour informal education course with an aim to later enroll the child labourers, children of construction labourers in formal education. With a steady influx of migrating families to urban settlements and poor quality of education, creating alternative education spaces for quality education has become important.


The main and objective of this programme is to reach the child labourers and children of labourers and help them gain formal education eventually and there after making them skilled and self-sufficient. Children from the slums, child labourers as well as children of labourers on construction sites all require a strong base in education and access to quality education. Dropouts from school need to be continuously counselled and encouraged to go back to school. The education programs designed at Saath recognize this need and aims to bridge this gap.


Interns and Volunteers:

  • We had 9 interns in the month of June and July from Duke University, USA. They did various activities with the children. Taught them nursery  rhymes, alphabets in English, Dental Hygiene
  • Employees from Tata Capital came and spend some time with kids at the center. They did some craft activities and played lots of games.



  • Mrs. Chandani celebrated her birthday with these children. They cut cake and had yummy lunch with return gifts.
  • Mrs. Kiran celebrated her birthday with these kids, she said this was one of the best birthday she has every celebrated. She donated food and school kits to the children at Godrej Center.
  • Employees of Marriott, Ahmedabad took children  for movie screening. Children had fun at the screening and enjoyed popcorns
  • Saath Charitable Trust in association with Approach foundation, conducted the workshop on pot painting in one of the park’s of Ahmedabd. There children were taught how to paint pots. .
  • 20+ children were invited by Marriott Hotel Children relished upon cuisines, which would be rare for them. They learnt table etiquettes including how to use spoon and forks. They felt special for the day for the special treatment and attention they received from the staff.
  • Children of Saath were invited to an event organized by the Traffic Department of the city. They were transported in the department’s bus to the venue, GMDC Ground. The aim was to make children aware of traffic rules. The demonstration was followed by painting activity. All the children were then awarded with a certificate for participation. It ended with tummy full of snacks.


Teachers – Parents Meeting:

  • Parents’ meeting takes place every month. Parents were apprehensive at one of the centres about their children’s progress and had pessimist thoughts about education. The program coordinator then shared progress of all the children in parents meeting.


Health and Hygiene:

  • Interns from Duke University took sessions on Dental Hygiene, they raised funds and distributed dental hygiene kits to 200 kids at various centers.
  • Every quarter health check-ups are done and growth record is maintained. Their height and 0weight are measured and maintained on monthly basis.
  • A health check-up was conducted in July, 2018 for the children of construction workers. The malnourished children are given supplements to bring their health to normal level.
  • Hand washing is a practice that is stressed upon and followed daily. Teacher ensure that each and every child when enter the class and before eating wash his/her hands


Festival Celebration

  • Indian Independence Day was celebrated on 15th August, Children celebrated the day with flag hoisting in the morning at the centers and they say many patriotic songs.
  •  Raksha-bandhan festival of bond between brothers and sisters was celebrated on 26th August. The employees of Sew Services LLP came to celebrate the festival at our Bakeri Center. Girls from center tied rakhis to the male employees and in return they gave them gifts, sweet meats. All the children were tread with lunch and both employees and children played various games and danced.




Ravi (Name Changed) a 4 year old child has migrated from Bihar with his parents and elder sister to Ahmedabad for better livelihood. His parents are working as construction laborers at Savvy Swaraj construction site in Ahmedabad for last eighteen months. When his parents moved to labour colony, they got to know about CFS center. At first his parents were very reluctant to send Ravi and his sister to center. They used to leave Ravi with his sister when they go for work and poor little girl would baby sit her brother. Ravi was an active kid but then he became very weak, he would get tired very often. Last year a medical camp was organized by Saath for all the children at labour colony, there Ravi had also come for check-up. There his parents found out that Ravi is malnourished so he is becoming very weak.

Our center’s teachers took this opportunity and convinced Ravi’s parents to send him and his sister to center and there they will take care of their nutrition.

When Ravi joined he was malnourished and special nutrition was given to him. Doctors prescribed him supplements. He was given one extra glass of milk in the evening, every day with his snack he would get one egg and gradually in 8 months he started becoming healthy and today he one happy, healthy child. He has become very active in physical activities.

Interns from Duke University
Interns from Duke University
Pot Painting
Pot Painting
Independence Day
Independence Day
Craft Activity
Craft Activity

Jun 15, 2018

Progress Report YEP from April - June 2018

Success Story of Bhagyalakhsmi (name changed)
Success Story of Bhagyalakhsmi (name changed)

Employability Programme for Youth in Slums

Unemployment is one of the major problems faced by youth in India. Saath has been working with the urban slum poor since 2005 . While working with them Saath noticed that there are many youngsters who have dropped out of schools to earn livelihood. But they don’t have enough skills, so to resolve this issue Saath started employability programs, not only in Gujarat but also in Jharkhand, kalyan and Bihar. 

Objectives of the Programme:

  • To train disadvantaged youth, aged 18-30 years, between 180 - 300 hours and ensure they are placed and try to support of them in relevant jobs with assurance of minimum wages and opportunity for career advancement
  • To introduce minimum three innovations that would directly impact retention, skill enhancement, and program sustainability

Report Duration: April 2018 – June 2018

Introduction about Programs:

The sector has been divided into formal and non-formal trainings:

1)      Formal training program:  Udaan

2)      Informal training program:  Nirman

3)      Informal training program for Women in Nontraditional livelihoods: Women at Work


Udaan program provides livelihood training to youth from vulnerable backgrounds and give them an equal opportunity to employability. The courses selected for the programs are also a result of market research and need assessment program from the community itself. The courses that are currently offered in this program are as follows:

  • Beauty Parlour
  • Retail Management
  • Career and Workplace Skills

The entire above mentioned program is for entry level jobs. Placement assistance is also provided to the trainees.


Nirman program addresses the training needs of people in the informal sector. Practical and theoretical training is provided which enhance their skills and capabilities to get better incomes. The courses that are currently offered in this program are as follows:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrician
  • Masonry
  • Welding

SAATH has collaborated with American India Foundation and Ambuja Cement Foundation as they both are well known for their qualitative and effective work. They use their expertise in providing opportunity to impart training about safety standards.

Women @ Work:

Saath started new skill development and enhancement program to empower young women and focus on non-traditional job options which will have an inclusion of micro-entrepreneurship, life skills and technology components to aid them in setting up their own businesses if they choose. In the case of adolescent girls below 18 years, there will be a STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) and Life-skills Module, through which they recreate interest in science stream also this programme, will help them in re-enrolling back to school.

  • Electrician
  • Mobile Repairing
  • STEM

Activities during the month:

1)      Market survey: Market survey was organised by Beauty parlour trade at Meghaninagar Center, They took students to beauty products wholesaler shop at tankshal total of 25 students participated. Students learn about new products and current trending product. 

2)      Guest lecture and Job drive: At ghodasar center  Job drive was organise representatives  from Adani and RISS company were present.  They brief students pertaining to the job opportunities at their company and shared job description with them, later on took interview of interested students. 20 students participated in the job drive.

3)      STEM classes for school dropout girls: At STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) classes girls learn about practical implementation of various STEM concepts. 22 girls participated in the activities where they created different models.

4)      Exposure Visits: Exposure visits of Retail Batches were organised at Gorva and Meghaninagar center they visited Inorbit mall and Ahmedabad one mall respectively,a total of 26 students participated. Students learnt about roles and responsibilities of various departments within the mall.

5)       Survey from Researcher:1stth May to 6th May 2018, Professor from Tsuru University, Japan conducted  series of interview for his research work pertaining to youth aspirations of slum youth pertaining to education, job, livelihoods. He took interviews of 3 trainers and 12 trainees. A total of 15 interviews were conducted at Juhapura, Ghodasar and Meghaninagar center.

6)      Certification ceremony: Under Nirman programme, certificate distribution ceremony of batch 7 & 8 mason and electrician batch was organized a  total students 17 students present.

7)      Home visit of Dropout students: Home visits were organised for dropout students by beauty parlour faculty at Isanpur center, a total of 9 home visits were done and students and their parents were counselled for rejoining the training.

8)      Exposure visit to construction site: Exposure visit was organised at an construction site in Naroda area on 21st May 2018. Women of mason batch learnt about RCC construction . A total of 10 women participated in the visit.

9)      Documentation by interns: 24th May 2018, Interns from Ahmedabad University and GLS college visited and documented case stories and took pics of Women@work center, Matruchhaya. A total of 17 girls were present along with the Women@Work staff.

11)   Guest lecture from OYO: On 28th May 2018 a guest lecture  was organised at Ghodasar center representatives from OYO town house regarding career in Hospitality Ms. Meetu Narang (Central operations) and Harsh Bhatt (General Manager) were present. They gave a brief information about hospitality sector. A total of 40 students were present.

Success Story

Name: Bipin Sureshbhai Vadodaria (Name Changed)

Home town: Ahmedabad

Residence: Hasmukhlal ni chali, Ahmedabad.

 Educational Qualifications: 04th pass

Mobile:  9054017018

Profession: Wireman

Bipinbhai, lives in Hasmukhlal ni Chali, Ahmedabad with his family of four person. His father used to work in a mill. Due to poor socio-economic condition, Bipin couldn’t pursue his study further after 4th std. With such low education he couldn’t get better livelihood opportunities, so at a very tender age of 16, he started working as a wireman. Initially it was very difficult for him to learn this trade but slowly he mastered the skill and started working as a helper which fetched him mere Rs. 150 per day. He always dreamt of becoming an electrician but didn’t knew where to get the required skills.

One day got a pamplet of the Nirman programme , going through the pamplet made him really happy because this was they opportunity he was looking out for. He immediately visited the center and met center coordinator Manishbhai and faculty Anandbhai. After the center visit he decided to join the course.

Talking about his experience he says “I have gained detailed knowledge regarding tools used in the trades such as Measuretape, screwdriver, tester, wrench and hammeretc. Also the course help me in doing exact estimation of my work, earlier I used to do a approximate estimation due to which I used to always estimate more material and then eventually my clients then used to cut the money.

Theory, practical sessions and exposure visits has helped me in enhancing my skills as a Electrician. After I completed the training, a tool kit was provided to me by Nirman. This has helped me to start my own work as an electrician as now I don’t have to rely on others for tools. Now I earn Rs. 350 per day. My family is also very happy with my progress. Nirman’s life skill training has changed my approach towards the life. I would like to thank Saath and specially Nirman programme for bringing about a positive change in my life”.

Name:-Bhagyalaxmi Kamle (Name Changed)

Bhagya laxmi Kamle, age 25 years,  lives in Maheshwari  society of Odhav with her husband and  two children. Her husband works in a company as an accountant. She has completed her graduation in arts from Hyderabad ,  she wanted to pursue her  master degree but  due to marriage and her children’s  responsibility she could not fulfill her dream.  Due to her inlaws and other house responsibilities she could not pursue any career.

One day women@work roadshow team visited her home and they briefed her about the nontraditional training programme. 

Interacting with her made her excited as the course was offering her job placement as her family’s financial condition was not that good and it was becoming difficult for her to manage the expenses. So she happily agreed to join the mobile repairing course. She convinced her husband and in laws for the same. Bhagyalaxmi was a very Spontaneous and active student of Mobile Repairing training. During training she has a communication problem because of language barrier. But with the help of life skill she improved her communication skills. She successfully completed her training and after the completion of training she got job placement at Dream express enterprise as a mobile repairer.

Talking about her experience she says, “My sole motto of joining the training was to learn mobile repairing skills and get a good job, Women @Work programme provided me want I wanted. Through training I got a decent job and now I am earning salary of 8000 to 10,000 per month. I would like to thank Women@Work programme for providing me such wonderful opportunity, they should continue this good work of promoting non traditional livelihoods among girls”. 

Success Story of Bipin (name changed)
Success Story of Bipin (name changed)

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